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Layout updates for iOS 7
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Introducing the newly redesigned Amway Business App. Amway™ Independent Business Owners (IBOs) now have an exclusive app to manage their business on the go.
For IBOs, the app is specific to their unique business needs – allowing them to conduct business “on the go.” The Amway Business App* makes the world of Amway available to IBOs quickly and easily.
Key features:
-Redesigned Experience - Check out the newly designed interface, enabling future features and functionality
-Quick PV/BV status checks – IBOs can review month-by-month personal and group PV/BV, including bonus and qualification levels
-New “Points to Go” feature - Points to go allows IBOs to see a snapshot of what bonus level they are at and how far to the next level
-LOS (Line of Sponsorship) – Full Downline Volume Inquiry, view downline award volume, bonus level and “Points to Go”. Call, Text, and eMail capability within LOS.
-Easy customer and IBO registration
-Learning Center - Gain access to the new mobile training portal to view training materials on the go
-A complete product catalog – Easily access everything from detailed product descriptions to ordering information
-Redesigned shopping experience – IBOs can showcase the Amway products for a unique shopping experience and then instantly create a cart for the purchaser, leading to checkout complete with pricing, billing, and shipping
-Safe shopping – All transactions are encrypted, secured, and password protected
The Amway Business App provides Amway IBOs with the richest professional and personal experience possible.
Note: A Wi-Fi connection is recommended during set-up.
By downloading this app you certify you have read, understand, and agree to the terms set forth in the End User License Agreement that is available via the link provided on this page.
For more information about Amway, visit
*This application is only available to Amway IBOs who have registered with Amway. An existing Login ID and Password are required.
**PV/BV levels represent “point value” and “bonus value.” These measure Amway IBO success.

Customer Reviews

  • I love it.

    by Shaggy Simms

    It would be nice to track orders through the app. For this most part I like that I can check my PV/BV and that of those who are also in business with me.

  • Tracking through app?

    by Imani Kay

    Would be nice to track orders through the app.

  • App

    by Necho1808

    Fantástico gracias ala corporación por Ayudarnos a crecer nuestro negocio.

  • I love this

    by Chiefa king

    Being new to the business and not owning a personal laptop yet, this thing is the business (literally). setting up sales is so easy I don't think I'd use a laptop anyway.

  • Awesome

    by I love it its awesome


  • Excellent app

    by vinishs


  • Crashing

    by Raosv

    Crashing once in a while. Please fix it. App is very good. When no connection default it to login screen

  • Se desconecta al iniciar

    by Octa2324

    Yo creo que nesecitan una actualizacion grasias


    by Eko Innovador

    Se fríza a veces...debe ser por el nuevo sistema iOS 7, si pudieran hacerle un UPDATE lo mas pronto posible para que corra excelente como siempre esta gran app para acelerar nuestros negocios al máximo!!

  • Goood app !

    by Heeeynooow

    Goood app!

  • Excelente aplicación

    by Edgar Ortega

    No cabe duda que tenemos en nuestras manos a la mejor corporación, AMWAY siempre nos trae lo mejor y como tal esta aplicación que puedes utilizar desde donde estés para ordenar tus productos y ordenarlos desde esta aplicación !!!

  • Like it!

    by Santiago777@

    Its pretty simple to use, i have found each product i need and more important i can use it anywhere! :D

  • Great App

    by Punk05060708

    Love the app. Very simple to use. Beautiful form on the arrangement. I just wish there was a back button. I keep checking a product out and then finding myself unable to navigate back to the previous page. Be it search or the catalog. A fix would be awesome. Thanks.

  • Great update!

    by Yojalma

    ****UPDATE!!**** We have a back button now!!! Woohoo! Still does not look as high end as Amway is, but more importantly, where are the offline catalogues and why is there no back button??? Every time I open one item to see the description and go back it takes you home (home is the only button that takes you back) So you need to scroll through all over again to get where you were!!! but I'll take it better than the previous version. I am just thankful that we even have an app!

  • Great company!!

    by Igor da man

    Great company to help you be your own boss and create your own hours!! Begin part time 5-10 hours a week and see where it takes you! Possibilities are endless!! The amount of people willing to help you become positive and successful is unheard of!! And they do it all for your benefit!

  • Awesome

    by nickskinner

    This app works great, ignore the negative nancys.

  • Great and terrible all in one...

    by Hirotaka Ando

    There's plenty to love - the design, being able to swipe, things like that... But a potentially awesome app fails big time in usability... The back button takes you ALL the way back, having to go through your whole product search even if you just wanted to go back 1 page. Theres no "X" delete all option in the search bar. And maybe I missed it, but looking at the products it doesn't give me the nutrition fact sheet. Fix those misses I've noticed and it'd be a 4-5 star app.

