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- Support for .ZIP files
- Improved photo viewer
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements

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AirWatch introduces an enterprise-grade Mobile Content Management (MCM) application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices that allows IT administrators to securely manage document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents through a web-based console.

The AirWatch Secure Content Locker application enables mobile users to access corporate resources on-the-go from their iOS devices. To gain access, the Secure Content Locker application must be installed from iTunes.

Before a user can access corporate documents, they will be prompted for a Group ID, username and password, or authentication token. AirWatch supports basic, LDAP, SAML, and proxy authentication. The Secure Content Locker is managed through configurable system settings within the AirWatch console. Authentication grace period (in minutes) can be defined. The ability to prevent documents from being opened in other applications can be enabled or disabled and, if if the device is/has been compromised (jailbroken), AirWatch prevents access to the Secure Content Locker application and performs a complete wipe of the content data on the device.

Corporate documents can be uploaded and organized in the AirWatch console using custom document categories and metadata including author, description, notes, keywords, etc. Content distribution and use is configurable at the document level. Capabilities supported include:
• Access Control: Enable users to view documents offline or only while online
• Transfer Method: Define settings for document uploads/downloads to use cellular data or Wi-Fi Only
• Encryption: Transmit/Store all documents using industry standard AES 256-bit Encryption
• Download Type: Enable documents to be downloaded automatically or on-demand (On-demand files can be controlled by the user while automatic documents cannot be deleted by users)
• Download Priority: Set the download priority level as high, normal or low for queuing purposes

AirWatch provides administrators with detailed visibility of content use at the device level. The system tracks current content status (unknown, installed, uninstalled), content priority (high, medium and low), deployment method (on demand or automatic), content version and size, when the document was downloaded, and when it was last viewed.

The following document types are supported by the AirWatch Secure Content Locker:
•iWork: Keynote (including Keynote09), Numbers (including Numbers09), Pages (including Pages09)
•MS Office: Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
•Other: PDF, XML, HTML, CSV, Rich Text Format, Rich Text Format Dictionary, Text
•Pictures: PNG and JPEG
•Audio: MP3, AAC, and ALAC
•Video: QuickTime (MOV and MP4)

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Margaret Rahner

    Good app but would be a lot better if you could copy and paste off the documents. Please work on this AirWatch!! Other than that good app to have handy!

  • Love it!

    by I'm looooovin it!

    Love the app and easy to use. Keeps everything organized and synced with corporate documents.

  • Great for Content Management

    by ITAdminTK

    I prefer it to some of the major content management players like box.

  • Great reader

    by Ygiiop

    I got this app through my company and it is fantastic. New version has ability to import external content. Two thumbs way up

  • Really a pain...

    by wjvail

    If it doesn't crash, it is a poor app. If it doesn't crash... When it's functioning is is not a very friendly tool... When it's functioning.

  • CRASH! Worst app ever.

    by Bitter13

    App crashes a dozen times for every one time it stays open. I've used hundreds of apps over 6+ years and I've never had one even close to this bad.

  • Awful

    by mddogpilot

    Crashes constantly. Can't access other apps and return to it for reference. Awful.

  • Crashes

    by Bigfoot777

    Keeps crashing when I access new content.

  • Ugh.

    by Applesauce4u

    Hate it.

  • Seth

    by Sethski

    Descent app when it works. Problem is, it rarely works. My current version crashes every time I open it, as opposed to half the time on previous versions. If you're fortunate enough to get it to run, don't bother trying to update files as this rarely works. Aside from essentially not being able to use it or update your files, the developers should give themselves a pat on the back for conjuring up a wonderfully useless app!

  • Horrible

    by MDCargoPilot

    Horrible. Crashes all the time. Needs more/better functionality. File management is not at all intuitive. Unfortunately I'm stuck with it (work). To the developers - please fix it. To work (you know who you are) - please switch to Goodreader.

  • ...

    by ConCharger44


  • Great for the IT department

    by Johnsterman

    This is great for the IT department in that Air Watch's MDM is rated highly. However from an end user's perspective, Content Locker is one of the worst readers on the market. You'll have to have your IT department set this up for you. You can't buy a reader from the App Store that is this bad on your own.

  • No way

    by DK k

    This app mines all your data and activities all the time!

  • Crap

    by I_AM_A_PERSON_

    Terrible reader. Places handcuffs on all my data.

  • Unreliable - A poor excuse for an app

    by F4DevilDog451

    Unreliable, Crashes and locks up often. Of course when it crashes you have to put the password in to get back in and hope you will have some time before another crash. No ability to note or highlight documents; Little flexibility; Poor sorting capability; Poor search function. Make sure you put a short password on it or you will be typing constantly. It does allow a company to limit what workers use the reader for. If you are interested in that, it works. However, the price for that security and selectivity is an unreliable app and miffed employees.

  • Embarrassingly bad POS app

    by CaptRicky

    Is one star as low as I can go.....? This is the app my employer has chosen for its first venture into electronic document distribution. It is a great app if you like the following: Crashes - it does this a lot. Unreliable file updates - notifications are not to be trusted for accuracy and often new files will not update old files properly which kills both the old and the new version of a file. Slow rendering and shockingly bad viewing performance. Screen redraws and slow performance with anything that has graphics. You get a lot of practice zooming! Want good performance and stability? Get GoodReader. Scary MDM policy. My employer makes use of this optional, yet if I want electronic documents (I do) this app is the only approved reader I can use. This is NOT company issued hardware - it is mine. In order to use this app for work related documents the MDM policy requires me to approve total control of content by AirWatch. Apple should be embarrassed that this app was approved. It takes no advantage of any of the many iPad features engineered by Apple. It is a totally unreliable POS.

  • What?

    by bc6767

    How did this unstable, balky and generally bad app make it to the app store? It is unfortunate that many will be forced to use such an unpleasant app on such a wonderful device.

  • Unstable

    by IMIpad

    Airwatch Content Locker is fairly unstable. On many occasions you are booted out of the app and have to relaunch, enter password and then relocated material that you were viewing. Some content downloaded in Content Locker does not open, but there is no way to delete content so that you can attempt to redownload. No ability to file content in user defined folders. This would benefit organization when there is a large amount of content.

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