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Seller: Antengo, Inc.

- Updates and bug fixes(squashed!)

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Buy, sell, trade and get paid via Antengo!

Antengo is a free, local classifieds marketplace and dating app with over 20 million listings. Post and browse location-based listings in real time. Meet your community and your bottom line faster than ever before with features like maps and instant messaging - all while mobile. It's like a yard sale in your pocket!

What Can I Buy and Sell on The Antengo Marketplace?

- Provide a home to a local puppy or kitten
- Got a concert or sport event ticket to get rid of? Create a listing.
- Get that bike, surf board, or other sports toy you’ve wanted; you can even find equipment for kids or clothes for babies
- Locate a roommate, textbook, or sell the futon in your dorm room
- Sell your old iPhone or iPad
- Sell old furniture and household items with this ‘smarter’ yard sale
- Find camping gear: tent, cooler, and sleeping bag
- Buy crafts, jewelry, and unique clothing / accessories
- Have a surfboard or bike that doesn’t get used much? Rent, swap, and barter for things with a neighbor.
- Looking for love? Find casual encounters or missed connections.
- Have clothing for Goodwill? List items in the free section.


- Post an item for sale in less than 30 seconds, using your phone to snap a photo
- Cross-post a wanted or for-sale listing to your local friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter
- Keyword search/filters allow you to rapidly find an item or service nearby.
- Instant, anonymous messaging service helps you easily coordinate and connect with potential buyers and sellers
- Browse listings visually with photo view
- Fast performance/load times

User Reviews:

Antengo is so user-friendly and a great way to find items locally. I'm loving this app - Kelly A.

My friend needed housing and Antengo helped them find a good option super fast! It was cool because she didn't have to filter through a bunch of commercial posts to get to the real people - Ariana

A friend recommended Antengo for my garage sale. People saw the geo-located post while nearby and came thru! - Blues-Brother

I really like the app for finding football tickets; it gives me a chance to compare the tickets available without getting to the stadium 2 hours before kickoff - Xbcrkyg

Media Reviews:
The design looks great, and I have to say that posting an ad is frictionless, nearly instantaneous, and thus pretty easy to do.
Rip Emerson, TechCrunch

Does the app work?" -- the answer would be a resounding yes. Antengo's entire interface is streamlined, simple to use, and downright slick.
AJ Dellinger, Mac Life

Customer Reviews

  • Very cool

    by Ipodnoobie

    Nice app. Works great and very fast.

  • Happy for Update

    by mjwsd

    Experiencing less crashes with this new update.

  • Excellent


    posted the Ad and got quick and many responses. excellent work.

  • Great app!

    by Prillyrose16

    Awesome app for classifieds near me!

  • Awesome app

    by Monnie7789

    A lot of listings near my location! So many cool things to browse and buy!

  • Great App!

    by Catherine Ruth

    Works great and helps me a lot thanks Marcus Wandell-your cuz warren

  • Love it

    by JEH123456789

    Big fan of this app. I use it to buy and sell all sorts of stuff. Really like looking through the location listings. Found some great deals on here.

  • Quick and easy

    by IAmTheMuffinMan

    Sold my surfboard in a day.!

  • Great experience - simple selling

    by Motini

    Just sold tickets last minute

  • Antengo

    by Fgfkush

    Like it

  • Loving antengo

    by zslick

    This app has been incredibly helpful for finding amazing deals.

  • So fresh and so clean

    by Lodizzledizzle

    The cleanest buying and selling app on the mobile market. Happy user.

  • Excellent- well, pretty close to spot on

    by dellwan

    Love it! But, how do I edit a listing?

  • Great app

    by Peterepeat10

    Love using it and finding things I like

  • Thumbs up!

    by Lemurlovess

    Really great features to make browsing easy.

  • Easy.....but

    by Kendall Hayes

    Can't find my listing on app or Craigslist. It shows I has posts but I can't see them at all.

  • Quick and easy!!

    by Dblack81

    Quick and easy to post ads, sold my unused Mumford & Sons tix!

  • Awesome app

    by Kelly Ameli

    Antengo is a so user-friendly and a great way to find items locally. I'm loving this app.