  • Please make the shopping feature more user friendly!

    by Rosanne Futch

    Love most of the new features, though I wish there was a way to back up the shopping part to pages before without starting a new search or hitting the home button and going back to the start. The shopping part in general is less than pleasant to used. The previous shopping was way better.

  • Best Upgrade To An Already Awesome App

    by nString

    The new version 3.0 of the app is awesome compared to its ancestor as it seamlessly blends the most important business functions into one easy to use interface. I love this version!

  • Crashes on ipad 3

    by puer2ricn

    Great upgrade. Love everything about it. It will not open on the ipad. Needs to be a little faster going through the different sections. Other then that it is a HUGE upgrade. Please fix the ipad crash

  • We need previous versions

    by Iboam

    On previous versions i have easy access to inventory, can't access to my contacts and register as customers or IBO, it's complicated to access to productsand data plan is needed to browse for products or detailed info ... Please downgrade and let us sync product list with phone, let us view orders history,frontline pv/bv thanks

  • Login

    by Channing.perdue

    App isn't keeping my login ID saved. Also have to keep logging in to do anything. I cannot currently see my business section. Thanks.

  • Back button needed!

    by Jalizi13

    Love the pv feature but the shopping part without back button is very inconvenient. I'm sure they will work on it as this is the best corp to b in biz with!!

  • Not shopping friendly..

    by aomsin

    This needs a back button in the shopping area instead of having to go back from the beginning and scroll all over again.. Would also be nice to have access to shopping lists and customers info..

  • Good and bad

    by FarmerGnome

    This update adds some amazing features that, in my opinion, would be better off as a completely different app. I used to use this app to access my catalog, with or without connection to a network. Now, it takes too long to do so and i have to sign in every single time i open the app. I miss my catalog. It seems that this app's developers have forgotten that this is an iOS app, and not all iOS devices can connect to cell networks. Some only have wifi connection capability, and wifi is not available everywhere. This update is prohibitively limiting for these devices.

  • I truly dislike the current version

    by Donte_j

    The offline version was a 1000 times better. I do not like the interface, it can be very confusing trying to find what you ate looking for, useless it there is slow or no connection. What if you have a prospect and you want to show them products or place a order; with no or slow connection, the app is useless and you can possibly loose out. We should have magazines in the car, but you will not have it just standing in a line or waiting in a service area where potential prospect are. I was able to get many salary to the helpfulness of the older version.

  • Keeps crashing misses the mark

    by Bighaasfly

    The app is ok. Mind jeeps crashing. Misses the mark on product ordering. This was a downgrade for me.

  • Newer is not better

    by Crapapp70

    Please bring back prior version. This version is not user friendly. I need the shopping lists, completed orders and the ability to go back one level rather than having to go back to the beginning between items. This version adds unnecessary complications.

  • No product listings on shopping tab?

    by G Hill & Associates

    Do not see any products in the shopping part of the app. Can't look up items or prices. Needs fixed ASAP!

  • Horrible user experience.

    by sapkbij

    There are so many things this version has that I can point out as not thinking trough user point of view. First of missing back arrow which is must in any thing u do in phone. I can't delete my extra order from the shopping cart. There is big list of things missing. Last version was so much better. Idk why you guys decided to change it.

  • Request for the next update!!!

    by UnderwaterAttackCat

    Please put a back button in the app. Otherwise, there is no reason to have this app at all. It's very annoying to have to start from scratch every time you are done viewing an item. As it is now, it's very time consuming to use and only gives the user a headache and much frustration, ending in abandoning any and all progress in favor of using the website.

  • Version 2 was 100 times better

    by dherrera45

    This version of the Amway app is only Internet based. I'm very unhappy with this app. I cant even make shopping lists. Basically this app is just a safari book mark to the mobile amway site, where you have to sign in every time just to check on a product. Please Amway, make your IBOs business run more efficiently and faster by putting back the old Version 2.

  • IBO

    by Liked phone app shopping

    I was very dissapointed to find all my shopping lists gone. I lost all info on the products I wanted to order this month. Somehow I need to re generate this (~ $2000 worth of products). And everything has been moved from local on my phone to directly online. I can now only add products to my shopping cart at the online store as opposed to having multiple shopping lists on my phone that I could then transfer to my shopping cart which was local to my app and did not involve the regular online shopping cart. And I can't access the online shopping lists. If I am going to shop through my phone I need access to all my shopping lists. I liked the previous app version a lot more.

