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  • Updated: Aug, 27 2010
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★ ★ ★ Largest collection of funny jokes pictures available on the app store ★ ★ ★

This app contains hundreds of hilarious funny jokes to bring a BIG smile to your face :)

Each joke is painstakingly selected by fellow joksters to ensure you have a GREAT time!!

+ Simplistic user interface
+ Facebook
+ Mail
+ Copy/paste support

Also, check out what others have had to say, and when you have had a go, why not leave your own review. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us to further enhance the product for you.

Customer Reviews

  • Blond jokes

    by 123456 BAM

    These blond jokes are fun to read

  • Awesome app great jokes

    by Aiamsam

    This app is one of the best app, the jokes are fresh and lot of them are not copied from other apps or old jokes.


    by emily_angelica

    So funny! If you don't understand them... It's cause YOU'RE BLONDE!! HA HA!

  • Good

    by Noneyaa<3

    I'm blonde and I really liked this app. Blonde jokes are funny and I don't find them offensive at all.

  • Okay

    by TigerLily54669

    Some jokes are funny, others are just nasty - like, really disgusting.  And seriously, these are offensive to blondes.  Someone come up with just a plain old Stupid People app.

  • Funny

    by 2012Mayancalenderends

    Some of the jokes and video clips are really funny, but others are just perverted and gross. But iver all a fun app.

  • 

    by Sscfan1989


  • I Iove these jokes

    by Biggest music lover eva

    Seriously there just jokes don't take them so seriously there funny don't frown, laugh just pretend they said brunette I am a brunette and I don't care! These jokes would be awesome wether they were about blondes or brunettes or even red heads it doesn't matter so just laugh!!!!! :)

  • Funny

    by Haven't got it yet

    I'm a bruenette or how ever u spell it and I act like a blonde not trying to be offensive but people tease me with these jokes but I don't really care I just laugh

  • Lol

    by Frozenvoid

    Hahaha most of the people here are blondes that's why they don't think it's funny btw how do you confuse a blonde? You don't their just born that way hahahahaha!!!

  • I love blondes

    by Alli's Dad

    ... but I tease the only one of them who loves me back. These jokes may not be helping my relationship, but they keep me entertained for hours.

  • Offensive

    by Meghan Guggenheim

    Love the jokes but offensive to blonds

  • um...

    by Sunshine-luva

    I want to delete it because some of the jokes are just nasty, but yet I don't because some are funny. (Ya, probably gonna delete it)

  • I may be a blonde

    by Katie32123

    I may be a blonde but I'm not stupid so to all the people who think blonde haired people are stupid maybe your stupid.

  • Same jokes

    by C!@udi@

    If u go 2 brunet jokes some of them are the same

  • Bad jokes

    by Lalaloopsy12345678

    These jokes are not funny at all I deleted it right away, I don't get them and they are just not funny

  • Offensive

    by Lalaworld2012

    Some of these jokes are funny, but most of them are very offensive, especially being a blonde. :(


    by Pete pedersen


  • No

    by Cll1202

    That was dumb. I didn't get any of the jokes.

  • Rude

    by Buggs123

    I can see why blondes take these jokes offensive. Some of them are really, really bad. Not all blondes are stupid. They can act ditsy sometimes but everyone has "blonde" moments no matter what race, hair color you have. I am a brunette and I wouldn't even use these kinds of nasty jokes :(

  • Wow!

    by Cod4ever

    Wow you people are sad to think that blonde jokes are funny I'm blonde, and I'm not stupid, think about it this way people, does hair color really decide how intelligent you are? So all you people out there that are like "haha I love blonde jokes, blonde jokes are funny" ok, all you guys out there that are like that, are clearly not thinking about blonde peoples feelings, cuz we have them.

  • Offensive

    by Aggiegirl99

    I'm a blonde and I think this is stupid and hurtful I'm smart and I don't have any problems so lay off the blondes and go after red heads!!!!!!

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