Animal Circus: Toddler's Seek & Find. An interactive activity book (2+) Book App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: Arabic, NB, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: wonderkind interaktionsmedien GmbH

Our new app is now available:
++ Tiny Firefighters: Toddler's Seek&Find Activity Book.

We would like to thank all users for their wonderful feedback!
This update includes a number of improvements:
++ Fixed some minor iOS 7 issues.
++ Added three new languages: Korean, Traditional Chinese, Arabic.

Dear parents,
If you encounter problems in using our app,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kindly note that we cannot help with any questions or requests left in the App Store.

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++ wonderkind says thank you for their picture book app being ranked No. 1 in over 25 countries world-wide
++ The only interactive picture book with over 80 animations

Wild animals, daredevil artists and lots of crazy clowns -
our new app for kids: “My Animal Circus”

+ the first truly interactive activity book app for children!
+ featured in this app: over 80 great and vivid possibilities to interact
+ lovingly hand-drawn illustrations
+ all animations are supplemented with whimsical sounds

+ navigation bar locking option.
+ easy operation with finger swipe
+ automatic detection of different children's fingers and hands
+ chapter index for quick favorite scene selection
+ particularly suitable for children aged 18 months to 6 years

+ Fully supported languages:
- Arabic
- Chinese
- Dutch
- English
- French
- German
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Norwegian
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Russian
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Turkish

Three lovingly hand-drawn and colored scenes show our circus with its animals, artists and audience. Learn about life at the circus with its crazy stories and affectionate residents. There’s so much to be discovered!

Little explorers can search for and activate the many amusing animations just by touching the screen, and they’ll have tons of fun watching the action over and over again. Sophisticated sounds and a delightful piano soundtrack in the background top off the experience.

The children’s book "Toddler's Seek & Find: My Animal Circus"
The very first "picture book" app in the iTunes Store. Three scenes show funny animals, artists and clowns at the circus. A must for any picture book fan!

Since the founders have children themselves within the target age group, the new app benefits from extensive insight gained through numerous tests in their own 'in-house labs' in the course of development.

We’d be happy to hear any feedback or suggestions you might have. Give us a call or email us.

++ For 12 continuous months in Top Ten child apps in AppStore Games Category in over 25 countries world-wide (iPhone and iPad)

+ My Little Town
+ My Animals
+ Tiny Firefighters
+ Karaoke Animal Music
Released by wonderkind – a new, Berlin-based company committed to creating beautiful, high-quality content for children.

+ Wonder Match
+ Wonder Match HD
The game classic with new versions for grown-ups and little kids.
Children and parents will love the changes: sounds, vivid motives and classic gameplay.

Should you face any problems nonetheless, we would appreciate your understanding that we cannot provide any support on review comments.

Instead, please read the FAQs on our website ( and/or email us, so that we can immediately react and help. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

  • Fun for any age

    by Tiffersmh

    The Wonderkind toddler seek and finds are the best!

  • So good!

    by Omygodwhatever

    This is our favorite app! It is so quiet and sweet- not crazy or over-stimulating. He finds new favorite animations every time he plays. So simple and so great!

  • My son LOVES it!

    by Sommer Molina

    My son plays this all the time! It is worth the purchase.

  • Excellent interaction

    by TRay75

    Great illustration and animation. I purchased the app before my 22mth old daughter had even tried it. I'm finally impressed with an app. Kudos

  • Awesome

    by ConnieGRG2

    We love this app! Alice is 2 and is entertained for hours!

  • Happy

    by Devieman

    This app makes us happy! It's beautiful-the art and the music.

  • Fun entertaining

    by ZNauna

    My 2year old grandson loves the interaction with this app

  • Great for Learning & Dexterity

    by JM's Momma

    My son, 20 months old, LOVES this app! We have so much fun playing this together, and I love watching him laugh when he sees what happens when he touches on something....he loves the airplane! Not only is this app fun to play, it has also helped with my son's dexterity tremendously and it gives me the opportunity to explain what things are while he sees it in action! He can now push on small items with one finger, at the beginning of us using the app he did not understand/know how to push on something small with his pointer finger....totally different story now! It has actually helped him in every day life situations where it is beneficial to "touch" on something by using his pointer finger only! I highly recommend this app for all babies/toddlers! You will be amazed at what they can learn from using this app, how many priceless laughs you will get while strengthening their dexterity!!!

  • Great

    by Kchoi2

    My daughter loves this app and the others made by the same group.

  • So easy for my toddlers

    by tthunt

    These apps are great because my toddlers can't mess anything up! They can scroll around and fun things happen. I love the little details of all the scenes. Thanks for a great app! I wish more were more interactive apps like these!

  • Great toddler app!

    by kmanx

    My 2 year old loves this app! The background music is very soothing and it has a calming effect on her during long car rides, sitting in line at the grocery store, etc. Thanks!

  • Favorite app

    by MeemaBaps

    Our grandson really enjoys this app. There is plenty to do, and easy for him to manipulate. It took some perseverance to figure out how to add the two additional areas-- that could be clearer. Finally figured it out; hope he likes these as much as the Circus!

  • Well done. Now take my money...

    by BeccaHoneyB

    My toddler loves all the Wonderkind Seek and Find apps but this Circus one is her favorite. Somehow the sounds don't drive me nuts so I love it too. But I can't seem to be able to purchase the other two scenes! Wild Animals and Daredevils or something like that. Please take my money!!! Lol.

