3D Classic Literature Collection Book App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: StoryToys Entertainment Limited

Added Ulysses by James Joyce!

Fixed a bug that prevented music from playing while reading.


Download the fun filled Grimm's Hansel and Gretel! Available on iOS and Mac!

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• Featured by Apple in "Back to School" in the App Store (US/UK and many others...)
• Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" in the App Store (US/Canada..)
• #1 App in the Paid Book Chart (US/Canada/Australia..)
• Featured by Apple in "New and Noteworthy" in the App Store (Australia/New Zealand..)
• Selected by Apple in "iTunes Rewind 2010" as a top 10 Paid Book app on the App Store (US/UK and many others...)

• "shockingly high-quality" ~ Smokin Apps

• "...flipping each page has been a pleasure for me, a mesmerizing experience I’m really satisfied of. Well done." ~ MacStories.net

• "Without a doubt, the graphics and interface of [3D Classic Literature Collection] are amazing." ~ AppSafari

• "My first impression of this app is that the visuals are outstanding. What impressed me the most though is how easy it is to use!" ~ AppShouter

• "The 3D look and feel is really neat... It's a great Application!" ~ DailyAppShow

Enjoy some of the most time-honored stories ever written with the world's first fully 3D eBook application for iPhone & iPod touch.

Each book is recreated in full 3D and can be taken from the shelf and opened to any page. Immerse yourself in the romance of reading with the sound of the leather-bound book covers creaking and the swiping sounds of the pages turning.

Key Features:

• World's first fully 3D eBook engine
• Unabridged editions of each book
• iOS 4 multitasking support
• Full Retina support
• Efficient rendering system for longer battery life
• View book details on the 3D shelf
• Sort by Author, Title and Date Added
• Open, close and leaf through each book in full 3D, unlike existing eBook apps that only use partial/pseudo 3D page turns
• Auto-bookmarking
• Atmospheric sounds
• Sophisticated typography
• Tap on-screen buttons to navigate or swipe left/right to turn pages
• Swipe up on a book to reveal the page slider, to quickly find the page you want
• Swipe up on a book a second time to enter Reading Desk Mode, where you can examine each book in full 3D
• Enjoy your music while reading. Simply play your music and launch the app!
• Optionally tap to show/hide the UI buttons (Settings menu)
• Invert color scheme!

The Collection:

Anne of Green Gables
Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Heart of Darkness
The Call of the Wild
Gulliver's Travels
The Scarlet Letter
Uncle Tom's Cabin
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Time Machine
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
The Return of Sherlock Holmes (with supporting graphics)
The Reminisences of Sherlock Holmes
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Sign of the Four
A Study in Scarlet
The Valley of Fear
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Treasure Island
Young Robin Hood
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
The Works of Edgar A. Poe, Vol. I
The Works of Edgar A. Poe, Vol. II
The Works of Edgar A. Poe, Vol. III
The Art of War
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Importance of Being Earnest
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Around the World in 80 Days
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (illustrated)
A Christmas Carol (illustrated)
The Chimes
The Cricket on the Hearth
A Tale of Two Cities
Great Expectations
Oliver Twist
Jane Eyre (illustrated)
Lady Susan
Sense and Sensibility (illustrated)
Pride and Prejudice
Northanger Abbey
Little Women
A Horse's Tale
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (illustrated)
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Grimm's Fairy Tales
Wuthering Heights

Customer Reviews

  • Could Not Be Better

    by Jetsam Rook

    I have had this app for years, and am ashamed to say I never reviewed it. This miniature library has outlasted so many other apps in my preciously few gigabytes. Still, after so long, it is one the most exceptional, beautiful, and simple app I own. A brilliant reader format that could hardly be improved. Though it has been a long, long time since an update, I still remember the elated feeling of seeing "3D Lit" in my App Store's Updates tab. Hoping to see an update again. Thank you, guys, for years of enjoyment.

