Follett Enlight K-12 Edition Book App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Follett Software Company

• System Notifications.
• Toolbar usability changes.
• Search within the book & notes (online access required).
• Screen Color mode (Day/Night reading).
• Support for bookmarks.
• Jump to Page control added.
• iOS7 updates.
• Bug fixes and other improvements.

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Follett Enlight by Follett

More than just pages on a screen – Follett eBooks are dynamic teaching tools that enhance learning, both in the library and the classroom.

Enjoy easy and instant access to your school library’s Follett eBook collection on the go from any iOS device with the Follett Enlight app.

The Follett Enlight app gives you access to Follett eBooks that you have checked out from your library.

Supports offline reading:

Download reader access (for when you need to travel outside of WiFi and 3G hotspot range)

Easily configured; ask your librarian for the URL to your library’s FollettShelf along with your username and password. Next enter this information in the configuration screen in the app, and your app will be linked to your library.

You can access any eBooks you already have checked out in FollettShelf, as well as access eBook notes and highlights and view eBooks in text only for easier reading all while offline. You can move eBooks online during the loan period to read in the browser from another device.

Your eBooks will automatically return at the end of the loan period or you can return them early.

Intuitive navigation; swipe, pinch, tap and gesture your way through your eBooks and the reader tools.

Customer Reviews

  • Bla

    by MOJO 1234

    Bla bla

  • இணீனேபோல

    by Ahhhhjhjhhhhhh

    அகீறேசோஙஶ மொபீமுடத உபி. உ உப்சாலா. முடிப்பது ஆண்டுகளில் உண்டோ இணக்க மோட்டோ. உள்ளம் அங்கும்

  • Needs Improvement

    by Fawkes_the_Phoenix

    It is a great app besides lack of books that I want to search for.

  • Glitchy

    by Domanick10101

    I like this app but it may get a bit glitchy at times and there is no contact information and no customer support. I try and log in with the right login info (verified) and have a proper internet connection but it says I can't connect to follett shelf.

  • A step forward

    by staroa

    Much better since the last update. I haven't had to enter my login information multiple times since. Can still go wonky if you use pinch gestures to resize, but now the app isn't generally a frustration anymore.

  • consultant

    by nthiese

    This app works great on the iPad! Easy to navigate, sync.

  • Ummmm help/wonderful

    by Star light from star bright

    Umm well I open a book I downloaded and the words were way to tiny so I scrolled in and then it started going bonkers!! Please help this little bump in the road. Other than that it's wonderful!!

  • It was great

    by A3285

    But I could never get in to it because are teacher only showed us how to login to the keystone one I got everything right just the pass word

  • Love it!

    by Fart muffins

    I really like this app! I love the selection of books and I love the book I'm reading now! This is a very helpful app because if a student maybe doesn't have enough time to checkout a book at school or forgets to than they can read at home! This was a great idea. Thank you. -Tarkanian Student

  • Its totally awesoem

    by The Dragon Troll

    Liek totally it baouse brah.

  • Horrible

    by M.S. Teacher

    I just updated. (again) Functionality is horrible. Features don't work most of the time. If you are looking for an app that is poorly designed, only works half the time, and when it does work it performs badly,then this is the app for you. I have never been so frustrated or disappointed in a single product. I can no longer justify the purchase of ANY Follett ebooks.

  • Not Working

    by Z@M8

    I had checked out a book before and had to delete the app because it wouldn't let me log in. When I reloaded the app I tried getting unto the book I had checked out but it said downloaded elsewhere. I tried returning the book but it said I needed to download the book. This stupid reader thing wouldn't let me even read the book on the app. This is a terrible app, before I deleted it it would not let me log in even though I had typed in the correct information. Don't download you'll be disappointed.

  • Please figure this out!

    by Moogie719

    There are several apps out there that allow you to EASILY read books - this is NOT one of them. I'm a school librarian and have purchased many titles for our students to read. I haven't even shown them this app because I'm so embarrassed and disappointed. Follett Ensight gives you the ability to read in regular page mode like the book is printed - which is of no use for Fiction unless you can read size 2 font. When you switch to Text mode - the formatting is off. I downloaded a title last night, "Mississippi Jack" and the entire book was a nonstop string of random letters. I know you have two Updates planned - will they fix these issues? Can you hire someone from Apple, Overdrive, Google or Barnes & Noble? These companies have all mastered onto easily read a book!