  • Love it

    by Whitneeabriel

    My 3 yr old son finds it entertaining

  • Fun for 2 year old

    by Peter Mohrbacher

    My son loves seek and find series. He especially likes ones with animals and he likes to imitate sound they make.

  • Engaging, irresistible

    by Dive_2

    These series of illustrations are wonderful for children and parents alike. It's my 2 1/2 year old daughter can play by her self or we can play together and find even more.

  • Love it

    by Btrb02

    My 3 year old loves all the seek and find apps. He plays them over over always finding something new! Great sounds and beautiful pictures!

  • Very enjoyable

    by Zaanie

    My toddler loves these apps. Plays around in them for ages and finds many little sequences amusing too.

  • Excellent

    by Wishing I could watch itunes

    I love this app it keeps my 2 year old occupied on long plane and car rides.

  • Great for 2 yr old

    by Winzler2

    My toddler had trouble pressing on the things without taking her to home screen at 18 months, but now at 2 years she loves this app!

  • Doesn't work

    by Romer148

    The game looks nice but it constantly closes every time I click on it. It's a kids game and this maker can't fix the bugs in it. Sad. Fix the app. Fix the app. Fix the app

  • Luv it BUT it crashes

    by Quiddler

    Normally I love this app. But the current version keeps crashing.

  • Ms

    by Jrob13

    This app does not always open. Not worth the download

  • Very cute and entertaining!

    by Gnyezka

    Our 20 months old loves these!

  • Very engaging

    by Esb175

    My 3 yr old loves it

  • Awesome!

    by Holly 'nae

    My 2 yr old LOVES this game. It's so cute and fun and not over-stimulating.

  • Safe easy distraction

    by Weranger

    When you need 15 minutes these are great. My child loves to animate the same thing over and over again. Funny scenes that make my child laugh.

  • Animals

    by Kwanimals

    Toddler loves these apps. Great pictures !

  • Great!!

    by KM7460

    I have rarely purchased any apps, but I have all 3 full versions. My kids LOVE these!! Very fun!

  • So cute

    by ddny0608

    My toddler and I both love these apps!!

  • Very clever and engaging

    by Sam & Molly

    Very colorful and engaging. Great because regardless of where my daughter's fingers land on the screen, something interesting happens. Wldve given 5 stars except for annoying prod to "unlock" more scenes when I have already paid for this one.

  • Awesome

    by Diana Arnold

    Toddler loves these cute apps!

  • Wonderful App

    by melmax

    Peaceful pace and music. My 19mo loves it and has for months. So much nicer than all those annoyingly loud and stupid toddler apps out there. This one is so well done.

  • My toddler loves these

    by Bujamama

    I downloaded these Wonderkind See and Find apps for a long trip, and my toddler was immediately engrossed, and has loved them in the months since. The apps are creative and clever, and she seems to enjoy different aspects of them as she grows. Highly recommended.

  • I love this app

    by Huna18

    I love this app

  • Seek n find

    by Surfernsb

    So awesome! Love all the Apps. Great for little ones

  • Awesome

    by Gos12321

    Awesome!!!! my 18 mos son loves it. ...i like to play too So many surprises The best!

  • Move the menu bar!


    Placing the menu bar at the bottom where toddlers swipe is ridiculous, it constantly opens the menu. Placing it in the upper right or left corner would avoid this. Clearly this app was engineered without watching a toddler use it!

  • Love love love!

    by Haleyearls

    My 2.5 year old loves this app ;) highly suggest it!

  • Excellent

    by Ipod Siruis

    Outstanding entertainment. Calming, curious, and great interface. Highly recommended! (based on 2yr old daughter).

  • Toddler 2 yr old

    by Publicease

    My 2 yr old loves watching and pressing the iPad. Pretty simple app

  • Best app ever!

    by Jeff Johnson

    The perfect way to create a few calm minutes in our day. My toddler loves this so much.

  • Fun!

    by Saywhat25x's

    All of these App's are cute & fun for my toddler. The only thing is when I purchased the afternoon & evening additions, the sound doesn't work.

  • Wonderful for the whole family!

    by SLPenrod

    I started getting these for my oldest grandchild, but everyone in the family enjoys them. They are quietly engaging, and we have great conversations about them. Please make more!

  • Best app for 1 yr old

    by Ad Lee

    Calming yet engaging, many interesting scenes to interact with, aesthetically pleasing. Very fun and benign. Holds my inquisitive 15mo old's attention for an hour or more easily. Also easy on the ears - not so clamorous and obnoxious that you worry about giving others nearby a migraine, or giving the child a head start on developing ADHD.

  • Such a fun App

    by Kshou

    This is as much fun for me as it is my grandson. Love these apps

  • Love it

    by Katrina n

    My two year old son loves this app we own all of them ! I hope they make more.

  • Very fun interactive app!

    by Cheryl0704

    The scenes are very detailed and very fun to look at. I love all the pictures that interact with her as she plays. It's a great app for distracting my toddler when distraction is what's needed.

  • We love it!

    by Nan Seabruce

    My grandson loves all of the wonder kind apps! Recently one of the apps would not open, so I contacted Wonderkind support. They got back with me very quickly with the solution to our problem.

  • Beautiful

    by NurseCher9999

    Great app! My 4year old gets a kick out of it. It's beautifully drawn and keeps him entertained for more than just a few minutes.

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