Twas The Night 3D, Christmas Experience Book App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: FlyingWord, Inc.

Just in time for Christmas Eve we put out a few more improvements, plus..

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✭ Interactive 3D Pop-up book: The classic 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' told in an interactive 3D Audiobook that you can See, Hear & Touch

✭ The classic story 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore brought to you with the beautifully artwork of Greg Hildebrandt enhanced into 3D pop-up that you can really move around.

✭ Pull up a chair, sit by the crackling fireplace and see Santa the way you remember him as a child, touch his belly to make him laugh.
✭ Move the reindeer to make Santa's sleigh fly through the sky.
✭ Touch the sugarplums and make them dance.

✭ Includes beautiful illustrations by one of the great artist/illustrators of the last 40 years, Greg Hildebrandt beautifully restored from the original print negatives and then revitalized into an innovative 3D pop-up presentation that you control.

✭ One of the best audio book performances ever created for Twas the Night Before Christmas by Glenn X. Goa.

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Customer Reviews

  • Best Night Before Christmas App

    by Woohoobars

    I have downloaded quite a few of The Night Before Christmas book apps and this is the best. Beautifully illustrated and narrated perfectly.

  • Awesome

    by Moonlight Ace T

    Old time favorite of mine. Totally enjoyed it. Thanks for the update.

  • Perfect way to start the season

    by GrandmaAndGrandpa


  • 1 star reviews??

    by Staticfox

    Idk why anyone would give this book 1 star?? The pictures are classic Hildebrandt and the audio narration/sound effects are wonderfully atmospheric. There's snow/fire/smoke/sound effects for ambiance and interactions on every page...not a ton, but enough to keep you entertained, while not completely distracting the attention from the story. I guess I'm just not looking for shiny, flashy, over the top Christmas. Christmas books have always been relaxing for me, and this is (thankfully) no exception. I usually find myself turning the text off and listening to the story while I fiddle around with the 3D scene...but reading may be more beneficial to the young ones...or maybe they just wanna sit back and enjoy sometimes too? :)

  • Elementary Principal

    by HHEjan

    I absolutely love this story and how it is depicted. It is a great learning tool for helping students learn how to read. I hope you will be producing many, many more stories like this one. The graphics are superb!

  • Beautiful and Revolutionary

    by Kjers53652$826"548

    This is a visionary app and gives us a glimmer of where the book can go in the future. This classic story is matched with beatiful illustrations and narration in an interactive experience that is truly engaging. Well done!

  • Great Christmas classic

    by Atran4

    My 3 year old loved this. She enjoyed touching the pictures.

  • Perfect for iPad !!!!

    by 5948548

    I just bought this for my kids and it's beautiful! The narration is just wonderful and the kids like touching the different items and characters to see what they do and say! This is a must have Christmas book for your iPad!!!

  • Neat!

    by Trd73

    My kids love it!

  • Beautiful

    by appfan1204

    Really fun and beautiful app- classic illustrations with lots of fun extras (the cat meows when you click on him, the stockings swing, etc.). Love it!

  • Twas The Night Before Christmas 3D

    by brianstick

    I downloaded this story but can't get sound to work! Bummer, it's my favorite Christmas book...

  • Where is the sound?

    by HACantrell

    The graphics seem great if I could just hear it.

  • Lame - deleted it in two minutes

    by benny727

    For an interactive book costing this much, there is very little interactivity. You get to push a few stockings to the side over the fireplace and you get to swing the reindeer through the air. The cat meows when you tap on him. That's about it! These other reviews must have been written by the developer's family and friends. A total rip-off. Bah! Humbug! Scrooged again by an app!

  • The worst!

    by Irina101

    Wow! This is the worst book I ever downloaded. I can't believe they even put it out. The graphic is so lame. Anyone who ever tried editing photo in photoshop could do a better job. Dont you know how to cut edges? Even though I paid for it ( what a shame), I have instantly deleted it from my device after looking at the first four pages. Don't be fooled. The five star reviews must be fake.

  • Spoiled by adverbs.

    by Drake Ramoray

    An advert for their other books pops up in between every page turn. I don't expect to have that for something I have paid for.

  • 'twas the night before Christmas 3D

    by Dadof2ipodkids

    Not worth it. Audio is ok, but the text is too small to encourage independent reading.

  • Maybe it's my phone....

    by sjsels

    I have an older 3G and it crashes and locks up everytime I try and play this for my kids :-(. I think it would be really nice if it weren't for that.

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