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Bug fixes with delivery slot selection.

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Shop our complete grocery and selected aisles, choose home delivery times, view past purchases and place your order quickly and easily. Enjoy convenient ways to shop for groceries, including search and browse, and barcode scanning.

Note: This app is intended for use by customers receiving deliveries in the Seattle and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. All purchases made on AmazonFresh are routed through Amazon's secure servers just as they are on the Web. Prices are in U.S. dollars.

•Shop complete grocery and selected aisles
•Choose time slots for doorstep and attended home delivery
•Easily add items from your Past Purchases
•Barcode Search lets you scan favorite items to quickly add them to your cart
•Make changes to your existing open orders (not yet delivered)
•Place order quickly and easily

Customer Reviews

  • I can nurse and order groceries at the same time!!

    by csalt

    This app is great- i can order groceries just about anywhere! I find this app to be pretty straight forward, user friendly and a good start. There are improvements that could be made to add some extra features like being able to read the reviews instead of just seeing the number of stars, but that's a minor thing. It freezes up every once in a while but I'm so grateful for the ease of use, I really can't complain!

  • Does what it needs to do.

    by smithclay

    Works fairly well, wish the search was better, though. It'd be nice if it was easier to discover items by recipe or rating.

  • A busy working mom never has to go to the grocery store!!!

    by rjmark

    Love this app! Love this service!!!

  • Does the job.

    by Husher1823

    Not great, but quite adequate.

  • Works well

    by Synesthetic

    I was worried after reading these reviews, but they're starting to work out the kinks, and it seems to be working great.

  • Love the Past Purchases feature

    by iriverav82

    I'm done with my groceries in 5 min thanks to the past purchases features. I wish it had a "-" sign next to the "+" sign to edit cart quantities and the "add to cart" process was faster, without the vibration and delay. Very easy to use overall though.

  • Not Much Effort Put Into This App

    by caryhartline

    It doesn't crash. It lists the items in the store. That's all I can say about it. Basically everything else about the buying experience is handled by the website. It feels like this app was pushed out the door way too quickly and the amount of features in this app is just not enough. I'd rather use the website and apparently the app makers would rather me to use the website instead because I keep getting redirected to it.

  • Good, could be great if...

    by buckjdd

    things missing: Big Radish status tracker No way to search "Seattle Spotlight" Rotating Categories at top of app seem to be hard coded since they only change with version releases.... Seems silly to do that

  • Life saving app

    by Parent of three youngins

    How could you not think this app is the best thing since... Ever. Every negative thing I've ever seen said about this app and service is always wrong. They are amazing awesomeness. Seriously. I wrote a longer review but it didn't post so I'm not going to spell it out again. Just trust me, if you're a mom who cares about quality food, this app delivers!! Literally.

  • Liked the one from several generations ago

    by 3EB&K

    I do find this App to be helpful. I can add things to my order as soon as I remember what I need. I just can't consolidate my orders which is frustrating. I have to do a second delivery if I forgot to add somethings to my original order. I also wish I "raincheck" some things that are sold out. Please fix the consolidation part to this app, I hate running to my computer to do it.

  • Easy and reliable

    by Mike McAulay

    I love it and use it every week. Easy to figure out and use.

  • Easy but needs improvements

    by KimoCC

    Easy to use! It needs a way to show your past order (e.g. a receipt). I ordered something that missing from my order, but when I looked at passed orders it wasn't there. Hmmmmmm...?!

  • Good but...

    by Se@ttle Guy

    Needs an option to save "out of stock" items in list. This would save time from having to always look the item back up.

  • Scanning everything in my fridge!

    by Temberg

    I love that groceries will show up like pure magic on my doorstep when I place an order. the app is easier to use than the website. Great for not having to schlep 30 pounds of dog food from car to house with toddler in tow.

  • Great

    by olliemom

    I love being able to add things to my cart as I think of them no matter where I am!

  • Great way to get your groceries

    by Bad. Just Bad

    It doesn't get much better. I can select items as I realize I need them, and the app saves it to my cart. Once I've got my minimum order ready, select my day and time, and wham. Groceries on my doorstep.

  • Very convenient

    by Fitzlyd

    I love being able to order groceries from anywhere!

  • Login is annoying. Otherwise great.

    by ericthewhat

    The fact that you have to login every time you open the app now is very grating. Would like to see that fixed. Otherwise, very handy.

  • Love shopping from my phone

    by Mom on the Go

    Great supplement to my traditional shopping.

  • Me

    by DaniMcDonough

    I just want to say how much I appreciate the AmazonFresh app. I am a busy working mom trying to keep all the pieces together. It's so helpful to think of something that I need, add it to my cart, and I know that it'll be there when I'm ready to check out next. The delivery times are so frequent and so soon I'm able to get what I want so quickly and easily. Thank you AmazonFresh I'm an avid fan and big supporter!!

  • Bugs

    by Karonowitz

    Can't get past first page where it asks me to select an address. Nothing is selectable. Bad experience.

  • Doesn't let me shop

    by Iltsal

    It shows my addresses but won't let me click on them. App doesn't work for me.

  • By the way, it cost $300

    by AustinLAC

    I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy but this still took entirely too long to figure out why it was getting stuck on the address screen. After 15 minutes of clicks through the app and the mobile site a little "learn more" link finally informs you that this app requires you to have a Prime Fresh subscription which costs $299.00 (not a typo). I don't see this mentioned anywhere else in the app description or sign up process. This explains why all the other app reviewers are so confused or stuck on the address page. Please make that more clear in future versions of this app.

