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As the "Bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history" (Publishers Weekly), the Purpose Driven Life has sold over 32 million copies and has inspired millions to live on purpose.

The most basic question everyone faces in life is Why am I here? What is my purpose? Self-help books suggest that people should look within, at their own desires and dreams, but Rick Warren says the starting place must be with God and his eternal purposes for each life. Real meaning and significance comes from understanding and fulfilling God's purposes for putting us on earth.

The new Purpose Driven Life Expanded Edition has been reimagined for a new generation with:

* Two New Bonus Chapters
* Audio Bible Studies (internet connection required)
* 42 video chapter summaries (internet connection required)

App Features:

* Includes the entire contents of the new Purpose Driven Life Expanded Edition Book
* Universal App - One purchase and you get it on your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini
* iCloud Sync - Notes, Bookmarks, and Current Page are kept in sync across all your devices
* Sharing - Highlight a section of text and easily share it via email, Twitter, Facebook, or text message.

This app will take you on a personal, life-changing journey.

But don’t take our word for it …

"[The Purpose Driven Life] will guide you to greatness through living the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. Make sure you're not missing the point of your life—read this book!"

—Billy Graham, world-renowned minister

"If you only read one book on what life is all about—make it this one! Then give it to everyone you care about. It is life-changing. Believe me, you'll never be the same after reading this!”

—Lee Strobel, bestselling author, The Case for Christ

Customer Reviews

  • References and Appendices need fixing!

    by x4nd3r

    This is a truly wonderful app. The unfortunate thing is that the author refers to a lot of scripture and references it in the book (all the little super-scripted numbers) but because there's no way to click on the references, we cannot figure out what scripture he's referring to. There's also talk about an Appendix. I can't access the appendix on the app as well. Could you guys look into these issues?

  • Help I love the app but the crashing is going to drive me nuts!!

    by Mandalou12

    Lord please help all the people that have voiced their opinion on this app crashing after writing a note or trying to highlight a very important point!! This book is saving people's lives but it needs to be updated!! In your name gratefully I pray!!

  • Enjoying the study.

    by Ralynb

    We started reading this during a 6 week bible study that goes along with it. I have enjoyed every moment, and the app with all it's additional features makes it easy for a regular person like myself to understand and build a closer relationship with God. I feel blessed to have been introduced to it. I would recommend it for anyone but especially a new Christian or someone ready to make that change in their life. God bless!

  • Medium rating

    by Pjajra

    I love this book but making notes after a chapter is tedious at best

  • Helping me grow.

    by Kimmer1985

    I have been using this app for about a week and really enjoy it. I feel like i am growing. Yes the video does freeze but I have found if I close other apps it helps. Also if you let the app get started and than rewind it a little it helps. Kim

  • 100% worth the time and money

    by Gymgirlmw

    It's been several years since I read the book. This app is a great refresher and reminder of why we are here and what we are to accomplish.

  • Love this

    by Juliejules4720

    This app is great!!!

  • It's Great!!!!!

    by Kimaniku

    I really like this app. Excellent!!!!!

  • Great but...

    by Meggoo9

    App keeps crashing whenever I "note" something:( please fix soon

  • Pdl i am unable to listen to the videos on my iPhone 5

    by ;fdalsjkkfjdl;sajklfd

    I unable to listen to the videos on my iPhone 5. It will play for a few seconds and freeze. Very disappointing.

  • Needs improvement

    by sho2k

    It was a great app so i can read PDL any time. But I have been experienced 2 major problems since the lastes update: 1. App keeps crashing. Many times after I highlighted with a "note" and when I hit done, the whole app will crash and I had to start over. 2. Using my ipad mini, I now open the app, it will keep on saying "loading iCloud" and I had no way to read PDL from there. I have NO such problem on my iphone 5 or ipad 3. I even deleted the app in ipad mini and reinstalled it, but the problem persist.

  • Foundational

    by Eduminister

    Growing in Christ takes work and mature Christians recognize this fact. This app offers the text of PDL as well as other resources that aids one in the process of becoming like Christ. One feature that is very helpful is the access to the PDL website directly from the app. If you want to grow this app is foundational to your plan.

  • Welding Inspector

    by Windell n. Stewart

    I love having PDL on my iPhone because I work away from home and don't have access to my computer. As my home church goes through PDL I keep up on my phone. It's great.

  • Love it!!

    by WebPastorTim

    Surprisingly easy to read on iPhone. Helps me keep up with reading.

  • Great to have on my Mini however notes is not working

    by GoodwinRon

    It's wonderful to have the ability to use this book as part of a small group on an iPad device. Support is great also! I had an issue and they were very responsive in helping me out with an email guiding me with graphics and great instructions. Fantastic on my iPad Mini

  • Great app

    by Ben Jamin 29

    Look forward to seeing this app being improved from a UI/UX standpoint, but really great start with the first release! Love that I can use this app on my iPhone and iPad.

  • PDL App

    by Addicted2God

    ABSOLUTELY the best app I have ever purchased!!!

  • Great app, a few bugs to work out

    by thelifeofadam

    What a phenomenal way to adapt a great message and tool for evangelization! This app looks great and has a great flow. There are some definite bugs with note taking and bookmarking. I noticed that if you accidentally highlight too much of a section & make it a note, there is no way to fix it without deleting it and making it again. Also, there doesn't seem to be any way to make a stand alone note without highlighting a segment. Bookmarking doesn't seem to sync across iOS devices. Maybe working with Evernote or Dropbox for content syncing may help. Overall, it's a great start. These tweaks will really make it work and be a fantastic experience.

  • Purpose Driven Life

    by AWebb11

    Been trying to install app for a week and it keeps stalling. Disappointed.


    by donotbuythis57

    This app simply does not work. It crashes immediately when opened on iPhone. Sad to see such a great important book unable to open. DO NOT BUY

  • Unfinished

    by SixtyoneD

    Content aside the app feels very unfinished. Notes can't be deleted in the chapter your reading. Instead you have to go to the notes section, sifting through all notes you've ever made, find it then delete it. Also the app does not remember where you left off in the day if you are to go to the notes section for example and return. It'll remember what day you left off when relaunching the app-sometimes. In the content there are footnote indicators for referenced verses but no actual footnotes to be found anywhere making it impossible to know what verse is being quoted and what translation is being used (unless you have it memorized 'natch). It feels like they just slapped the books content into an underdeveloped reading app template and called it a day. Your far better off just buying the actual book. This app brings nothing significant to the table.

  • No Sound or notes

    by Freidaray

    I am not happy with this app at all. The note taking part is terrible. Can't get it to highlight or save. Also not sound when Rick Warren is talking. Please fix the bugs in this app. Not happy with it at all.

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