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-Improve loading data.
-Bug fixed.

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36 Ratings
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Read your favorite manga online by a nice way.

-Support most popular manga websites.
-Search by Author or Artist.
-Filter manga by Genres.
-Can reading direction: Left to right , Right to left and Top to bottom,
-Support landscape mode when run on an iPad.
-Zoom/pinch/rotate manga while reading.
-Orientation lock.
-Paper filter making image look like eye-care paper.
-Bookmark automatic the last page you have read.
-Bookmark you manga to 'Favourites' tab.
-Download manga from manga web sites to your 'Collections' tab.

Customer Reviews

  • X

    by Crazy_bubble

    It keeps exiting me out of watever i read

  • It's great

    by Sizemore8606

    I love the app because I can find some manga on it that I could only fine online, but it started to kick me out after only reading a couple of pages and sometimes right after I get back to the page I was reading. Would like to see it fix.

  • little problem

    by Hehajdhbdijsblndbkskahndjdb

    this app is great, except that i hate that it downloads from the last to biggening, lets say i download the 1 2 and 3, it loads 3 first its annoyng beacuse if i want to read it latter , and get more, make it so it loads from first to last please

  • Like it!

    by Chrissy0620

    I really like this app its just chapters seem to take a long time to even download or even load up to read. I hope this can be FIXED as soon as possible! I want to be able to read my manga such as Naruto! But other than that its a pretty good manga app!

  • The best

    by Prettygirlswag2001

    It is the best manga catalog

  • Cool

    by Shway nation

    I love it just. I just wish it had a auto-download feature for when new chapters come in

  • Needs fixing

    by Juan Machado

    If you're looking for a completed manga to read, this is the app! But if you're trying to catch up on new manga, like naruto bleach or one piece. Etc, loading times are horrible. Most don't load or DOWNLOAD AT ALL

  • Great app

    by Nerd4ever7

    I can finally keep track of my fav manga. Easy to update and can read offonline.

  • Love the app!

    by Billstergarcia

    Keep up the good work, some interface problems but nothing to lose a star over

  • Great Manga App

    by eg658

    The only problem I have with it is that it needs more sources. Besides that it does the job.

  • Best manga app

    by Aqua876

    I love this app it's so much better than the other manga readers I've tried

  • Love It!! But...

    by alicerainbowhite

    I love it, love it, love it! But while I'm on the middle of reading it closes!! It's an excellent manga reading app but please fix this problem! Thanks!

  • Fix

    by Idijtkdkfjdkkdjjekksjiej j

    This is a great app but there's a big problem this app keeps crashing and taking me back to my home screen this app would be so much better if they please fix this crashing problem as soon as they possible can! CRASHING TO MUCH PLEASE FIX (ASAP)

  • The app constantly closes!!!

    by kyruem

    Please fix this bug. The app closes every time I try to read my manga. You are providing an excellent service, so please correct the app malfunctions. I enjoy the user-friendly interface :)

  • Amazzing

    by Shay dog 2000

    It is great when you want something new to read

  • Has everything!

    by DK4EVER18

    Pretty much the best app out there...downloads always work...pages show up and aren't blank...loading times could be a little faster...overall great app though!

  • Manga

    by Nikuny

    It's awesome....

  • Love it but there's a problem..?

    by I'm_An_Angel

    I love the app, it has so much mangas but there's a problem. The app keeps blacking out at random times and taking me to my home page of my iPhone. Can you please fix it?

  • .

    by Bruce lee maid


  • Love it

    by Andre McKnight

    Seeing the covers of manga really help. Instead of just seeing the names

  • Eh

    by Thewax00

    Not good, it constantly crashes I have to star over so any times

  • Not working

    by Bloodydeathlove

    I well give this app 5 stars when they fix my crashing problem! Please fix it I really really want to read the manga please I promise you that I well give you 5 stars when you do that ~ thank you

  • Goo and hate

    by Zenelliel

    The app is good but it will get out of the app when I'm reading it.

  • I like it

    by DemonG.Salas

    I like it

  • 1 complaint

    by King Mitas

    You need a search bar for the actual name of the manga not one for the artist

  • Great...but......

    by Paning

    This app is awesome but when i go to read a manga in the middle while im reading it takes me out of the app

  • Great!!

    by Ray19756

    Pretty good....^_^)

  • :D

    by Unity1998

    Best manga app.ever

  • Great app.

    by Top@master230

    Best manga app on market highly recommended

  • Awesome

    by Soulver Onsky

    Great app.

  • Love.

    by Azuka3456

    I love this app I use it everyday.

  • Works Great.

    by PandaPoke

    Great always wanted and easy what to read my favorite comics and on my iPad was the best way to do it great source.

  • Sorry

    by Level3Dwarf

    I didn't like it because it took way too long to log into the manga servers.

  • Thank you!!! :)

    by VAPforever

    In my last review i asked that you add search by genre and author and you did, so here are 5 stars as promised :) the best manga reader on the market by far, it has the most manga and now it's easier to find manga you'd like to read!! 100% recommend to manga lovers!!! Love this app!!!

  • Some really ANNOYING glitches

    by 12234553

    This manga reading app is pretty great at first, it's fast to load and it is smooth mot of the time. But right when I read it for a long period of time, the chapters are saying that no image is found but when I used it later it loaded. So if you can fix that I would bring the 3 stars to a 5.

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