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College Students, keep in your back pocket. The Amazon Student App allows instant price-checks on textbooks and more. Simply scan a barcode to check a price, or use one-click access to scan items you want to buy or sell back. Amazon’s convenient trade-in program can turn your books, games, movies, and electronics into Amazon Gift Cards. Plus, join Amazon Student to get FREE Two-Day Shipping for six months with Amazon Prime shipping benefits!

Included in the Amazon Student App:

- Instant Price Checks: Scan a barcode—check a price: It’s that easy. Shop smarter and compare prices on textbooks and everything else you buy, no matter where you are. Access’s low prices and vast selection to buy books, music, DVDs, electronics, apparel, and just about anything else from your phone.

- Sell Your Stuff: Turn your used stuff into Gift Cards. Just scan a textbook, game, movie, or gadget you no longer need and see the trade-in value for any eligible item. Ship it for free and get an Gift Card to spend on millions of items on

- FREE Two-Day Shipping: The Amazon Student program offers college students FREE Two-Day Shipping for six months with Amazon Prime shipping benefits.

The Amazon Student app is free and available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Customer Reviews

  • Update

    by Luvmehyumi

    Can you update the app I have an iPhone 5 and the screen cuts half way leavening black bars at the top It's a great app can u keep it that way

  • Great app but

    by 613201166688392

    Needs to be updated to support the iPhone 5 screen

  • It works but...

    by Funkmaster356795790

    Like someone else noted this app hasn't been updated in a long time. Has this app been abandoned?

  • Textbook Preview

    by Atomic Atom

    Why is there no look inside this book feature? How can I verify it's the right book from the TOC?

  • Needs iPhone 5 Full screen support

    by .NewYorker.

    Please add iPhone 5 full screen support please.

  • Great App, needs a few updates however

    by chrizaniga

    The app itself works great on my iPhone 5, but it would be great to have iPhone 5 optimization! Also, as others have mentioned, it would be nice to review products. Lastly, an improvement with viewing and canceling orders with more relativity to when the order was placed. Those are my personal qualms with the app, and I will gladly change my rating to 5 stars. Other than that, the app works great!

  • Overall

    by DeAnn Porter

    Really is a great app. Just would like to do reviews on products within it.

  • Amazing but needs iPhone 5 support

    by Sgtmedeiros

    Needs full screen iPhone 5 support

  • ?

    by Mikeypizzzzle

    Are the trade-ins trustworthy

  • Great UI Friendly

    by JerrJ

    Overall great app. However, would like to see an iPad 1-3 compatible version released not just a mobile device version. Thanks

  • It's ok

    by Imagineer183

    It's a good app but the trade in values are very low and the stuff and books I need to sell were all ineligible for trade ins! It's better to just sell on eBay!

  • Great! Love it but

    by Naaaachy

    Needs a seller account section. To see your listing and info.

  • Great

    by Mikecshultz


  • Good app for comparing prices

    by dediobst

    Love being able to scan stuff at the campus bookstore and see if it's reasonable or overpriced. I just wish there was a scan history to go back and see items that you scanned without rescanning them.

  • Wishlists

    by Oscar F.

    Somewhat useful app for students. Very accurate barcode scanning. Doesn't let you choose between different wish lists. It chooses the default list automatically.

  • Useful beyond compare

    by Renadams

    Thoroughly useful. I don't know how I lived this long without it. :-). Intuitive interface allows instant barcode scanning and price checking, including used copies. Amazingly fast and had not given me an incorrect match yet. It also allows access to your wish list and cart so you can save the items you scan.

  • Good app

    by AwesomeGuy101

    Nice. I really love the trade in thing and I like how I can do it from my iPhone. Much more useful than the normal app. The only problem is barcode scanning does not work. Other than that good app!

  • Nice

    by Gil 8591

    Runs great

  • Okay

    by CaitieP

    Useful app for buying cheap textbooks. Disappointed that trade-in is the only selling option (especially when it seems that the trade-in value they offer is not equal to the good condition which they require). Would be a lot easier to scan books in to list to site.

  • Great app!

    by justdavis

    This app is great and easy to use. It has helped me save a lot of money when buying textbooks.

  • Needs update

    by Vjscorp

    Needs iPhone 5/5s support! Use the 4" display

  • Needs iphone 5 support…

    by paige nicole

    Hasn't been updated in over a year.

  • Update

    by MoSaB

    Not supporting iPhone 5

  • iPhone 5

    by (: ME :)

    Shame on you for not supporting iPhone 5 resolution.

  • No iPhone 5 support yet

    by Jeff.Bernard

    Come on guys, time to update the app or remove it.

  • Not optimized for 4 inch screen.

    by Abel Luna

    I can't review products I've purchased.

  • Trade In Option Not Great

    by copperlemur

    I scanned like 8 books and only 1 was even eligible? Why not just go with another company?

  • App Crashes and why sell my books for pennies?

    by Eeraser

    After clicking 3 tabs along the bottom, the app crashes consistently. When I am able to get into the "trade in" screen, it says that if my $8 books sells, they will give me a gift card for 15cents. I know my book isn't worth very much and even if they pay the shipping costs, I want more then 15 cents. Either I am missing something with this program, or is trade-in concept instead going to last.

  • Superb!

    by def2too

    What a great idea. I will be loading my textbook rentals onto Kindle Cloud Reader. That app is also free. I am so stoked that I can rent textbooks for one semester rather than buying & lugging them around. I can see $510 savings for the upcoming semester alone. (looks as if my iPad purchase just paid for itself!) Outstanding!

  • Awesome!

    by StarRunner21

    Best way to purchase textbooks hands down!

  • This app right here.

    by Good165367

    Its the titz

  • Best app ever

    by Koy boy

    Easy peasy and really useful. Thanks

  • This is awesome

    by Kashif u

    Slick app! Must have for college and university ppl.

  • A Better Alternative

    by WillSamela

    This is a much better alternative to purchasing books at your university's book store! Runs smoothly. Also looking forward to renting text books on the kindle app!

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