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Languages: Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, HE, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Wandering WiFi LLC

▶ Ability to Blacklist/Whitelist sites while in Kiosk Mode (Requires 7.1+ Console version)
▶ Added print option while in Kiosk Mode
▶ Single Port support with MAG
▶ Added friendly error messaging
▶ Resolved several bugs relating to MAG

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The AirWatch Browser application provides a safe and accessible alternative to Safari Internet browsing for iOS devices. Corporate IT administrators can customize and configure the Secure Browser to meet unique business and end-user needs, whether the need is to restrict web access from certain websites or to provide a secure internet "kiosk" for devices used as a mobile point of sale.

By securing all Internet transactions and limiting Internet access to custom-defined websites in the AirWatch Browser's Kiosk and Restricted modes, the AirWatch Browser gives your corporation the benefits of mobile technology but with fewer distractions and risks.

The IT administrator can customize the AirWatch Browser through the AirWatch web-based console, the central location for managing all devices enrolled in AirWatch MDM. There are two main steps required to customize the AirWatch Secure Browser:

Configure the Security Settings
▶ Default view that provides options for enabling/disabling features in the AirWatch Browser that may be a security concern

Enable an AirWatch Browser Operation Mode
▶ Kiosk mode restricts users to a single landing page in the browser.
▶ Restricted mode employs either a blacklist policy for restricted sites or a whitelist policy to limit browsing to allowed sites

Support for App Tunnelling
▶ Integrates with the Mobile Access Gateway (MAG) and F5 devices to allow users to browse websites inside a company’s firewall
▶ Integrates with regular proxies to redirect the browser’s traffic

Restrict documents to open only in allowed apps
▶ Allows an administrator to enforce that all downloads can only be opened in the Secure Content Locker or on other allowed applications.

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