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This update lets you view AWS OpsWorks stacks, layers, instances, apps, and deployments. To learn more about AWS OpsWorks, visit

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The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console for iOS lets you quickly view your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, load balancers (ELB), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) instances, Auto Scaling groups, AWS OpsWorks stacks, and Amazon CloudWatch alarms. This app lets you quickly view information on your AWS resources and provides some EC2 management functionality to support incident response on the go.

EC2, ELB, RDS, Auto Scaling, and AWS OpsWorks customers can use the app to browse resources and view configuration details, metrics, and alarms. EC2 users can perform instance lifecycle operations, manage Elastic IPs and Security Groups, and create snapshots of connected EBS volumes. Service Health Dashboard notifications provide real-time information on service availability, and users with billing permissions can monitor total service charges.

The AWS Console for iOS requires an existing AWS account. Simply sign in using your account credentials and select your region in the menu. Note that if you sign in with an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user account, you need to use the account alias that was included in the email address from your administrator. If you use AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), we recommend using either a hardware MFA device or a virtual MFA on a separate mobile device for the greatest level of account protection.

We regularly release new features. Tell us what you want to do with the app using the feedback link in the app’s menu.

Customer Reviews

  • Very Smooth

    by AndrewBucklin

    UI is amazing! And apparently it does not require that I login each time* (which would be crazy since my AWS password is so long and impossible to remember). This will be a very useful app for doing what appears to be almost anything in AWS while I'm on the go! Thanks Devs! *UPDATE: Apparently the credentials are only saved temporarily. If I try to login the next day, I must re-enter my password. Since my password is a randomly generated 30 character password (impossible to type correctly, let alone remember); I've resorted to copying and pasting it from a Note each time. It would be great if they implemented some sort of optional PIN-based login for the app, like my bank has.

  • Pretty

    by Apppappp

    Pretty handy

  • A great start

    by AMYorke

    I've got high hopes.

  • Incredibly handy

    by Carlos from Philly

    Very useful tool for an AWS admin. Makes quick tasks like snapshots, security rule changes, and modifying VPC network settings surprisingly simple. Already finding myself reaching for my iPhone over the web dashboard for some tasks. Since the app actually associates assets by instance (rather than segregating assets by type), this will probably become my go to method for AWS management moving forward.

  • Works very well

    by PilotDoug

    I just heard about the app today and tried it out. I have both work and personal AWS accounts and was able to access both, view and control my instances and see billing related usage. No complaints at all.

  • Great app

    by Rfgbji

    Can you add S3?

  • Finally a pro AWS offering!

    by nezoat

    So far, it is excellent!

  • It's ok.

    by akaHomerJay

    Why default to a region where I don't have any ec2 instances running? This was confusing at first, as it said I had 0/0 instances running. Please build ipad app as well? This iPhone version is tiny on ipad.

  • Great

    by Justin Krause

    It's clearly v1 but the most important pieces are here: see the status of your webservers and alarms, and reboot them from your phone. Thanks aws!

  • A good start

    by tehmasp

    Can't wait for a better GUI on this app. Would like better profile/username control so that I could switch between multiple AWS accounts more easily. Would like to see a passcode/auto lock feature as well. A good start! Thanks!

  • Finally, an AWS console app from the source!

    by raven99801

    Glad to see an app released by AWS for managing their web services and resources. The fact that it accommodates multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a big plus which distinguishes it from other cloud console apps for accessing AWS accounts. For added security I would like to see passcode unlock and auto-lock features added to the app.

  • Way better than the "responsive" design on AWS

    by Zeke The Geek

    much better than trying to use the web app on your iPhone.

  • Awesome tool

    by Bad Ace!!!

    Keep adding more features. Keeps me wanting to move servers to AWS

  • YES!!!

    by floridaStyles

    Nice. Now please let me keep an eye on my ELBs and view logs! Thanks for the app and look forward to updates. You've made it to the first page of my home screen for now!

  • Awesome

    by XAnalytics

    I have tried to use the AWS console from my phone via the web several times and it wasn't very convenient. Finally a native app that I can use to administer things when on the move.

  • Not native

    by Jonathan Hunsberger

    Was hoping for a native app instead if HTML5. But looking forward to having it at all.

  • Good start

    by DKguy

    Looks like this app is brand new, and I think it looks like a good start. You can view your CloudWatch graphs and also stop or reboot your instances. It looks like it doesn't do notifications though. That would be a great feature to have to get notified if your VM is having problems or if AWS is having an outage. Also, there is a bug where after a few hours of inactivity the graphs don't connect anymore presumably because you have been logged out, and the only way to fix it is to close the app via the multi-task bar. I think the vertical axis needs to be changed. A lot of my graphs say 1000000, 2000000, etc. Can you easily tell if that is 1 million or 10 million? Put some comas in there or just put 1M.

  • This is great!

    by Gestas

    Now I can reboot and manage my AWS instances on the road!

  • Great Start!

    by R2ick

    Installed this and had to use it to start up a few of my instances with 15 minutes of download. So nice to finally have something trustworthy from AWS to do some simple tasks. Looking forward to seeing this extended!

  • I love it

    by Aki MD

    Just awesome. Finally!

  • Keep telling me to restart, not functional even after

    by kangaroo5383

    This no longer works as of today. What just happened?

  • They need to get serious about security usability

    by acdha

    The app is fairly good - reasonable features, decent reporting - but I never use it because it doesn't store login credentials, meaning I have to enter a strong password and MFA token every single time. Good security practice would use a durable login token for read-only operations and only require strong authentication for disruptive operations or anything which would incur new charges.

  • Missing the majority of AWS console

    by ct323i

    Where are my load balancers? Where are my RDS and EBS instances and CloudFront distributions? This app is missing the majority of what I hoped to access. The reboot and terminate buttons are way to big and far too easy to accidentally press. This app is a half-baked idea, over simplified and leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Not impressed

    by Jmelloy

    This app has very limited functionality, all it lets you do is stop or terminate an EC2 instance. There aren't any controls for RDS or any other AWS service, and it's completely non-obvious how to even change a region.

  • Meh

    by figassis

    Aggressively add new features you say? Haven't done much since what...March? Learn a bit from AWSome or Knowcloud please.

  • Doesn't do much

    by Rrralphh

    Start and stop existing ec2 instances is about it. Nothing about provisioning new instances, provisioning ip addresses. Nothing about EBS, Route 53, ELB, or IAM. Not sure what use it is. Just use the regular web console on an iPad if you want to go mobile.

  • Good first version

    by thespeakingtree123

    Hopefully more features will be added, including push notifs.

  • Need file search and share.

    by Jo Smart

    If we got some basic file browse and share options from S3 like Dropbox with controlled link expiry and temporary download access for shared file then I would be very happy indeed. Thanks AWS

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