  • Hate it!

    by Grandma Louise

    May I just tell you all the things I hate about this app? I learned of its update while signing up a new customer – which took half a very frustrating day because there was no way to set up a password for them, that either of us could find, and my customer finally called the company and set it up. Where are my favorites? Where are my shopping lists? How about Ditto? How do I update my credit card on file? If this was supposed to be easier, I've got news – it's most definitely not. After taking half an hour for an order that should have taken a couple of minutes at most, I'm steamed. I do everything mobile. Can't you even make it usable on a tablet, instead of an iPhone 2x app? Signed Not Happy!

  • No good

    by pablo machiarulo

    Come on guys, what is up with this update. This is a complete mess, no back button? Really come on I spent 40 minutes on this app to do something that it used to take me 5 on the old app. Please bring it back. Plus no app for iPad? This is 2013 we need the right tools guys I think is time to pay up to somebody who knows how to design this kind of stuff and make it grate like our products

  • Since update

    by Fleet555

    The new app is nice. But I liked the previous version better. The new app is just the mobile site I can pull that up on the browser. The previous let you have access so much more features. Please go back to the previous!

  • Good and bad

    by JM2020

    The app has a very nice clean look to it and is laid out nice. The PV checking and frontline pv is VERY NICELY done. However, as another reviewer said, it needs a back button when viewing product rather than just the home button. It makes you start over every time you're done with a particular product page. Same goes for switching between ibo and customer views. You're viewing a product in customer mode and want to see IBO pricing or pv, so you open the menu to switch that and then you cant go right back to the product page. You have to start a search all over again for it. Also, and this is a VERY BIG negative for me, it requires an Internet connection to work. Sometimes there is no Internet or its slow and then what?... Could be a sale lost if dealing with a customer. The previous version did not require that. You could check pricing or pv on a product anytime, and navigating through products was easier on the old app.

  • Great Update!

    by Ahheck01


  • Awesome app

    by Mynameparas

    Far better than previous

  • Like the new look

    by Nevan1234

    I like the new look but it's hard to navigate the catalogs. Add a back button if you back out of a product you have to start all over

  • Needs work: videos and nav buttons

    by Soggyinmilk

    The videos are good but audio isn't syncing right. The webinar schedule can't be zoomed in on and doesn't support landscape view, so I can't see the links! In catalog view, you only have a choice to go back to the beginning instead of the last page you were viewing. I think the Pv/bv viewer is pretty simple though. Interface is pretty clean. Just needs some tweaking!

  • Easy to use but what happened to functionality?

    by CoNTuR-84

    Please make the shopping lists available again like it was in the previous version: it was very useful to create lists for customers and then put them on my ditto for the 1st.

  • Great app

    by B - Real

    This has been awesome! I use it all the time to send customers info on the spot and helps me to place orders on the go.

  • Awesome app, but catalogues won't load

    by K04jk04

    I love this app! Not only can I quickly lookup products, their Pv/bv and retail price, but I can check at a glance my downline Pv. I haven't tried placing an order trough it, but it looks pretty simple. Unfortunately, my catalogs refuse to update! I wait and wait, the progress bar is just stopped. It might be better if the updated catalogs came through an app update, so I don't have to keep it open while it downloads. Thanks amway for a neat little app. I use it pretty much every day.

  • Like

    by Iraidamarisa


  • Painful

    by Noeta

    Only being able to place an order for contacts on my phone is a pain, especially since I a prevented from editing/adding the address in the app. The address is taken only and "as is" from contacts. Just tried placing an order and was prevented since I couldn't enter shipping method, something about unavailable products but no way to find out what products or what the problem really is. Locating the products to add to cart is painful. When browsing many products are not listed. Searching does little good unless exact, search for "baby" revealed nothing but "baby wipe" did.

  • Could use some work

    by Wfis

    This app wouldn't allow me to put in my new username. Had to delete the app and reinstall it. Please fix this, it'd be so useful if it worked correctly.

  • iPad

    by My biz!

    Where's the app for the iPad! Would b great to show business plan to others w/o lugging a computer around!! Please help soon!

  • Unusable

    by ISwim247

    Using Microsoft exchange for contacts does not allow this app to perform mandatory sync @ startup. Unable to use. Remove mandatory contact sync and this app would rock!

  • Stop contact sync

    by AKA-Winner

    Contact sync needs to be optional. This app keeps muddying up my phones contact list by duplicating people and/or phone numbers and addresses. Would rather just access contacts(customers/IBOs) already in my website account instead of my phone. Otherwise, it works pretty well. Thx

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