Steadfast Tin Soldier - bedtime fairy tale Interactive Book iBigToy Book App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: iBigToy inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 26 2011
  • Version: 15.1
  • Size: 78.78 MB

Languages: Chinese, English

Seller: iBigToy Inc.

+ Add animation
+ fit to kids below 5 year old.

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The best reading experience - Children's classic story "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" now available on your iPad.
This is totally new reading experience: illustrated audio books with interactive animation on each page.

Classic story in new multimedia form: realistically designed story book, with unique sound and animation. incredible digitally-redesigned pages with every detail inside.

This interactive audio book features:

• Stunning animation effect on each page.
• Revolutionary redesigned interactive animations. You can interact almost everything on the screen.
• Professional audio narration.
• Each page has special effects sound

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Customer Reviews

  • Written words not match what is read

    by Rain24

    If you pick read to me the words do not match up. Otherwise good story and art.

  • Good!!!

    by lemoncat007

    kids love it. so good.

  • A good children's story books, my baby love

    by lazewehat

    A good children's story books, my baby love, Always loved your work in this series

  • good

    by tiger nini



    by MAthenaX


  • good

    by swov1

    i like this story~

  • Perfect!

    by zitiger

    Classic story, my son loves it .Sound is nice and graphic is beautifual Well done~~~

  • 经典的童话故事毋容置疑

    by Brightness.L



    by Okie Girl 59

    I cannot get any volume on it! Therefore, I have not used it.

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