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What's that small, green creature with an insatiable appetite for candy?
Its Om Nom, of course!

But who is Om Nom and why does he come in a box and eats candies?

The star of the smashing hit game, Cut the Rope, now has a new comic book series! See the amazing fun story of Om Nom and his friends unfold!

Zeptolab, the creator of the Cut The Rope game phenomena, brings you the first issue for FREE. Additional issues are available for purchase in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Om Nom's cute personality and endless appetite for candy make an entertaining and playful story for kids and adults alike.

Customer Reviews

  • Make more

    by AngryBirds121901

    There are only 3 comics MAKE FRICKIN MORE

  • More!

    by Ananomos?

    Only three issues please add more

  • Om nom fights with doggy

    by Anxajjkbjchabajhcvs


  • Budda588 is a jerk

    by 04235678

    Great game


    by Dndcjngn

    There are not bugs in it but for the 2 3 And 4 book should be 0.99 not 2.00 I LOVE THE BOOK


    by Dndcjngn

    There are not bugs in it but for the 2 3 And 4 book should be 0.99 not 2.00 I LOVE THE BOOK

  • Love it but......

    by ichaos101

    I love this comic but I finished it in 1 min and they expect me to buy the rest for $1.99?!? FORGET IT.....but i like it...lower the price and maybe I'll buy it

  • Good time waster!

    by The dude2437

    My name is Evan so I thought it was kinda cool that his name is Evan too, and it's a cool read... Om nom is adorable and for me everything downloaded perfectly and didn't crash (it might be because I have a outdated iPhone 3). I thought the character reacted to a lot of situations like I would, I enjoyed his "creative cussing". Sounds kinda like me, whenever something surprising happens instead of swearing I say "holy Fary!" Or "good mercy" I've been doing that for like 5 years (I'm 11) and I love cut the rope the game. However the second two comics are a bit pricy and they are VERY SHORT!!! I got through all three issues in like, 2 minutes ( I'm a fast reader)!!! I mean come on... Two minutes!!! Four 4 bucks!!! But still... Its a ok comic! 4 stars keep the issues coming!!! (But please reduce the price to 0.99 cents an issue) thanks!!!

  • I ❤️cut the rope

    by Harry potter lover 123

    Cut the rope is AWESOME!!!


    by Ernesto Rodriguez

    I think that the dilivery guy is the professor

  • I need help

    by BB@!

    How I find the second part????????

  • Cant beleive

    by Aly and jules

    This is app is awesome but I CAN'T BELIEVE they would charge 1.99$ for part 2 and 3 it's stupid and ridiculous it's super good but I wouldn't pay that much for it maybe if they lowered it to 0.99

  • Best comic ever

    by Zeptolab's biggest fan

    It's not stupid you just have to be a OM NOM fan and zeptolab don't listen to them it's the best comic i ever read.

  • Crummy

    by Sissel23

    Bad comics, but weirdly enough ZeptoLab actually considers this as "canon." Also, can you restore purchases?

  • Bunny 24567896211578

    by Bunny bunny -2335678

    I read the first one in 20 seconds then I bought the others and 3 months later they still haven't downloaded please do something

  • Awsome/Fun

    by Ipad Mini :)

    I Love It (:

  • MOST AMASING THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by skater376

    It was the best thing I read in my life

  • Ripoff

    by Appvoter77777777

    Just a money making scheme. Read the first one in no time. Then 2$? No way. It would be way better free.

  • Add a restore purchases button

    by Ramarko

    Add it add the button

  • Review

    by Dog lover 32

    I like the comics but they cost too much lower them to$0 .99 at least and please make more soon


    by SethWB


  • Horrible! Do Not Get!

    by Angry pac-man

    Only get this if you want a hole in your pocket! This company is a money eater! You only get one comic and you have to pay $2 for every other one! What is wrong With you guys?! Wish I could give negative stars!

  • MONEY?!?!?!?!

    by Alex kittens

    This is so cool and all but it only gives the first one!And the second and third need$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Update

    by Angry 13yr old!!!!!!

    580 days later still no new comic. (-_-)

  • Bad

    by topbanana244

    Don't buy because doesn't work

  • by Salama uae

    the rest of the comic used to be free

  • Bad app.

    by Good apps person

    You should not get this app it's so bad I Deleted it and I never deleted anything. :(

  • Should I get it?

    by Blaster the parrot

    Should I get it? I don't what to do any advice? I don't want to get it and have to pay for the other issue.