  • Horrible

    by Mali212

    I was so excited to find this and than as soon as I log in it won't go past the select address page. It's really frustrating so please fix

  • Very Buggy - No Specialty Items

    by ThisAintNoDressRehersal

    The app is buggy and specialty items (ex. Beauty's Bagels) that are available on the desktop website don't show up in the app.

  • Lots of problems

    by Monti02

    Won't let me do anything. Keeps asking me to select my address but won't let me select the address. Can't shop by isle really just a lot of bugs.

  • Won't get passed address selection

    by Cortezmachine

    Seems it could be a cool app, if it would actually let me select my address and shop. Lol

  • Just not ready

    by Tiger_Eyez

    Very buggy. Won't let me go home or shop by aisle. Just keeps prompting me to add my address.

  • Can fill a cart but errors out on purchase

    by JessicaGottlieb

    It's not particularly useful when you can't make a purchase. The error message tells me to "please try again after some time"

  • Can't read or write reviews

    by LivingRoomRock!

    The design and ease of using the app is 5 stars but for one, you can't read or write any product reviews. Also, when you search for products you "might" find what you were looking for or a million other seemingly random things. I expect to use it for buying perishable / grocery type items but apparently you can find almost anything which actually distracts from finding what you want. Lastly, browse by aisle and you get one level to choose from. I expected to choose Grocery with over 20,000 items, and then thought I could choose Dairy aisle to select milk, yogurt products etc. but nope, no secondary "aisle" options which makes shopping harder because you have to basically search and aid through lots of unreleased products for no reason. Again, the App is simple to use but the capabilities could be greatly improved. The service however, is great, if and when you find what you want to order. Not sure if I will stick with it, as the cost is very high, but I do like the convenience.

  • Needs improvement - cannot view lists

    by mhwtan

    This feels like a beta app and has only limited features. What is sorely needed is the ability to add and view your lists. I spent over an hour on the full website adding items to various lists but I have no way to access these lists on the mobile app. The only way to add items to your cart is via search or by adding items from your previously ordered purchases.

  • Poor interface. Requires membership to use app

    by Dexter Davenport

    I wanted to see if delivery is available in my area. The app won't tell me. I wanted to spot check the pricing before deciding if it's worth $299 a year. Can't do that either unless you sign up for a 90 day trial that will then charge you $299 unless you cancel. Bad design. And no iPad layout makes it difficult to use.

  • Accessibility improvements made the app worse

    by Tired of Finding a Name

    The update says it has accessibility improvements yet isle names now read as "isle title". This completely breaks the app when shopping and using Apple's VoiceOver. And issues like the tabs having no accessible name are not fixed. So what was improved for accessibility because this seems like a big step in reverse.

  • Bug: previous purchases won't scroll

    by melc70

    Since the last update, my previous purchases won't load past the first set displayed so I have no way to go through my list. Please fix ASAP!

  • Good but...

    by Amay1620

    It has a tendency to crash. And I would really like an iPad version.

  • So much better than the grocery store

    by ddrcoder

    I often order my groceries in 30 seconds, where is previously have to spend at least half an hour driving to and from QFC and another 10 minutes finding all the stuff I need. This is so much easier!

  • Easy App


    Great app to use and get your groceries done!

  • Could live without it!

    by Bladdimira

    Ok so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But this app is awesome and is incredibly helpful for a busy and forgetful mommy.

  • Great App!

    by _frag_

    Wish there was also an iPad version - Hint Hint

  • Amazing

    by exo9

    This is a great app. Very easy to use. It does have 1 glitch right now that it hasnt deleted my past order and somehow thinks that its not complete when it was. So you have to go onto the website and click "start new order" to bypass the glitch. But other than that, beautiful service!

  • Amazing

    by Nokomo45

    I have been waiting for this app and it is everything I hoped it would be!

  • A+

    by S789k

    I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee after just walking the dog, and I figured I would just go ahead and order my groceries. This app is so easy to use--my order is done, my coffee still hot, and my groceries are coming later this very day. I love AmazonFresh.

  • One of my most-used apps

    by Team Rasler

    I love ordering groceries after the kids are in bed and having them delivered to my doorstep in the morning! I can also easily use this app to add forgotten items after placing my order without heading back to my computer.

  • Good but .....

    by Mohanvar

    Very convenient to order groceries . I had wifi but the app was still slower at times and displayed popup with some kind of error frequently. Also, the app doesn't allow me to enter a promo code which is annoying as AmazonLocal is giving a free voucher. I had to use the PC site to put in promo code.


    by ~Heather~25

    I have a newborn, and I am ever so grateful for this service, thank you SO MUCH!!

  • Mommies little helper

    by Joe Bentley

    Order at 11pm, deliver at 5am!

  • Dntlk

    by Fixitjr

    No mention of where this app is available to use till you install it would no recommend

  • Good app overall

    by Buggles99

    Handy but can be frustrating because you don't know when an item is out of stock until after you place your order - and even then you don't know which items you won't be receiving until you receive your order summary by email. So you might really need one item in particular but there's no way of knowing you'll actually get it in your order.

  • Great app!

    by Kate Harrison

    Always a pleasure to use. Makes my life easier.

  • Nice work!

    by sbosch95

    App works very well. Nicely done!

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