MBS Direct Digital Book App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: MBS Service Company Inc

1. Bug Fixes, including design enhancements, optimized page swipe and snap as well as optimized full page image rotation.
2. Chapter Download: Students can download a book in entirety or by individual section. They can also check in the title in its entirety or by section. This improves download times and allows for a flexible reading experience.
3. Syncing Page Location across Devices: Users will see a pop-up when they open a title letting them know that it is opening to the last location, even if the last location was on a different device or even in the offline mode (after the user has internet access again).
4. New Resource Display design

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MBS Direct Digital e-Reader provides instructors and students the ability to read their digital textbooks and to access additional learning tools resources available through the app.

•Flexible navigation with page swiping, an interactive TOC, and the ability to jump to specific pages
•Easy to use interface that mirrors the online reading experience through MBS Direct Digital
•Support for highlights, notes, and bookmarks
•A complete dictionary accessible in the context of reading
•Reflowable text and page fidelity view options
•Contextualized study tools and learning resources
•Search support for all book content as well as user annotations

Customer Reviews

  • Great product!!

    by JohnTChrisB

    A few of my classes have the book available thru this app. I'm very pleased with the app. Probably the best digital experience I've had in my 3 years on campus.

  • Good textbook reader, much improved.

    by BraydenB1234

    I have used this app for a while now through my schools request. The last couple of updates have greatly increased the speed and ease of this app. I highly recommend.

  • 3kaycee

    by 3kaycee

    This new release is great. I liked this app before but like it even more now!

  • Overland3

    by 0ver!

    Love the reflow able and page fidelity options. I use the reflow able most. also use the definition feature a lot as I come across them - very helpful. Glad to see the new release.

  • Part time grad student

    by JTAmour

    I use this app on both my IPad and Iphone. It is easy to use and has great features to access additional information, annotate and search for related topics. I keep all my digital content here.

  • Easy to use and easy to read

    by no1nozeus

    I work full-time and am always on the go, With this app on my iPad I'm able to keep up with the reading for my classes. I like the fact that it works like other readers (Kindle, Nook) so that it is easy to read. I have hard this for two terms now and it keep getting better.

  • Greatly improved

    by 2baBookaholic

    This app has come a long way. It's constant improvement shows the companies dedication to students and education. I love having all my books on my iPad.

  • User friendly!

    by Mendyroberts

    This app is very user friendly. The search feature is useful when studying because it helps me quickly find a topic or word.

  • Account rep

    by Ainge442

    I can view my books while being both online and offline. This is a major strength for me because I am able to access my e-books wherever I am, regardless of internet connectivity

  • Cool

    by BJPbjm

    The MBS Direct Digital app runs very smooth and without many complications. I enjoy reading from my mobile device!

  • Student

    by Mika_2013

    I enjoy the convenience of this app. I am able to access all of my books no matter where I am and from all of my Apple devices.

  • General Improvent

    by Mildly Irritated and pissy

    The app is looking much better. I have no problems viewing my titles on my iPhone or iPad mini. Crashing has gone down loads. Keep the improvements coming!

  • Completely useless

    by JBone907

    Books don't appear in the app at all. Online or offline shelf, it makes no difference. Don't waste your time.

  • It doesn't work

    by Anonimonimo

    I tried to get a head start on some reading while on the go. Unfortunately, when I'm not getting incorrect "invalid login" prompts, none of my books appear.

  • Log in

    by sheka318

    App keeps stating username or password incorrect. I've reset password and is able to log on through the website but not through the app. This app is useless. It needs to be debugged and updated.

  • Useless

    by Teeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    This app constantly logs me out and will not let me open my books.

  • Not good at all

    by Aida Grace

    I cannot retrieve my books

  • Horrendous

    by Lexi Tyler

    Not useful at all.

  • Not impressed

    by Bynars

    Tried to login and got a bad URL message. it shouldn't be this hard to download a textbook

  • No books??

    by Breethang

    I know I have several. I looked up how to make sure I'm logged in correctly several times. But still none of my books are showing. :(

  • Better to use stone and chisel

    by Vmajr

    HORRID awful. Slow in everything it does. Will not save highlights. Decides when it wants to change pages. Always great when u are reading. The company needs to do a major overhaul.

  • Horrible!!!!!

    by BullisCS

    Does not work. Crashes, bugs, and is very slow when it does work. Needs a huge update. Doesn't look good either. Definitely not as good as other apps such as Kno. I do not recommend.

  • Doesn't work

    by Jdanner06

    Nothing loads after logging in, just the spinning wheel like it's trying to do something....not cool

  • Not happy


    This app continues to crash when trying to use the books. I use this for school books and it makes doing homework twice as long and frustrating beyond words. With very update something else goes wrong. I do not recommend this app if your looking for efficiency.

  • Cannot open my textbooks anymore!

    by Noideawhat?

    The app was never truly good, but after the recent updates, I no longer can access my textbooks for school and have to read two chapters this weekend! Please fix this as soon as possible! I have restarted my iPad, but nothing works. The app opens and once I select a book in my library, the app crashes right away! I really hoped the update would fix the previous instability.

  • App crashes

    by Vasurfer12

    Every time I try to open a book it shows the box telling me it's loading I'm taken back to my iPhones home screen. The books never open and this just started when I downloaded the update

  • Awful

    by DWB1121

    The app wont load any of the books that I paid for. Yet another example of how technology is poorly embraced for the online learning experience. What happened to the days of simply downloading, or accessing a PDF? Why is the added "custom reader UI" nonsense necessary? Check your usage, nobody even looks at it. Search and print. Thats it!

