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GoodBooks (Google Books ™ client)

Search and preview millions of books from Google Book™ . Discover a new favorite or unearth an old classic with Goodbooks.
Thousands of good books are waiting for you!

From users of Google Book ™:
David C. Schechter, MD, FACS
"You are providing an invaluable service to history researchers like me, for which I wish to express my gratitude. My literary research pertains to poverty in Naples, Italy during the 18th and 19th Centuriesand its medical consequences. I look forward to more items, and would like you to consider your digitizing William J. A. Stamer's "Dolce Napoli", 1878. Again, thank you"

"Other comments: Vocabulary and Handbook of the Chinese Language by Doolitle vol. 1. Pages 9-10 missing. Also -> I have obtained a 1915 copy of the Tsi Yuen Chinese language encyclopedia - Chinese - English. It is in 4 volumes of about 250 pages each. Would Google be interested in scanning this to make it available to everyone? I live in Sarasota, Florida. I am still searching for downloadable copies of "Golden Mirror of Medicine" (chinese medical encyclopedia of many volumes, English translation in 1880's, and the Kanghi Chinese dictionary - another Chinese Dictionary which I have been unable to find anywhere. I spend many hours of research in google and you have provided a resource of enormous value to everyone. Keep up the good work and keep scannning books. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for me to find all the books in libraries that I have been able to view, for the first time, thanks to your search engine."

* iBooks™-liked page-curling effect.
* "My library" support inside(access your Google Books™ library).
* Saving while Reading.
* Search for books.
* Read public domain books books in full.
* Read other domain books in preview.
* Remember the page you are reading, so you can return to them easily.

*Note*: Due to copyright restrictions, you can only read books which have their copyright expired.

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