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  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: honggang li
  • Updated: May, 11 2011
  • Version: 6.0
  • Size: 2.8 MB

Languages: English

Seller: honggang li

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Whenever you have some time to kill, and want to cheer yourself or your friends up - "Sexy Jokes” is just perfect for you!

"Sexy Jokes" is a collection of funny, spicy & naughty jokes. We have carefully searched and created jokes that will keep you laughing all day!

Tell these jokes to your friends and show them who the king of sexy jokes is!

Sharing any content from this app through e-mail or SMS is available. Spread the fun to anyone in the world!

Add: Chat with strangers who are using this app too. Improved chat experience.
Add: Appwall that you can load more excellent free apps.
Add: You can answer others questions and ask questions too.

Customer Reviews

  • Funny jocks

    by Rudy Weber

    This is grate and funny !!

  • Excellent

    by EtherHaler

    This app is pretty cool check it out people there is a taskbar at the bottom you can download different stuff and there is a chat feature that can be a lot of fun if some of you girls would check it out

  • Funny

    by Jessica Roxanne

    Was a good laugh

  • Sexx jokes

    by Cheetahh69

    Pretty funny

  • Love it's

    by IslandSim

    Love to see more

  • Rvh10

    by rvh1

    Good for a laugh

  • Kinda. Funny

    by Chef init

    A lot of. Old. Jokes. But. Funny at times

  • Nice

    by orajiaka stephen

    Nice app but need to be more funny

  • Eh

    by Tiffany Connell

    Could be better..then again could be worse.I enjoy most of it

  • Fun

    by Robert Brown

    Make us smile

  • SdfhnvfhbhBen n

    by Lil Katy

    It good

  • Ehh

    by Lovnthfrsht

    I heard better I've heard worse but it's not bad. They could b a bit more dirty and jokey tho!

  • To you

    by MyLiFeXx

    I think this is awesome.Its funny.Keep the work going:)<3

  • Savvy

    by Cuden24

    The app is ok but not enough jokes

  • Sex jokes

    by Kris909

    I think this app has some pretty funny jokes, keep up the great work!

  • Sex jokes

    by BobMan111

    Very funny

  • Sex Jokes

    by LightHearted666

    Light and funny

  • Jokes

    by Liltoyiah


  • Sexy jokes

    by cvmnrob

    Enjoyed them.

  • Sex jokes

    by Dick2539

    Funny these are jokes people can understand.

  • Weird

    by Smile1001

    This app was sooooo weird but sexy and kind of stupida

  • Blah

    by Miscuerr

    Somewhat funny

  • Dull

    by NikGol

    1 somewhat funny joke out of 20 dull ones. Not enough.

  • Lol

    by Hoop32

    Funny so far...

  • Funny

    by snoopygirl

    Very funny cracks me and my roommate up

  • Just me

    by Tonya Powell


  • Great laugh

    by Esther Hodges


  • Hilarious

    by Celeste659

    Really funny. I need more lol

  • Hm ,

    by Tecktonik girl

    Itts alrigght!

  • Amazing and a must download

    by Blunty0

    These jokes had me laughing for hours. You must download!!!

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