Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad Games App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Sesame Street
  • Updated: Apr, 04 2011
  • Version: 3.0.1
  • Size: 664.66 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Sesame Workshop Apps

Fixes critical crash related to the season fun pack.

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*** 2013 ON for Learning Award ***
*** 2012 Parents' Choice Silver Award ***

Elmo loves this app! It has songs and videos about letters. It has coloring pages and games about letters. It has all the letters from A to Z! Elmo even made a new alphabet song for it. Elmo thinks it’s the best ABC app ever! Come on! Explore the alphabet with Elmo! (If you enjoy learning your ABCs, you’ll love learning your 123s! Check out “Elmo Loves 123s” in the App Store! )

• Slide, sweep, swipe, touch, trace and dig to discover over eighty classic Sesame Street clips, seventy five Sesame Street coloring pages, and four different ways to play hide and seek!
• Touch and trace your favorite letter to unlock its surprises.
• Tap on the star button to discover even more letter activities.
• Personalize by adding your own photos and videos to the game.
• ABCs tracker for grown-ups to see how your child is doing.
• Ability to purchase even more great letter content and holiday surprises.

Learn About:
• Letter identification (uppercase and lowercase)
• Letter sounds
• Letter tracing
• Art and creativity
• Music appreciation

• If you wish to personalize Elmo Loves ABCs by adding your own content, remember to complete all the fields: name, recording, photo, and video! If you do not have all four, your content will not appear in the game.
• Your videos must be in "Photos" (your device’s photo library) on your iPad or they will not be accessible by the game.
• To upload video into the "Photos" folder using iTunes, connect your device and click on the "Photos" tab. Click on the "sync photos from" box, and use the drop down menu to choose the folder that your videos are in. Make sure that you have the "include videos" box checked before you sync. If you are using a Mac, you may also use iPhoto to sync your videos under the pictures tab. Again, just make sure you have the "include videos" box checked.

About Us:
• Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization that revolutionized children’s media with the landmark Sesame Street. Learn more at www.sesameworkshop.org.

Customer Reviews

  • No more sound after update

    by Mrghazar

    After we updated there is no more sound during the games but we can hear elmo during the intro...can you please fix this? It's hard to guess a letter when you don't know what elmo is asking.

  • Your app needs to be fixed

    by Heidi Iacovoni

    The abc Elmo app is not functioning correctly since the last update. There is no audio during the "find the letter__" game and the attached videos are not working again. My son loves this game, so I hope you fix it before he grows bored with it due to its malfunctions.

  • Great App for Toddlers

    by Elle Casey

    This is by far my 2 year olds favorite app! He loves the videos and coloring options and is starting to be able to trace the letters himself but mostly still asks for help with that. He knows almost all of his alphabet because of the app and his doctors are blown away! Definitely the best iPad purchase I've made for him.

  • iPad one problems

    by flyintrout

    I purchased this app for my daughter on my original iPad. Not only can I not update it, I also can't use it at all as the update it paused. Please fix it. Frustrated Mommy

  • Great app, just one problem.

    by MamaLongstar

    My girls love this app. One problem though. Anyone else notice that Elmo says a long "a" sound when pronouncing the letter "L"? I have contacted app support a couple of times with no success. Would be a 5 star rating otherwise.

  • Used to be fine....now not so much

    by Mcat82

    Hopefully the latest update fixes the crashing but the update before last really screwed up the letter tracing. To complete the letter H you have to go waaaaay off the lines.

  • Need to be fixed!

    by Mom-nesia no more

    With the recent upgrade, it was hard to trace the letters and another thing is that the color red keeps coming up on the draw pad even then you choose another color. The app was better before the upgrade.

  • bug

    by Ashtea

    this app was great before the update.. but ever since the update my class keeps saying that they can't trace the letters.... please fix this... my class loves this app.. thanks

  • New update to support retina - breaks air support

    by CodySSC

    New update looks great, but on my iPad air it is worse. You can't trace the letters because the image it shows is different from the letter you have to trace, so you just have to scribble around to figure it out. Most notably uppercase J you have to trace the hat, but it isn't in the picture. Also the audio recording isn't working for custom cards. Great update, otherwise. Please fix the tracing thing ASAP because my kids can't get past the tracing part.

  • Awesome

    by Kellogg kids mama

    My 2 and 5 year old love this app! A lot of variety and I believe this app is why my 2 year old daughter knows her letters already

  • Toddler friendly

    by MySillyBoys

    My almost 2 year old loves this Elmo app!

  • My toddler loves this

    by Scottk5

    Great app that teaches them to write the letter. Also love that there are songs. All around great app.

