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Are you TIRED of all the 2012 BALLYHOO? Do you have an annoying friend, family member, or co-worker who just won’t shut up about the 2012 doomsday prophecy? Perhaps deep down in your heart, you know that this is all a bunch of hoop-lah, but you’d like some science to back you up. Whether you’re here for your own peace of mind or to shut your friend up, you’re in the right place!

This application is dedicated to debunking a few of the most common 2012 Doomsday Prophecies. The information gathered has come from CREDIBLE sources such as NASA and Scholarly Journals from relevant scientific fields. There are more then 25 reason and fact why 2012 is not going to be a doomsday.

So the next time someone launches into a doomsday tirade, just whack them with one of the facts from within this application, and go back to eating your sandwich!

Customer Reviews

  • Helairious

    by bringme115

    ( i greek sory for speling ) this funy i was scared of this 2012 until i red this. Now i just laf at how stupid i was good app gett it. An zombees no bactirea can control the brain

  • Finally

    by love metal always

    Something to show to those few who think it's real

  • Yes

    by emmettwolfganghayes

    Yes thank you for saying that it's not real YES

  • Wow

    by Pistolsdrummer

    This app is horrrrrrrrible. The author constantly spits out opinionated and unsupported information. First, he skips over the fact that a lot of 2012 theories are not doomsday theories. They also skip over how many ancient as well as some modern societies all share in common ideas of this general time. He calls sitchen and alien theories fiction, without proof. He never mentions that there is a lot of evidence supporting levels of technology rivaling what we have now, in some cases possibly greater. If his ideas were backed by more fact, and he covered all ideas beyond doomsday, I would give more thought to his point. As it is, I think this app is only good enough to change the mind of someone unintelligent enough to instantly except what there told without doing a good amount of research on all opposing views of the subject. Trash!

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