CAPM®&PMP® Flashcard Business App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese

Seller: Advanced Business Consulting, Inc.

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9 Ratings
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9 Ratings


CAPM®/PMP® flashcards. there are 100 flashcards from chapters of integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communication, risk, procurement and professional.

Customer Reviews

  • Garbage

    by fitzgg1

    The worst piece of junk I have come across! Don't waste your time.

  • Rubbish absolute garbage

    by Soon2bPMP

    Don't waste your time on this POS. Nothing worthwhile at all in here.

  • Buyer Beware not Free

    by PMP2B

    Not only is it not free, but it is packaged like a small App store for this guy. AND it doesn't tell you before you click on something that their is a charge for it. I guess they hope you will quickly bypass the confirmation message to pay and not realize you paid for something. Just another scam from Taiwan. Luckily I didn't waste my 3G data usage on this guy.

  • Nothing Free About This App

    by Shmoov

    This app forces you to buy the flashcards once loaded - there are no redeeming qualities about this app - just wastes your tine.

  • Buyer Beware

    by ali0303

    The app. is free but then you have to pay for every flash card.

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