  • Needs redesign

    by Rather use ibook

    Fix the search. App not very useful for study due to the constant crashing of the app.

  • ZERO stars!

    by AppCrazy77

    I can not even get my book to show up on a list, online or offline, it just spins. I'm so frustrated!!

  • Beware; Stay Away!!!!!

    by MSwiat

    I have been in the Technology field for the past 25 years; as a student, a programmer, and now a manager. I can state with a clear conscience that MBS Direct Digital is the buggiest, most problematic, and aggravating application I have EVER used. The product needs to be scraped and reengineered. Pray that you are not required by your university to use the tool. Company Execs, Listen to your customer support logs on June, 25, 2013 from 4:45 - 6 pm CT and June 28 from 10:30 - 11:30 am CT. Thank you for wasting my time.

  • Shameful

    by Scarabidae

    Buggy, crashes, idles, feature poor. That any educational institution or resource, especially online learning, would require its use is shameful.

  • Worst Reader on market

    by Soldier Dad

    It crashes, logs me out, and loses my place. The search function is terrible, can't even find words on the same page I search from. A necessary evil, that's it. MBS, stop ripping students off and fix your program. One star because I'm not allowed to give it less.

  • Not smooth always freezing

    by I'd like to remain anon

    Absolutely terrible app

  • Crap

    by Donnyj31

    The thing has froze up on me 4 times this week!! Had to deleted then ipload it again... Ughhh

  • Crap

    by Nanodec

    I downloaded this app for a class book and it was junk. I ended up repurchasing the e-book from another vendor so I could run it under the native iBook app. This thing is junk.

  • Honestly, It's a Pain

    by Emigal77

    I am required to use this app for school, and it is a dread in all definitions to do so. I greatly desire to get a zero on the assignment than to use this stinkin app. It crashes at least three times I use it, it is EXTREMELY slow and glitchy, and highlighting in this app makes my assignments at least twice as time consuming. I am fed up with this app, and would rather lug around the hard copy book than to use this excuse of "Productivity" app. Dread, pain, you name it. You'll hate it. Do not purchase.

  • Crashing Constantly

    by Ryans05

    Added for my MBA program to assist in my online courses, this app does nothing to support my learning or reading. I concur with the other reviews as the app cannot be maintained for any reliable amount of time before crashing.

  • Worst reading app ever

    by Cape cod hatch

    This app, required for a class I am taking, makes reading next to impossible. The app crashes constantly, slow, and the functions within the app are slow. Try highlighting and the app crashes. Try turning the pages to fast, the app crashes. Try opening the app in offline mode, the app crashes. My poor grade is a result of this app. Terrible!

  • Horrible app

    by Jtown9-11

    I thought this App would help it crashes all the time . You would think the developer would fix it . Guess not

  • Horrible

    by Kayti06

    I wish I could download this to my kindle reader because this is slow and CRASHES all the time! It very annoying and even more so when u are taking a test. Don't bother unless you have to get this ebook from this company

  • Need to update!

    by Aaron Kimball

    I have a school book on here and I can't get work done because it keeps freezing and crashing. Pleas update this app ASAP! This is the only app the book will upload to.

  • Read before downloading

    by AMM625

    I have had the same issues. The app keeps crashing. The highlight option has SERIOUS issues. It doesn't save or bookmark the last page read. I can't download my book to read offline. I wish it was available to read through iBooks or kindle because this is very frustrating for any student! Please fix.

  • This app needs major work!!!

    by Deedle1212

    This application needs a huge update or completely demolished. I have been trying to read a book for over an hour and now desperately wishes my book could be transferred to another application. This app keeps crashing (which I have seen others having the same problem) and goes back to 6-10 pages before where I really am on the book, thus having to "flip" pages just to have it crash before getting to the place I was at. Huge problem for those who need to read by a deadline.

  • Really Bad

    by 2Shaw

    This app has major issues. It is completely unreliable. It crashes repeatedly and is hit or miss if the last notes will be saved when it does. This is when your online. Offline it is extremely slow and crashes too often to use at all. Last time it crashed offline the book was no longer available offline when it rebooted and I was not near internet access. Luckily there was a starbucks down the street I went to to get some reading and note taking done online. I would NOT recommend this app to any IPAD owners, havent tried it on laptop yet.

  • Downloading is horrible

    by Vatikani

    They say it will take 5-15 min to download something but its been a semester in school and still nothing has been downloaded because it takes so long....

  • Straight DooDoo

    by Mistublq

    Cannot login! I know my password is correct because I am logged in on my iMac. SMH.

  • Does Not Work

    by badsupport

    I bought an online ebook because I wanted to have it portable on my iPod device.. However, it turns out that the application is not working.. So I spent the money and I got nothing but a book on my computer.. Worst application I have ever downloaded!!!!

  • Pathetic

    by Sentout

    This app is slow to load if your text even loads at all. My app continues to freeze. 'Hate' is not a strong enough word for how I feel about this app.

  • Broken

    by Jeremy Gregory

    I'd rather have a physical copy. Pages won't load even thogh i have a downloaded copy on my bookshelf. Highlight feature is atoscious. Cannot even read my required text without the app crashing.

  • Help

    by Sksmsms

    When I try to login it says failed to generate mobile key at the bottom what is this?

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