5000 Girl Secrets! Book App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: honggang li
  • Updated: Jun, 02 2011
  • Version: 6.0
  • Size: 2.76 MB

Languages: English

Seller: honggang li

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Tons of facts & secrets about girls you've always wanted to know...are here!

This cool app will tell you about all the interesting, weird, odd, fun, mysterious, charming, intriguing & exciting things about girls.

Bet you don't know many things about your girl!

You can email these girl facts.

*More contents are available for free on “more” section.
*Sharing any content from this app through e-mail or SMS is available. Spread the fun to anyone in the world!
*You can mark any content you like as Favorite.
*Especially handpicked for making you laugh and have fun with friends.
*Read it anywhere no Internet needed
*Opens to last spot read


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Customer Reviews

  • 4real

    by duggiedew

    This is one of the most viewed app.s on my iPhone. I love it.

  • Great App

    by Mattdog29

    This App is great, it has lots of information and is great!

  • Nice

    by D$Nas


  • App

    by KiKi

    This app is ok.Not everything on it is true tho.

  • 50% seems True!

    by shai-lei

    Been there, done that! Some don't Jive!

  • Chrissy

    by 1d lover14

    Love this app let's u know more bout ur boyfriend

  • Good

    by Homza16

    Can you please make the app compatible with the iPad's accelerometer. It would be easier to type on the apps social network

  • Good

    by Peanut butter butt guy

    Very helpful and is good to use sometimes ;)

  • Ok

    by Guy advise

    It's ok but it's advise to the guys

  • Great app

    by Kingfilipe

    But needs more tips about girls

  • App

    by Ink blue

    It's a really good app and it helps u more to know ur girl

  • Horny

    by Absar1234

    I love it!!! It makes me wet all time while reading!!!!hahhahhaha!! Now i know... Its not just me who have fantasy!!

  • Great

    by Mizzbeauty247

    I love this game!

  • Girl books

    by Alyssa Maire

    I love this alot!!!!

  • Wow !!!

    by Briannakai<3

    This is amazingly accurate , is there one for guys ??

  • Omg!

    by Leigha.Bennet11

    I'm a girl, & this is like 100% accurate! (: Is there an app like this about guys? :o

  • Awsome

    by LuZeth

    This is a nice app i wish der was one for gurls to kno boy secrets:)

  • Amazing

    by Bipity boppity boo bby

    This app is the most accurate so far good way to text what I'm thinking when I don't have the words for my boyfriend :)

  • My review

    by Momentary_Minnie

    I really love this site! Its really cool how on the chat part you get to talk to people from all over the world. I've made a lot of friends through this app, thanks! (:

  • 93% right

    by JohnCenaGurl

    Pretty true

  • :(

    by Pb26421297

    Terrible!! This is so embarrassing for women.

  • Ehh

    by Pretty nat <3

    It's kind of cool

  • Epic app

    by .Redneck_Romeo.

    I love this app every1 needs to get this and kik messanger

  • 80%

    by Tswaggballin

    80% of the things are true

  • ImaGIRL

    by Lauren33333333364

    80% of this stuff is true

  • Ace

    by Persnikidy

    This is so useful

  • Give it a shot

    by Djb2002

    Like reading the information, always worth changing it up a bit for the better, and so far...she likes it too!

  • Jackson

    by Jacks1208

    Very informative app. I don't find the tips to be too cheesy but very honest and endearing, clearing any uncertainties with each page turn.

  • Nice app

    by Radarman23

    So useful!!!!!

  • Is ok

    by French love

    He seem to be a same stuff all the time but is ok

  • Review

    by Butterflybehindu

    Have to say its a really great app. Just needs to have more speed it runs slow at times.

  • Cool

    by Timothy eikerenkoetter

    It is okay just hate all the adds

  • Two four one

    by Cz1950sc

    Not bad

  • terrible!! old wives tales.

    by farrah northstar

    this app is a cheap and a desperate attempt to put another app out hoping to sucker someone to pay for it. there is no truth to any of this stuff. if you're a guy please don't believe any of this crap. these are not surveyed answers, they are just some loser's mislead and dumb ideas.

  • Clicheville Ahead

    by Joshua D.

    Well, I've had an ample amount of short, good, bad, insane, almost decade, meaningful, one night stand, exciting, relationships. And I can immediately confirm, that whoever has assembled this mountain of garbage,.. has not iin the slightest. Either it was written buy a man, or boy who has never done more than pass a note to a girl in a classroom. Or it was assembled by a woman, most likely a girl, that lives in another dimension where there are no men and women. What you have in this crapp, which is solely done for ad revenue, is a decent list of the most cliche, stereotypical garbage I've ever seen. If you've watched television, commercials, or movies where they make men out to be brainless automatons, then you already know what's in this garbage crapp. I'm really leaning towards a self-indulgent, selfish, bad attitude having, vapid girl, as having thrown together this stupid app. But I knew that going into it, I'm just a masochistic person, and always get a good laugh out of seeing what dumb women, think Ken should be like. So take my advice or don't l, but do know that no two girls are alike, and you can not sandwich them all together with an app, this isn't even the majority of women. So if you are a guy, and you take advice from this misguided charlatan, I pity the girl that you try to use these tactics on. And if you're a girl and agree with this, well.... you're a moron.

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