  • What?

    by Macchilds


  • This is a big FAIL

    by Carmen122

    This app is broken I bought the other comics and I was taking a freakin hour to load so I redownloaded the app then I had to pay again don't get this app!

  • Not so bad but not so good either

    by euniceK78

    I would have rate it 5 stars if you guys made a button for restoring purchases because I payed for the other 2 comics but then by accident deleted the comic and when I redownloaded the comic it tells me to pay again for the other 2

  • Stupid app

    by Sigh wanna get it over

    This app makes u pay for the other too comics. I read the first one in like 2 min, then tried to read the other one when it said "would you like to pay 1.99 for the next comic?" Y would I buy something I'd be done with in 2 min? Also, it only lets you zoom in on the first box, again, stupid!

  • Stupid

    by Ella1890

    I tried to zoom in and it doesn't go to the pic I want so I tried again and again and it just froze! This is my third time redownloading it! I would make it one star if I could!

  • Bad

    by An r279)

    This thing let me read one comic and then made me pay for the 2en 1 so what the HELL

  • Merf

    by @Arielperz

    I read only one issue y cuz u. Can only read one y whould I buy something that I can only use one the creators should make them free

  • Whatever.

    by Ghoulkewl

    It's probably been over a year now and it still hasn't updated. I'm very disappointed, the whole app used to be free. Now you can only read the first comic for free, unless you buy the other two. This is not for older children, it's so corny that a 5 year old would barely even manage a giggle. Waste of money, waste of time. Don't buy this app. The game is better.

  • Hmmmm

    by Sea Pancake

    Buy this they said. It's free they said. UPDATED DAILY THEY SAID.

  • Disappointing, not funny. . .

    by Little Fireball

    Although I do love Om Nom, I honestly dislike this comic series. It is just plain awful-- cheesy, poorly written, not funny at all. . . Don't bother with this comic -- even though the first issue is free, it is not even worth downloading. I wasted three minutes of my life reading it. . . Om Nom, the little green candy-loving alien creature from the awesome Cut the Rope games, is lovable and endearing as always. But the boy character in the comic, Evan, is annoying, bratty, and extremely stupid (in my opinion). Honestly, is he supposed to be funny? Everything he says is idiotic; his utter stupidity makes the comic painful to read. . . Why does the story focus so much on this brainless kid anyway? He distracts too much from Om Nom! And to think ZeptoLab is asking $1.99 per issue for this garbage?! No thanks! I'll stick to the actual game.

  • Don't get the app

    by Tie dye lover

    When I got this it only has three pages then it asks you to buy the other chapters ripoff people

  • Peace of S#%$

    by Cat lover 72

    I got it and i was amazed at this awesome comic and then i tried to read the seconded part and this is what I thought (This a waste of money and a waste of time) I'm ashamed that they did this they discrased the cut the rope name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pretty Good

    by Duke

    It's a cute story, but I really wish you didn't have to $1.99 for the next chapters!!! I really wanna find out what happens without wasting my money. Plz fix! :(

  • Rip Off

    by Vision102938

    I greatly loved how it began! But when I read the first issue and began to continue on to the next one, I found out that you had to pay for the next article. It was quite expensive, I think 2 dollars! I got greatly depressed because of such rip so I'm sorry but, I had to delete the app.

  • Cut the rope comic

    by Marlsanimallover

    It only lets you read one part of the story and you have to pay for the rest!! Please remove from my purchase!

  • Help

    by melow yellow

    It won't let me read help please

  • lower the price

    by Idjsjfijd

    $1.99 is way to much at least lower it to 25 cents.

  • Awesome app <3

    by EmmieJoRockstar

    This app is a hit in my world it's an AWSOME app love u app makers!!!

  • :3

    by Burdabur

    Soo cute!

  • Awesome but......

    by Lindajay83

    You only get to read the first book and then got to pay for the others !

  • Deleted.

    by jDToucan

    This app is no good. Seriously. I have no words.

  • Om nom

    by 25777

    The game and comic of cut the rope is awesome

  • Like this app but?

    by Doggysarecute

    They haven't had a new issue on 2 months and next thing you know it is going to be a year in total I am really mad!

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