  • Cool app

    by Mathem Kenzie

    This app gets me. Now we can all delete our various junky Craigslist app attempts. The best feature for me is the use of the built in map. AND the built in texting/emailing. AND the built in photo taker. You don't have to switch between functions on your phone. It's all there in a single place. Finallyyyy someone thought this through!

  • Great app!

    by JerdogSD

    Easy to search and post. Jam packed with listings!

  • Super easy to sell stuff quick!

    by Elizabeth Newton

    I sold my old iPhone and bought a ticket to Coachella all in one day. Much faster and easier than Craigslist. I also really love the search results by location. A great way to find what you need nearby!

  • Way better than Craigslist!

    by Nikoftime3

    Constantly finding cool stuff on Antengo and it literally only takes 30 seconds to post an ad. I tell all my friends about it!

  • Im liking this!

    by Tegster123

    Im digging this new update, just sold my bike!

  • Good Stuff

    by HollyDun

    Just sold all my textbooks

  • Most reliable online source to buy

    by Thegman29

    Antengo is so easy and quick and the postings are so reliable. No mess like eBay and not the crazed clutter of CL. Really is the best. Listed a utility trailer and got a dozen responses in hours. Sold within 12. Really happy with this ap.

  • Looking excellent!!!

    by Slick Rick69

    This app is slick. Looks great and runs super smooth. In looking to buy a bike on it soon keep up the good work!!

  • Business development manager

    by Em Goda

    Loving this app!

  • Partner

    by Le Minge

    Amazing app!

  • Baller

    by Nate113fef

    This app rules!

  • Wow.

    by Paulitasphone

    I just got this am finding all kinds of for sale postings closer than Craigslist

  • Great app

    by Joel D_

    Easy to find stuff to buy and sell stuff. Way better than Craigslist

  • Best update yet!

    by Hey there, Pooh Bear

    Smooth and convenient!

  • Best version yet

    by T-kitty

    Very pleased with this update

  • Sexy

    by Fjfhgvnfcnfc

    This is a great approach to buying/selling things. It's a fantastic alternative to other sites.

  • Great App

    by Douglas Dupree

    Love it just wish I could put other items than 20 years old.

  • Fantastic for buying and selling goods!

    by adpenna

    Love the new features and design tweaks!

  • Meow

    by Steph4257

    This app is Awesome!!! So handy and easy to use. Great interface love the marketing and simplicity behind Antengo! Wooooo

  • Sweet app

    by Riverwalker Texas ranger

    Im super impressed with Antengo. I've been looking for a Jetta TDI for 4 months near where I live and haven't been able to find anything remotely close on auto trader (it kept pulling up cars 1000- 2000 miles away. Antengo immediately pulled up 3 TDI's 2 of which happened to be in my price range within 15 miles of my house. Goodbye auto trader hello purple ants Great job, keep up the good work!

  • Wow!!!

    by Lovebug_26

    This app is so great, so much easier than Craigslist. I just moved into a new apartment and got furniture very easily. I am recommending it to my friends!

  • Simple and Great

    by 1700 8914 10

    Way better than Craigslist!!

  • Best app ever

    by My huge but

    The best app to use and my cuzan made it it is so cool it helps me a lot

  • Fun and cute

    by CorksMcTweets

    Lots of ads since last time I checked.

  • Pretty sweet

    by OodleDude

    About time ads move mobile and this app is pretty cool and spot on. Easy to use

  • Easy to use

    by davekisii

    Simple and easy to use.

  • Good stuff

    by Cmarnold

    Never heard of it but saw it on demo at best buy and played around with it. Legit and way to easy

  • Great!

    by BreeClo

    Awesome app yay!

  • Intelligent app

    by KatieBeaar

    Super interesting. I'm meeting up to make my first trade today. Took a minute to setup with the person who's a few blocks from me

  • Fake Listings In My Area.

    by Maxintosh7

    Only a few listings in my area, none were real.

  • C.E.O. Ombrella Media

    by Hellawet

    The five star rating given is a reflection of the search results I got from this ap. The ants go marching in with IOS6.

  • I love it!

    by Emailcam

    Right after download, I found someone offering free hamsters 2 miles from my location! Lots of listings. The app is very intuitive and the experience really is easier then newspaper classifieds or Craig's list. Also, the filter function is great!

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