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Languages: English, French, German, Korean, Spanish

Seller: Amix Capital Limited

- improved Airconsole support (Serial over Wifi)
- iOS7 Support
- French and German Localizations
- Bug Fixes

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Rapid SSH is the powerful and complete IP terminal emulator for iPad and iPhone - supports RS232 Serial over Wifi, SSHv1, v2, SSH Agent, Telnet, Raw, integrated TFTP Server, fully scriptable, Dropbox.com, multi-session and much more!

- Full SSH implementation - most others only support only SSH version2, RapidSSH fully supports SSH version 1, 2, SSH Agent, full RSA/DSA key import in OpenSSH or Putty format
- Direct interaction via soft or bluetooth keyboards
- Fully scriptable terminal - create powerful terminal scripts using simple "expect X, send Y" style scripting
- Full logging support - save logs locally, export directly, attach to emails etc. Individual log files for each session.
- Dropbox.com integration allows for (auto) upload of logs and download of configuration scripts, text files and saved sessions via the cloud quickly
- Tight clipboard integration and scratchpads for quickly editing and pasting text into the terminal
- Full multisession support - run upto 20 concurrent terminal sessions with background support for upto 10 minutes
- Screen sharing with the RapidSSH website allows for a remote web user to securely access iPad's terminal window via one-time token code
- Comprehensive manual, user forum and support site

Don't bother with other iOS terminal apps - get the best and most complete implementation available for less - RapidSSH

Customer Reviews

  • Good but...

    by C-Dawg1716

    This has great potential but if you plan to work with any Linux at all, think twice. This works well for basic commands but when it comes editing files, it needs some improvements. Scanning the file and adding to, deleting fields, or just editing the files becomes increasingly difficult. If this was fixed, five star app for sure.

  • Good

    by Bakiebear

    Good app with a good interface and easy features that one can use. If you have tried others this one in my opinion surpasses others.

  • helpful

    by jacobsenmarc

    this app enables me to run many concurrent terminal sessions. with this app, i can share or edit text into the terminal easier and faster. this is great app

  • useful

    by iyopus

    this app is good terminal emulator on ios, i can perform most function, and the most practical feature is dropbox intergration, i can download or upload scripts from/to dropbox, take scripts on the go.

  • great app

    by katesusan72

    this is the best SSH app in itunes store and i think anyone must buy it. with this app, i can share the file via the cloud quickly and easily. this app is very helpful.

  • Okay app

    by A.awesome

    The UI is a bit confusing and difficult to use. Though I have no comparison for this type of app, it seems to be average for its high price. I'd wait for some improvements before buying.

  • Great app but needs new UI

    by Blazing Applications

    This is a great app! It has great functionality, and is very fast. I would reccomend that the price be drop down, because it is a little on the high range. Also, please update the UI, because it is very out dated, and hard to use. Other then that, buy buy buy!!!

  • Could be better

    by Sodaguy

    I like that this app supports both SSH1 and SSH2 as well as Dropbox. The user interface needs work it is very difficult to use. I think this app has potential but it is really complicated the way it is.

  • Bad ui

    by Juparkin

    The user interface on this app is lackluster at best. It could do with a revamp, but as long as that doesn't interfere with your productivity then this app functions moderately well.

  • Full Features yet good price

    by JohnJames305

    I have looked at other iPad SSH clients - most go for Prompt or iSSH (which i have as well and they are both good in the main), but this is the best so far - it has full SSH support (ie SSH version 1 - the default on older gear) which Prompt doesnt seem to, and also it does full interactive terminal scripting so you can automate a bunch of common things. iSSH doesnt do that either - but the killer feature for me are Dropbox integration - how many times do you need to get a log file out or config script into your iPad to use in terminal but its just plain difficult so you end up back on your laptop. RapidSSH makes that really easy. Add to that their tool to import all your PC/Mac's Putty and SecureCRT saved sessions, the screen sharing feature and just overall stability of the app and you end up with the (currently) best SSH client for iPad/iPhone. Oh and its cheaper as well. Highly recommended.

  • Buggy, slow, bluetooth keyboard unreliable.

    by JDubman

    Sadly, typing and scrolling is so incredibly slow (on iPad 3 with high-speed wi-fi connection) this is almost useless. Even clearing the screen is incredibly slow. Speed aside, this works only intermittently with an otherwise flawless Bluetooth keyboard — often typing is just ignored. Control key doesn’t work, nor does the Option key if that’s set to act as Control. Doesn’t automatically just set the rows and columns to be whatever fits. Line Wrap setting has no apparent effect on existing or new sessions. I was able to connect to an Linux box with a private key so it’s better than nothing for an emergency, but I’d rather have my money back.

  • Still broken - Avoid this app and be suspicious of 5 star reviews!

    by JoeTheAppleGuy

    Who writes these 5 star reviews? The developers themselves?? This app is still broken, the screen buffer does not clear after a process like top is quit and the rows option defaults to 40 no matter what you enter. You end up with junk all over the screen in no time. After this update you can't even tell if you are logged in, they managed to make it even worse. Avoid this app. $6 wasted!

  • Awful terminal emulation and an interface to match

    by Brian E​

    I was expecting good things from this app, as I know it's based on a serial console app that seems to be fairly widely used. To say that RapidSSH underwhelmed me would be to say that getting food poisoning at a much-hyped new restaurant is underwhelming. Let's start with the user interface. No SSH client out there (with the possible exception of Panic's mediocre Prompt) can be said to be pretty, but the least that can be expected is something that's clean and functional. RapidSSH is... not that. What we have here is what you might expect if you let a hyperactive parakeet loose on Interface Builder. At no point did the developers stop to think that maybe - perhaps - their interface had gotten a little too complicated. Now, I've never claimed to be the most superlative adjective in the thesaurus, but I'm pretty good at finding my way around user interfaces. If I need to go all Curious George on an app's main screen just to find where to create a new connection, it's a sign that something's gone wrong. A certain former president of the U.S. widely identified by his middle initial once described poor academic performance amongst some students as a result of the "soft bigotry of low expectations". I'm no bigot, so despite the problems with the user interface, I was honestly surprised that the app failed to connect to an SSH server on my local network. Could it be that this app doesn't support password or keyboard-interactive authentication? Shocked, I poked around in the connection settings for a minute and failed to turn up anything useful. Thinking that perhaps some overzealous security-conscious programmer had made a deliberate decision to disable anything but public key authentication, I went to the developer's site in search of an answer. There, in a 30 page manual, I found it: keyboard authentication is disabled by default, and there's an option in the global settings. After turning that on, I was able to connect to my server. We all know how this movie ends, though. What remained of my high expectations was destroyed when I resumed a screen session on my server. Oh, it did display the screen session, but not all of it, and some of it twice. Asking screen to refresh the display (C-a C-l) helped but a little. Perhaps there's a setting elsewhere in the interface to remedy this: "Actually do terminal emulation right". But the will to find this setting was no longer in my heart. At this point, it hardly bears mentioning that the default font makes the letter "O" and the number "0" nearly indistinguishable. What good is a usable font if the app can't get the right characters on the screen? Alas, my quest for a usable SSH client on the iPad continues. Let this review stand as a warning to all those who follow on this lonely path.

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