Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - Interactive Book iBigToy Book App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: iBigToy inc.
  • Updated: Mar, 24 2011
  • Version: 15.1
  • Size: 72.24 MB

Languages: Chinese, English

Seller: iBigToy Inc.

+ Add animation
+ fit to kids below 5 year old.

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★★★★★ The best reading experience - Children's classic story "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" now available on your iPad.
This is totally new reading experience: illustrated audio books with interactive animation on each page. ★★★★★

Classic story in new multimedia form: About the woodcutter Alibaba on his the way to chop wood, accidentally discovered the robber group’s treasure base. The robbers plotting to kill Alibaba for future troubles. Alibaba got smart, witty, abhor evil as a deadly foe,maid MoJiNa’s help, save the day and conquered the robber. This story tell us to be a man full of wisdom. incredible digitally-redesigned pages with every detail inside.

This interactive audio book features:

• Stunning animation effect on each page.The characters’ beard, the cave’s rock cross-cut and the robber's jewelry and etc. special effects, make the person at the scene.
• Revolutionary redesigned interactive animations. Example: Gently sliding the robber’s jewelry with your finger, jewelry will move with you finger’s movement; Click on the door of the cave, it can be opened or closed.You can interact almost everything on the screen.
• Professional audio narration.

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Customer Reviews

  • good!

    by ziyouwaYJ

    Son very like it, read it several times. Click the cave there is a monster, huh, huh

  • good story

    by yuki0621

    my daughter and I love this story! thanks!

  • Cool

    by zitiger

    Very funny and interesting. BOth my son and I love it very much thanks for your great app.


    by MAthenaX

    MATHENAX GREAT fabulous

  • very intresting book, kids like it

    by rainhope

    it's a very intresting book, kids like it , thanks

  • Nice Story and excellent graphics

    by samtheexpert

    good to buy such a book with excellent graphics.

  • 一千零一夜...经典的故事之一啊

    by Brightness.L


  • Crashes

    by Dexter2323

    The app crashes every time I open this.. Interestingly, during the first run, the app worked for unto 5 pages and crashed. Now, every time I run the app it crashes...bought this for my daughter butt sad it just don't work...Don't buy this... Wait for an update to fix the crash issues....

  • Bad English pronunciation. Just deleted. 英语版好差。

    by PowerSpawn

    Bad English pronunciation. Just deleted. 英语版好差。 Wow! What a dishonest 5 star reviews. All the reviews were given on the same day, May 25th. They must came from the employees or friends of the company. Don't use these apps by this company "iBigToy" to learn English, unless you want to learn "Chinese English". BAD pronunciation and super slow flat boring reading. The drawing and Chinese reading are good. I give one star for that. But I wouldn't recommend this for kids. I have to delete all apps by iBigToy from my iPad. Hay, I have a 3 years old who plays my iPad every day. Luckily I got all these apps when they were free. 千万别用这个公司 'iBigToy' 的软件学英语。这读英语的姐姐发音不是很标准,并且读的比蜗牛还要慢而且平旦无味。好象才学的英文,一个字一个字的念,实在听不下去。这样念给小孩听是不对的。真是误入子弟。 中文版还可以,卡通也画的不错。这公司因该花了不心血做了这么多apps. 应该请个专业读书的老外重新来过。我就可以重新加分。但是现在我必许把这些软件删除。我不想影响到我的小女儿。

  • Bad, not appropriate for kids

    by GoToMyPC Lover

    Not sure what the other reviewers read. This story is not suitable for kids.

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