  • Great short stories

    by Chiuey

    It has many collections of classic literature as state, from authors such as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, The Grimm Brothers, Edgar Allen Poe, and much more. The beautiful design and animation of the app is well done.

  • Recommending this wonderful app

    by Megasaw16

    I love this although I do wish that the words were a bit sharper.

  • Good job

    by Masoudsha

    Lovely app for the lovers of English Literature. Thanks for the developers.

  • 3D Classic Literature Collection

    by Moose0509

    Great app. Great books. Love it.

  • Love it

    by BloomieC

    This is a great app.

  • Very good

    by EcklarA

    If you love classic literature you will love this app

  • 3D Lit

    by Buddfred

    Thanks for a great collection. How about another!!!

  • Very pleased!

    by Rmf------

    Beautiful done app! Everything about it makes it a joy to read. I am enjoying catching up with these classics.

  • Great app

    by Beatbond

    What a fantastic app, great, highly recommended, almost like reading a real book, love it!

  • A classic surprise!

    by c0ffeebabe

    This is way better than I expected! Thank you!

  • Great App

    by Scott 2014

    Love the books

  • Nice idea.

    by Einsteinetts

    Haven't tried it yet, but hope it's as nice as u r representing it. One thing, I'd rather rate it with my oen opinion than have your opinion pre-typed in & have to remove yours first, as I had to do. Also I'd prefer to check the number of stars I think it's worth. I mean u did ask for MY opinion, didn't u?

  • Good way to keep reading

    by Nerikr

    I just open my first classic book, is great, I love this books. I read before in Spanish, see the movies, but read again complete book collection, good job.

  • Ony flaw

    by revnor

    A great collection. But there are frequent misprints!

  • Awesome!!!

    by -:-brad-:-

    This app is awesome. I'm reading " a Christmas Carol". I like how you flip through the pages like a real book. I'm 12 and highly recommend this to all classic book lovers out there. :)

  • Bobo

    by Brown3589

    Very good. I only wish they had more titles at the web site to add.

  • Beautiful app

    by Frabjouslydelicious

    Lovely way to bring the analog book experience into the virtual real. Thanks!

  • Beautifully rendered books!

    by AppLubber

    It really adds to the experience when reading a beautifully rendered book. Much better than simply reading a PDF. I would love it if they would add one or two books per month! Suggestion: please add an embedded word-lookup dictionary to help your younger readers.

  • Best books

    by Duncan Geary

    All of the best classics

  • Worst app ever!!!

    by Cjsands

    After installation the app works once and then when reopening it closes automatically and can't be uses. I've had to delete and reinstall 3x. I'm done. It's not with my time!

  • Just one thing terribly wrong!!!

    by Adtony 

    You can't change the size of the font!!! If you can, it's not apparent. Please program the app to allow change of font size and/or put the button where one can find it!!!!!!! Thank you!

  • Boring

    by Bonkersabby

    Every book that i picked up, i couldn't even read the next page. Good sounds and graphics, but it needs better books.

  • 3d

    by Liz Krause

    Wow! What a treat! All these classics in one place! The number of words on a page is a little too few for me, but Moran issue in the big picture!

  • Impressive

    by Undeniably

    I've spent the last 10 minutes flipping pages because it just feels and sounds great. Nice Job!

  • Request

    by Chocoloo

    Can you please add paradise lost

  • Awesome

    by Roxygirl671

    I really like this app, I like how there are soo many books to choose from to read. This really is an awesome find I am soo excited I found it.

  • Fantastic, gorgeous app

    by tyee13

    Absolutely great app, highly recommended to the people who like read a classical authors

  • A great collection of some of the most renowned works in history.

    by Jaocb casto

    Love Em

  • 3D literature collection

    by jenjennick

    Love love!!!!

