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Join the Fine Musician as he marches through town causing a mighty muddle of townsfolk to follow along behind.

* GIGGLE APPS REVIEW - "Without giving anything away, I simply loved the ending of this book, especially the last few interactions as well as a moment at the end which has a very effective melancholy feel, leaving my son momentarily speechless. After a few seconds, he said, “That was a really good story.” "

* DIGITAL STORYTIME REVIEW - "This is not just a book for children, either. It has beautiful hand-drawn illustrations that made me immediately call my father (who is an artist) to get him to download it for his own enjoyment. It's just that unique and enchanting."

This rhythmical story is accompanied by finely detailed, hand drawn illustrations on richly textured papers. Discover animations, music and sounds as you explore each page and encourage people out of their homes and shops to see the musician.

Written, designed and created by parents. Directed, demanded and tested by children. Focused on 2-7 year olds, younger users easily navigate and discover while young readers are showered with expressive onomatopoeic words to learn and enjoy.

Customer Reviews

  • Very Amusing!

    by Dennisab

    I'm not sure what the first reviewer is upset about. I think this little interactive story is delightfully entertaining. Would I like the story as much if it was a paper paged book? Probably not. Without the doors opening and the musician beginning and ending with a tap it wouldn't be worth the purchase. However, every child (from 2-7) I have shared this with has loved swiping to turn the pages and tapping the doors, buses, bridge, balloons and musician to see what will happen. Totally worth $2! Most people spend more than that on coffee and you only get to enjoy that once...

  • A nice interactive story w/nice artwork & effects

    by Yggiz

    A child can read it or have it read to them.

  • Beautifully handmade with a European sensibility

    by Robophonic

    Love the drawings and handmade feel. This story has a European sensibility to it, versus say Disney/Hollywood. I think it is poor preparation for the emotions of adult life to restrict stories to happy endings, but to each his or her own (no one dies). I see that people are complaining about the value here. Not sure why, other than App Store entitlement. $1.99 for an independently made children's book seems like a bargain to me. Nobody is making a fortune on this.

  • Ignore other reviewers

    by BenderJ

    Not sure what some have against this app - it's beautifully illustrated, a fun story, limited, but appropriate interaction, and noone dies in the end, so please don't put false reviews up that will turn away parents looking for something to read to their kids. This does not even hint that anyone dies - that aside, Rock-a-bye baby, hansel and gretel, pied piper and ring a ring a Rosie are all very popular stories and nursery rhymes that have far far more ominous tones than anything contained in these e-pages.

  • Beautiful, and certainly appropriate for children!

    by mpt_cat

    Lovely story, beautiful illustrations, can be read like a book and also explored more interactively. (Also some reviewer is falsely accusing that this is not appropriate for children and that the people drown? Completely false! That is not what happens.) This is an adorable and fun app for kids.

  • Great for 3 years+

    by Dr Donia

    I love the illustrations, pop up effect and the language is very appropriate for early childhood. For children under three I would suggest parents modify the text and simplify it, so it's not too long.

  • Very good

    by Zeimeidetiankong

    Very lovely story. Like it.

  • Phenomenal book for young and old!

    by Zan's Mama

    We gave this book 5 Stars at "Digital-Storytime DOT com"! Read this and 85+ other book app reviews for kids on our site. But download this book first - it's just that good. :)

  • Fun story

    by Mommytwice

    This is a great story and the interaction is fun. Creative. The kids love touching the screen to see what happens next.

  • Unexpected and terrible ending!

    by Musicmom1995

    This app started out fantastic! Cute story, lots of fun interactive buttons. I was imagining some fun ways to use this with my youngest music students. Then I got to the end and imagined the students crying because of the tragic ending. So disappointing!

  • Ho hum app

    by WKS79

    App is so-so with quirky illustrations and rhythmic text which are read clearly. Not much repeat value and gets boring very fast. There is no actual storyline and no meaning/moral to the story. Interction is minimal with several hotspots scattered across the pages and the use of gyroscope for some odd tilt effects. Not worth a purchase

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