  • Follett shelf URL?

    by Foggie2007

    No customer support. I don't know the Follett shelf URL. I do know the destiny url. Why can't I read ebooks on this device?

  • This is garbadge

    by Goodbro

    Junk !!!!

  • I want to return the book !!!

    by WhitePanda950⚡

    I check out a book now there don't let me return it please fix because I don't want to owe my librarian money! F*#k you stupid app

  • Trash

    by 1ryguy89

    This app sucked


    by Gfffvhjhfsdvjjtd

    VERY SLOY AND GLITCHY!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Worst reading app ever

    by Jaaelyn

    I downloaded this app hoping it would be better than the FollettShelf app. It does download faster. That is the only good thing I have to say about it. Page turns are slow but I could live with that if I could read the type on my iPhone. There is a magnifying glass icon and it makes the type a little bigger but the icon then sits on top of the page covering the print. If you close the magnifier or turn the page it gets tiny again. Turning the phone sideways hoping to make the type larger is worse as the type gets even smaller. No one could using this app. It is a waste of time. I will not be showing it to students or purchasing additional ebooks that have to use this reader.

  • BAD

    by Cheese Man27

    This app is so bad! I am a student at North Elementary and i thought it would be awesome it be able to read a book without buying it on my ipod.So despite the negative reviews i download it and it was the worst app i have ever download. it was... •slow •really slow •super slow and when I tried to download something it wouldn't download!!

  • Bad app

    by TFloccare

    I am a school librarian and very frustrated with this app. Students aren't able to return books through the app. When they return the books directly through Follett Shelf, the app won't sync with their accounts. They need to be able to read ebooks using a mobile app. Who wants to sit at a computer and read a novel?? Fix this!

  • Still Hopeful

    by MS Library Media Specialist

    The idea is great, but the App is persnickety. I spent half the day fighting it yesterday. It still won’t work for us on any iPhone (gets to the shelf but then when you click on a book, it just refreshes the screen, so you can never pull anything up on that book or actually check it out) On iPad, it frequently gives us a red “Failed login” message (despite the fact I can type, spell, and have no loss of wireless connection). One day it will login 12 students, the next day it won’t login any of them, then the day after that it might log them in again. I can’t find any rhyme or reason for it. Also, when I am in the App on iPad, even for less than a minute, Enlight often logs me out…so I go to the shelf, know exactly what book I want, check it out, and by the time I go back to Enlight, it needs me to login again. I bet if I clocked it, it would be less than 40 seconds, but it won’t keep me logged in for it. On iPad, the pages don’t like to turn in the books, which is extremely frustrating, especially if you are reading a good book and desperate to get to the next page. All the same, I am excited that Follett is working on an App for ebook readers, and I am hopeful they will continue to update it, until it works beautifully.

  • Not much improvement

    by A schoollibrarian

    Had big hopes for this new app. Disappointing to say the least - will continue to hold off on pushing Follett ebooks - too time consuming & frustrating logging in multiple times. Text flow better, but doesn't scroll or swipe smoothly & isn't compatible with some books - shows gibberish.

  • Very disappointing

    by swt2sw

    The multiple log in requirement from the app to the web and back to the app and problems synchronizing makes this app virtually impossible to use with my elementary students. It is very disappointing.

  • Confused old app doesn't upgrade you.

    by Library2go

    What happened? I went to explain the old app to students and found that not only did the name of the app change but even the way to check out a book is even more cumbersome than before. NOT HAPPY with this version at all. Even worse the old app doesn't upgrade to this new version so I had no idea the name had changed until students tried to down load it.

  • bad....

    by A teacher 12341234

    it is no better than it was before... I expected more.

  • Not Happy!

    by Ryan 5

    I'm almost sorry I've purchased ebooks through Follett because now my students can't view them on their device. This new app isn't working any better than the Follett Reader. Get it right Follett!

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