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Seller: The Anonymous Press

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A Reference to the Alcoholics Anonymous "Big Book."

Published by The Anonymous Press (which is not AA World Service).

-The main text: pages 1-164, plus:
-The original Foreword
-The Dr.'s Opinion
-Spiritual Experience
-The First Edition stories – 29 personal stories
-The Second Edition Stories – 33 personal stories
-The Original Manuscript - the pre-publication text of Alcoholics Anonymous
-Comparison showing all the differences between the modern text and the manuscript
-Comparison showing all the differences between the modern text and the first edition
-Subject Index - with live links to the subject text
-Word Definitions - with contemporary definitions from 1937
-Bookmarks for easy indexing of favorite paragraphs or sections
-Searchable text – search the main text, the manuscript or the stories.

Customer Reviews

  • The app suits my purpose.

    by BrotherMatthias

    The book only takes up 6.7 megabytes (MB) on my ipod, so I still have plenty of space for songs. It contains the first 164 pages, the foreward to 1st edition, the Dr's Opinion, and Spiritual Experience. It has stories from the 1st and 2nd edition, the original manuscript, a subject index, some dictionary definitions, and text comparisons. In addition, it has a sobriety counter. I do not believe the size of the font changes, but I find it accepable to read. It does not replace having a real book, but it is great to have on the road, and I am going to try it out in meetings.

  • AA big book

    by Pegleg32

    I really like this App . The ability to go to a specific page instantly and the look up features are great.

  • Portrait Mode

    by AAFredRock

    It would have been nice if we were told that it only works in portrait mode. It does not turn for Landscape reading. I would also like it to work more like e-Books with automatically scaling fonts.

  • Font

    by Hamann erich

    I would like to see font control that would self adjust to screen when selected.

  • Good

    by jordan Sheffield

    Expensive but I like it.

  • Bigger text

    by kneepaddle

    I love it! Only one thing I would love to make the text bigger I have old eyes.

  • Great recovery tool

    by ***rose*

    I love that this app has ALL the Big Book stories and the initial draft the founders wrote. Tappable random quote is priceless.

  • Great

    by randy co

    If you have an iPad and or iPhone this is a great app to have, it may save you and you can help someone in need with having the information you need on a device you carry with you all the time anyway. Thank God for A A!

  • Excellent Companion

    by jazzmonk

    I especially like being able to bookmark certain passages of the big book. I would hope at some point to have a 12x12 in an electronic format as well.

  • Not much better than this

    by BigDaddyCrimeFighter

    Big Book information at it's finest. Easy to use and easy to read. It does not get much better than this. I can locate the part of the book that I thought was there, in the right place, with the exact words that I had mixed up. If you are like me, you understand what I said, above. I am greatfull to have this app. I have also purchased many workbooks for many people from this wonderful company. I use this information everywhere I go. I am sure you will to.

  • Would give it 5 stars but...

    by snuffthatgirl

    I would really appreciate a 12 and 12. If you added that to an update that would make it worth all the money and the full 5 stars. Amazing app otherwise!

  • Best BB app so far

    by PDBill

    Well laid-out. I join the request to be able to flick pages, but it really isn't bothersome to scroll if you're familiar with the text. It NEEDS to be modified to allow adjustable font-size, and allow for scree rotation! Otherwise great. With those changes it's worth the $5.00 price. As is it's a little overpriced. Thanks for the app tho it's appreciated and useful!

  • Best Big Book for iPhone

    by sam goody

    Outstanding content and design! Essential for me.

  • Very Satisfied

    by M4rt33n

    This is a great app, full text, original manuscript, definitions, and word index!

  • Anon Press

    by Johnlight

    Finally a searchable Original Manuscript and the original stories written by AAs before the gurus and the Big Book itself. These stories describe what AA's really did. Great stuff and well done.

  • Disappointed.

    by drrupertopie

    Cannot use In a meeting because chapters don't match and page search came up empty.

  • Terrible app

    by happymusicalgirl

    Cannot resize text, so hard to read!!!!! Do not waste your money. Buy the directly from the real AA online!

  • Highway robbery! Don't pay $6 dollars for this!

    by RobertoSolo1

    I can understand someone trying to make a buck, but trying to do so with something that was given to us for free, ESPECIALLY when there are lots of better apps FOR FREE, seems incredible to me! There are apps that are MUCH MORE complete, and some of them have BEAUTIFUL Sobriety Calculators! No one who does this can call himself sober! I saw this app was no good before I bought it, and I did it with the only purpose of being able to warn you not to buy! I could not leave a review if I didn't buy it.

  • Has Potential, But.....

    by Chumbaby

    This app needs a search function for the dictionary and index. e.g. In order to look up a word starting with the letter "w" you have to scroll and scroll and scroll endlessly to get to that letter. Ridiculous! And, in the text section, you can't just jump right to a page. Again, you must scroll and scroll. Fix these things, PLEASE, and I'll give it 5 stars.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous

    by Dottiell

    I have wasted 6.00. I downloaded this book and I expected it to turn pages like other books but it does not it deosn't even have page numbers and it is all one huge page. There is no break in the pages. Save your money it is awful.

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