  • Please update

    by "shaken not stirred"

    This is a great app, but it really needs updated. The graphics need to be updated for the retina new iPad and the iPhone 5. Also the screen has not been optimized for the iPhone 5. I hope the developers address these issues in an update. If these issues are fixed, it's easily a 5 star app. However, the current graphics and screen size (iPhone 5) are holding this app back from its full potential.

  • Fantastic

    by Amon 0.0

    Great app would love to see les miserables soon

  • Great app, needs updating!!!

    by volcheckt

    I've had this app for years and always loved it. It's a beautiful interface but it really needs to be optimized for iPhone 5.

  • Nice job

    by Ilonggo niya

    Wow this is wonderful!

  • Classic books

    by The kings blade

    Great classics would love to have more of the same. Hope you add more soon.

  • One of the Best!

    by McTobster

    Great app and excellent collection of books. Love it!

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by Tokadiscos

    I love this app! There are a few things that I would love to see in this app though! Please, if you don't mind, add the JRR Tolkien books(hobbit,lord of the rings,ect), also add GK Chesterton(I love him)and CS Lewis(narnia books)!!! Also could you make it so that we can get the book to read to us like if we're driving or something! Thank you! This would make this a perfectly perfect and I would be forever grateful!!!! God bless you for your helpfulness!

  • Awesome

    by TheWise4ever

    Love this App!! Great collection of books.

  • Incredible!!!!

    by Tony31692

    Truly an awesome app, well worth the dollar spent. Haven't had a problem with it yet! The battery does drain quite fast though. Could you possibly improve that? Also we need some new books. Thanks a ton.

  • The best I've tried

    by EHLex

    This app is amazing. The sheer volume of works you have here is incredible.

  • At first was pleased, but now....

    by Ajpsing4u

    This app was fantastic when I first installed it. I was enjoying the books I began reading. But now, it crashes every time I open it. I was even trying to show it off to some friends---made a fool out of me!! Do these reviews get read?? I hope so! They need to fix it!!!!

  • Books

    by Obsessed with Reading

    I have just downloadeded it but by going through the book titles i see that i will doubtless enjoy them all

  • No "Full Retina Support"

    by Bunsenburner007

    Quite disappointed that this does not support the iPad retina display and as such, feel somewhat mislead by the app's descriptive. I hope this is in the works for the not too distant future.

  • Great UI, rock stable, avg. navigation

    by McSear

    • Very good ebook reader experience. BUT, you may be FRUSTRATED at times while navigating. Case in point: The Sherlock Holmes adventures collected in several volumes are indexed in a non-helpful, generic fashion in each volume's index. So, rather than listing the titles of each of the 13 adventure stories, the index just has a series of entries called "Adventure I", "Adventure II", Adventure III" and do on. (Re)Finding a particular adventure with a famous title is quite laborious. Kudos to the app developers on the User Interface though. It is entertaining to use, and has smooth animations. • Recommended With Caution. Reviewed on 32GB iPod Touch 3G w/ iOS 5.1.1

  • Caveat: no longer opens

    by Bushidoronin

    Originally, this was a wonderful app. However, after having for less than 2 weeks, it will no longer open. Most unfortunate.

  • Love it!

    by Kcsmercer

    Fabulous app! Would love additional works added.

  • Not optimized for the iPad

    by HollyDay

    I was excited about the features on this app, but it doesn't look good on the iPad. The normal size of the screen is the same as the iPhone, and if you expand the screen by 2x to fit the iPad, the pictures, text, etc. looks blurry. It's a shame, as it had the potential to be great app for iPad users. Please optimize for the iPad and I will revise my review.

  • Coolest app

    by Gangs143

    Great work

  • Non responsive

    by Review :(

    I purchased the app, but it will not download? Can someone please help?

  • Would Be Great. . .

    by .,.,l.,k,.,

    .... if it worked. Does not down load. I touch the App 'little hour glass' appears then App returns to previous page. I've let them know. . . still waiting. (Still doesn't work; April 4th-been a few months now. I forgot I had this app!)

  • Great app!

    by Costaiki


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