  • Wonderful game

    by Ncmomof4

    My littlest started playing this game for about 10-15 minutes most mornings about 4 months ago. I haven't taught him any letters otherwise (he's only two, and we have focused on leaving colors and shapes), but his letter recognition is fantastic because of this game. There are probably 100 short videos included and each letter has three corresponding objects. Once he's a bit older there are more games (tough the picture that starts with the sound "eh") to help him learn not only the names of the letters, but the sound it makes. Well done, Sesame Street!

  • Great app!

    by Ark0578

    My son loves this and plays it often. He is just starting to write his letters. I think one improvement is needed, though. When you trace the letters, it seems the app is very picky about where the line you draw goes. My son gets frustrated by this sometimes.

  • It's OK...and huge

    by USA Rat

    Does it really need to be almost a gig in size? Hard to get use out of this when space is a premium on the iPad and there is just not enough of it. Need to delete and redownload load every time I want my son to use it. Deserves 4 stars.

  • My toddler loves this!

    by pluckiducki

    What a fun app. Go ahead and splurge $5 bucks for it. Lots of little clips to watch. This app has really helped my 22 month old toddler recognize letters.

  • Great

    by chefmylisa

    I purchased this app for my 19 month old grandson to keep his attention during church. Not a good idea. He was playing for only about 5 minutes before he was repeating the letters and sounds and absolutely loved Elmo. Great app just not for quiet time. It kept his attention, the videos and variety was worth it. I wish all educational apps were this good. Definitely 5 stars.

  • Worth every penny!

    by bjhanifin

    My preschooler still loves this app six months later. He can practice writing his letters, watch video clips about beginning sounds (example dolphins for the letter D), and each letter has three videos.


    by kfurletti

    It's amazing how much my son has learned from this app. At 2 1/2 he can identify uppercase and lowercase letters, and he had so much fun learning it! This app has given us respite when out to dinner, waiting in line, grocery shopping, or doing anything else that a toddler has no patience for. There is so much to do, all in one app. This only downside about the app is that they have to “write” the letter by tracing an outline to unlock the letter, every time. I would suggest having an arrow or button to push to skip this step for the younger kids. But it also requires parent and child to do the app together, which is not a bad thing. Overall, a very education and fun app.

  • Very fun but huge memory hog

    by Chasevt

    This app is a lot of fun and very educational but it is a HUGE memory hog. This is by far the largest app I have on my IPad by almost 2X the next largest.

  • Don't love anymore

    by Spar_26

    My daughter is non verbal and absolutely loved this app...the older version. I upgraded the operating system and now have this crappy version. She can't find her songs anymore and it flickers in and out. The alphabet doesn't run around the screen anymore at the star and that was her favorite part. For a mentally disabled child this was the high point for us to hear her laugh when Elmo's calls out the letters. Bring back the old elmo. You have taken a sick child's joy away.

  • Nice but!!

    by Sami٣٣

    Plz plz make the music as an option to turn it on or off! My kids cant write when they hear music

  • Updates ruined this app

    by Jesus is fake

    Fixxxxxx itttttt my kid is going crazy because it's so buggy

  • A buggy waste

    by Tmccannon

    You'd think a $4.99 app would have the kinks worked out - but sadly this is not the case. Worked beautifully the first two times we used it. Now it freezes constantly and when we tap on a letter the sound is gone. Sound is also missing from the game section. So unfortunate they let crap like this drag their whole brand down.

  • Dara

    by Daradoodle

    Keeps crashing! Please fix ASAP, my three year old would greatly appreciate playing this without it freezing all the time.

  • Elmo Loves ABCs

    by Unhappy Gio grandma

    The update has pretty much made this app useless. You can no longer trace most of the letters. If you get lucky and it recognizes the tracing, you only get 1 or 2 videos to chose from. I should not have updated. My grandson no longer can play this on my iPad and he gets frustrated. Plus, I paid extra to have the seasonal opening (Elmo had pumpkin before the update) and now Elmo is no longer in the opening, so I wasted the extra money on that! Very disappointed!

  • Please fix! Constantly crashes now.

    by DarrenBigN

    My 4yo daughter has been playing this for at least two years now. It has always had glitches but we could live with them. After the update it no longer even gets past the Elmo intro before crashing.

  • Unupdate?

    by MLG CoachxXx

    After the update the app crashes on my iPad 2... Can't trace... Don't fix something that's not broken. You think the kids care about retina support or being able to play with there favorite app?

  • Just give us back the old version

    by Mamathis

    The update looks good but the old version functioned much better. I would rather get the old version back until someone figures out what went wrong.

  • Please Fix!

    by Disappointed key fan

    This was my daughter's favorite app before it stopped working. It was very glitchy and then I saw there was an update. So I did the update and the glitches remained. So I followed the advice on here and reinstalled it. Now it is the worst it has ever been! The instructions are gone. Elmo used to prompt you to trace letter and what have you, now there is no sound most of the time. You select a letter and it is silent. How does thar help with learning? It freezes all the time, and won't select things when tapped. Please fix, or give us our money back. This app is pure junk now!

