WTF+ Book App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: honggang li
  • Updated: Apr, 03 2011
  • Version: 5.9
  • Size: 3.33 MB

Languages: English

Seller: honggang li

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50 Ratings
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99 Ratings


You will enjoy this app if you like to learn about funny ,awesome, amazing and shock WTF in the world !

-Read it anywhere no Internet needed
-Opens to last spot read

Add: Chat with strangers who are using this app too. Improved chat experience.
Add: Appwall that you can load more excellent free apps.

Customer Reviews

  • Lol

    by 446874167

    I trolled and it funny

  • Boss

    by Starneck

    I met a girl on the chat, looked her up on Facebook and now we date.

  • Best app ever

    by Girly tiger123468

    Best app ever learned so much

  • Good app. Chat is fun

    by Bibble bop

    The chat room has a glitch where the right side of the screen gets cut off so I cannot send a message. This happens randomly but not all the time. I'm using iPhone 4S

  • Awesome

    by rgergerg

    Very informative and interesting

  • Kabam

    by this guy66

    I use this thing constantly, love it

  • Cool app

    by Jimmyboots68

    Cool app

  • Yeah!

    by Skeo12

    Pretty good app...Worth it

  • Do it

    by Spider veins


  • Entertaining!!!!

    by Dixichic64


  • Awesome

    by Keanu Heydari


  • Great APP

    by Mateoupinit


  • Mediocre

    by fedupmed

    Good App - so so

  • Review

    by Fixitga


  • Nice

    by Sikkness11


  • Nifty

    by TheRealJawnboy

    I think these are so funny I use them to get a sense of my facial expressions to the things they say

  • Cool

    by Bobo naw


  • Golf

    by Joakin!'n


  • Lor6027

    by Lor6027

    Alot of cool information

  • Cool app

    by PROC900

    Good chat but need more facts

  • Sukks

    by JWILK08


  • Bad grammar ? Much

    by yo(:-)

    It is awful

  • Review

    by devildog1989

    It doesn't save your spot. So you start at the same screen every time. This app would be great if it weren't for that.

  • Horrible

    by jesskuh

    The facts don't make any sense and why the hell would I pay .99 for an app that has adds? Waste of money!!!

  • Greats

    by CoachJAM24


  • Cool app

    by Chuckbones

    Pretty cool time waster! Worth the price

  • Love this

    by Curecancer

    Love this

  • I love the short facts

    by Mikeyt1313

    I feel smarter already !

  • Fun

    by bearart

    Lots of FREE factoid apps, and they are giving them! away, fun, interesting! Well worth the price, FREE! THANKS

  • Good

    by FallonDarkRider

    Very good

  • Yeah

    by Dorina Ionica

    Great app!

  • So funny

    by Bug56

    Let's you share what your really thinking

  • Excellent!

    by Shae Finch

    Great app! Love learning new things!

  • Pathetic

    by Witmo

    The chat feature is populated with horny teenage boys and the most vicious hostile girls.

  • Gary

    by Ggolfffnut

    Very good!

  • Good

    by oscar castro


  • Review

    by Hammer2728


  • Love it

    by Robert Berry

    Love it

  • Love it!

    by flobelleOTB

    What a fun and interesting app! I visit every day!

  • Fun

    by MP3340

    Interesting and fun. Some repetition, e.g., # if blood cells produced / destroyed. Haven't found anything wrong yet, although am going to verify some. App allows you to save and share favorites. Has different categories which I still haven't quite figured out yet. Sound (ding) that occurs when you save items is kinda obnoxious and it would be nice if you could configure this. That's it thus far.

  • Ok

    by Grannnysal

    cool ap. enjoy it alot.

  • Huh

    by Bri8107


  • Ok?

    by Willis409


  • App

    by Sloca152

    I love the topics of conversation

  • Passing time..

    by Quickpics

    Good app for boredom and conversation starters!

  • Fine app

    by Kevin Diffie

    I can't write a review on an app before I use it but seems as tho I have no choice..awesome app.......I suppose.

  • 5

    by Lol n ur face


  • W T F

    by Grumsfer

    I enjoy this app .its funny and has good Info . That I do not know . Thank you

  • Cool app :)

    by Njjmf"!)

    Lol idk but I like the app sooo yea

  • by Docman345

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