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"The Complete Works of Laws of the People's Republic of China" includes all laws in China. The law is the base for society development. By reading this book, you can avoid troubles in your life and get more profits in your business. Recommend it to everyone!

Main features:

1, The latest content. We'll update the software when the law is revised.
2, Language support for English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
3, "Copy & Paste". You can copy the important text to memo or other app.
4, Accurate text. Our editor review the book very seriously.
5, The best reading experience.
6, For more related books, please search "GloryTimes Inc." in App Store.


Constitution of the People's Republic of China
Criminal Law
Water Law

Property Law
Company Law
Accounting Law
Lawyers Law
Patent Law
Auction Law
Audit Law
Insurance Law
Grassland Law
Port Law
Notarization Law
Anti-Drug Law
Highway Law
Securities Law
Postal Law
Fisheries Law
Seed Law
Fire Protection Law
Trust Law
Statistics Law
Passport Law
Negotiable Instruments Law
Meteorology Law
Forestry Law
Agriculture Law

Copyright Law
Anti-monopoly Law
Anti-Money Laundering Law
Public Servants Law
Regulations on Academic Degrees

Labor Contract Law
Enterprise Bankruptcy Law
City Planning Law
Urban and Rural Planning Law
Electronic Signature Law
Animal Epidemic Prevention
Foreign Trade Law
Prevention and Control of Desertification Law
Administrative Reconsideration Law
Administrative Procedure Law
Administrative Permission Law
Energy Conservation Law
Promotion of Employment Law
Protection of Cultural Relics Law
Food Hygiene Law
Commercial Banks Law
Water and Soil Conservation Law
Partnership Enterprises Law
State Compensation Law
Administrative Penalty Law
Land Administration Law
Compulsory Education Law

Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases Law
Resident Identity Cards Law
Renewable Energy Law
Enterprise Income Tax
Prevention and Control of Water Pollution Law
Reserve Officers Law
Anti-Secession Law
Individual Income Tax Law
Certified Public Accountants Law

Guarding State Secrets Law
Road Traffic Safety Law
Protection of Rights and Interests of Women Law
Investment in Securities Law
Administration of Public Security Law
People's Bank of China Law
Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Law
Protection of Wildlife Law
Industrial Enterprises Owned by the Whole People Law
Frontier Health and Quarantine Law
Progress of Science and Technology Law
Emergency Response Law
Protection of Minors Law
Marine Environment Protection Law

Organic Law of the Villagers Committees Law
Prevention and Control of Radioactive Pollution Law
Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products Law
Specialized Farmers Cooperatives Law
Agricultural Mechanization Law
Regulation of and Supervision over the Banking Industry Law
Administration of the Urban Real Estate Law

Standard Spoken and Written Chinese Language
Labor-dispute Mediation and Arbitration Law

Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste Law
Organic Law of the Local People's Congresses and Local People's Governments

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  • A Big Waste

    by 夏教授

    If I wanted to read all the laws in this app, I'd have to shell out a load of cash! A real rip off! I would give zero stars if there was the option.

  • Stupid app

    by Hot Dzn

    No comment

  • No use

    by Kathica Losand

    Must buy the individual law

  • BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Jordans1988

    Why pay when I can get it for free from the Internet!?

  • Free???

    by :^•

    Must purchase every individual law book

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