  • Terrible update

    by $&#%^

    Wish we never updated- letter tracing is messed up now and many of the letters only have 1 or 2 videos to choose from when previously we had 3. My 23 month old was so upset- hopefully these issues are fixed soon - because previously would have been 5 stars.

  • Thought my son's iPad was broken

    by Vegibow

    Turns out it's just a bad update. I had to uninstall because he freaked out. :-/ Bye Elmo!

  • New update

    by Kim0876

    The new update is nice and more creative but the old version was a lot better.. In the new one you can't trace the letters or do the interaction as much because what it's asking for and what your doing doesn't match up.. Please fix this

  • ABC tracing doesn't work!!!

    by llubelan

    Loved the app before the update. Now the letter tracing doesn't work. My son will trace the letter perfect and the app won't register it. VERY frustrating...I don't let my son play it anymore because it discourages appropriate letter formation. Please fix this...

  • Update Broke Letter Tracing!!!

    by techiejohn

    Several letters cannot be traced because the touch areas are not recognized.

  • Terrible

    by Smileykam

    Non responsive to touch. Just awful!

  • So frustrating!!

    by Joebobjimjohn

    My kids used to love this app, now they can't play because the tracing part doesn't work. Please fix!! I will give a higher rating when fixed.

  • Can't trace

    by MrsMagoomk

    Just like the reviews before, we can't trace the letters!! Really disappointed, the app worked fine before, it was very kid friendly now it just frustrates!

  • Bad update

    by Philip4

    When drawing the letters it won't let you write where the letter is. My son has to draw outside the letters such as "p" "j" and "q" in order to access the videos which completely defeats the point of the application. Additionally sometimes only two videos appear when you finally do access the videos when there was three.

  • Wish I hadn't updated

    by Captain falafel

    The old version wasn't perfect, but I'm not liking that you only get two videos with each letter now, the introduction has changed (my daughter really enjoyed the old one) and it crashes when you try to play hide and seek (as well as when you play the letter game) I'm not looking forward to showing this update to my daughter as I can imagine she'll be upset with it. Not what I was looking for in an update. Boo!

  • This App Has A Battery-Wasting Error

    by Ralph White

    This app has an error wherein when the screen “goes to sleep,” the background sound does not fade out. This error wastes the battery, and frankly, is extremely annoying.

  • Not worth it at all

    by Tyrus-g

    This app is a disappointment. Buggy and poorly thought out. Don't waste money on it.

  • Won't use this app in our school because...

    by tech@school

    This app would be fine, in fact excellent, IF it wasn't for the fact that it does not enforce correct form when tracing and drawing letters/numbers. It shows the correct form the first time, but allows the child to draw the letter backwards or haphazardly, then congratulates them on doing a good job. Therefore, sad to say, we cannot use this app in our school.

  • Messed up in iOS 7

    by Bill B. Barnes

    This app needs to be updated for iOS7. Videos don't play right when in the mode where you choose the letter out of four choices. Until it's updated it will be a broken app.

  • Is this it?

    by None0510

    I definitely do not think that this app was worth the $4.99 that I paid for it. All it is, is Elmo telling you to pic a letter. What happened to the game part? Because there's no game or fun learning to this app my son gets easily bored with it and has actually stared not to use it which means I paid five bucks for something my son doesn't even want to use. Maybe it was expensive because its Elmo. But that should not be the reason. It should make my son want to learn.

  • Definitely not the best app and it CRASHES

    by Hilly me

    This app is way too heavy and it doesn't work properly.

  • Very fun and educational!

    by JJsMom8

    We love this app, great educational features and makes learning letters fun. I wish Elmo didn't prompt so much, it bothers my son when playing with this app. Prompting is ok when doing a tutorial, but telling him to pick another letter isn't necessary.

  • My 21 month old loves it

    by Spilly123

    I still have to help her trace the letters, but this is by far her favorite app on the iPad. Great app. Worth the cost.

  • Happy two year old

    by Traveler_M5

    Great app, a lot of work went into providing a unique visual experience for each letter.

  • My two yr old loves this app

    by Simplydanni

    She loves to play everyday! She can't put it down. It's a great preparation for pre-k . And early head start! We just love it

  • Prevents the screen from timing out

    by Bcjfygjcd

    My daughter loves this app, it just has one critical problem. If she doesn't close the app when she is finished playing, the screen will not turn off after my set timeout and it runs my iPad's battery dead! Please fix it.


    by Babymama3000

    My son loves this app! Letter sounds, recognition, and tracing have helped him tons!

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