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Ever wanted to make a website but didn't know how? Now you can...

...with this app. Learn how to make a pro website for FREE!! You don't have to pay a penny. Works on any iPhone or iPod Touch.

Customer Reviews

  • What I always wanted!

    by Fashion fairy, makeup princess

    Um, what do I say, it's perfect!

  • Awesome.

    by vampire

    Becuz of this, I created an awesome website.

  • I wish ther were mor choices on homepage

    by Fart24

    Ther r not enuf choices!

  • pyzzmen11..

    by Leonard Biblekaj

    SuperrrX. Not super . Yess

  • Step by step

    by Lexlex101

    It goes step by step telling you what to do!!! :)

  • Cool

    by Lady bugs5595

    Really works ;)

  • Awesome

    by Coco 07022000

    I have already made two websites

  • ok

    by AllTimeAmandaX3

    well i like how it talks you through each step but its just an advertisment well at least it was free :)

  • It was ok

    by Riki1232

    First of all I like how it tells you everything but I don't like how it's just a big advertisement

  • I love Diane

    by Skynyrd Lynyrd Fan

    Perfect, leads you through every step.

  • It is bad!!!! Don't get it!

    by MoNsTeR Xd 1000

    It is dump it makes no sens

  • O.k

    by Komokokok

    Wear did you learn to make a app

  • Hufhhdhd

    by Khry

    THIS IS SO BAD!!!!

  • Baddd

    by SicariusX

    I've used webs(the site this guide is about) and it is pretty self explanatory. This app doesn't help you at all really. It's too short and broad all around. Any one could have wrote this app. It surely shows.

  • It's ok

    by Rollerderbier

    It's cool that it shoes you step by step but I wish I can just do it on the app and not go to a different website. Srry if this review is confusing

  • Don't get it

    by Dcblood

    Don't get it

  • Dumbdumbdumb!!!

    by Loepp's


  • ?

    by BryanChapman

    This app is not what it advertises. If you're looking for affordable website design, check out

  • hate it!!!!! :(

    by $$famliy

    it just tells u to " check the ' i agree' box!" STUPID dont get it!!!!!!! (< > -

  • dumb!!!!!!

    by jdnw

    it's stupid I already have a webs account I don't like this it's like a walkthrough

  • Understand

    by Jhenlyn Hunter

    U can make websites for free with when u r not a premium user And those of u people hu think dis suks balls dont even read on this app + dus wurk u foolish 1 year olds

  • Do not buy!!!

    by Seriously get it

    I'm warning you do not buy this!it's just a big ad! Good thing it's free 'cuase I threw it away as soon as I got it!

  • Why?

    by worthee

    Why don't you just be more realistic! It looks like couple of kids are playing around! Building a site was never free and it well never be free. Thank you.

  • Dissapointing

    by Lala0123

    I'm glad I payed nothing! I'd be mad if I did, I threw away this app immediately.

  • Garbage!

    by Coolshariq

    Its all text! , pointless information... Get it right

  • Terrible

    by Dozey547

    This IS NOT for REAL designing of websites. If u design sites then this app is pathetically useless it only tells u how to do stuff u already know. Disappointing (♯`∧´)

  • Bad

    by JFloSEO

    All it is is an advertisement trying to get you to go to their website in hopes that you will buy something. I am sure that the website itself gives you s walkthrough on how to do things. Worthless and a waste of time.

  • Bad

    by AppTitle

    Nothing but just an advertisement

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