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10 Time Management for PMP® and CAPM® Practice Exam Questions

The purpose of managing your project schedule is to ensure the project’s work can be completed on time. What tools can be used to manage a project’s schedule? How to use the critical path method? What is resource leveling? What are the two main techniques used by schedule compression?

This is a short practice exam on the “Time Management” on the PMP and CAPM standard. The questions are based on the content of PMBOK® Guide the 4th Edition. You can always test your understanding of the concepts and review the key points with PM-ABC’s practice test series.

After taking the test, you can check your answers, which are listed immediately after the test, each with a full explanation. The explanations also provide clear references to the PMBOK ® Guide, allowing you to go back and review the concepts for the questions you didn’t get right.

If you find any difficult questions, or fail to get more than 7 out of 10 questions right, you probably need additional training before continuing on to another chapter.

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