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✭ Interactive 3D Audiobook of Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson:
- 7 hour audio performance, synchronized with the text so you can read/listen or both.
- Features moving 3D graphics and Pop-up Illustrations you can See, Hear & Touch
- Full, unabridged audio and text of one of the greatest stories ever written.

✭ "Treasure Island is the best interactive book I've seen for the iPad or iPhone yet", Dr. Emmet H. Weber, PhD Education.
✭ "Ambitious" - Kempton

What is a 3D Audiobook? Treasure Island, the Experience is the first full-length 3D audio-novel that allows you to experience the book through three of your five senses: Sight, Sound and Touch. Included is a dynamic 3D physics engine that allows you to twist around pop-up images in 3D, artifacts you can move and a fantastic audiobook wrapped around this classic tale by Robert Louis Stevenson. Plus a truly rich 7 hour audio narration, with different voice characters.

Includes awesome 3D graphic representations of original art from the earliest published copies of Treasure Island, restored with permission of the University of MN, Children's Literature Library and then enhanced into a complete 3D pop-up experience allowing modern readers to see a whole new side of this classic work of fiction.

✭ Over 70 illustrations by two of the best artists from the turn of the 20th century: N.C. Wythe and Walter Paget. Beautifully restored and revitalized into a innovative 3D pop-up presentation that you control.

✭ 7 hours of one of the best audio book performances ever created for Treasure Island by Glenn X. Goa

✭ 34 original music compositions created by Andrew Osano just for Treasure Island, The Experience.

✭ A dozen 3D shadow boxes where users can interact with artifacts from Treasure Island.

✭ iPad/iPhone/iPod presentation that allows you to switch between reading and listening to the book anytime you choose.

✭ Supports both landscape or portrait modes

✭ Readers can increase the font size, read for an hour, and turn the audiobook on/off at any time the text and audio are fully synchronized so you just continue.

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Customer Reviews

  • Very good

    by Gary Hewgley

    Great story with neat effects. Great way to tell a classic.

  • Fantastic audio, beautiful graphics

    by loveappbooks

    The book uses a very interesting pop-up effect which my son and daughter loved. The audiobook is very good. The book uses the 3D pop-up effect to show the original images from the book, which gives the book a very historic feel that's been freshened up. At various parts in the book they introduced objects that you can drag around the screen. The book contains a few little areas where you can actually discover interesting things. My son for instance discovered that if you drag the barrels of gun powder really fast they will explode. The 3D effect that they use in the book for most of the pictures is not the 3D like toy-story, but rather a new visualization of 2D images. What makes this 3D view interesting is that you can actually tilt the images around as you drag. Very entertaining. Some reviewers have commented that the audiobook is too fast. I didn't find that personally, in fact the sound effects and layering of the audio really make this a great story.

  • Good effort

    by Prikamom

    This adaptation of Treasure Island is good, but could be great. The narration is too fast, even with my iPad set to the slowest speed possible. Also, as others have pointed out, some of the graphics obscure the text and can't be moved out of the way. Fix those two things, and this would be a 5 star app!

  • Disappointing !

    by Carpecccp

    No Retina Display support. Poor 3D. Animations are very rough. The graphic quality is low even though the audio effects are good. Compared with other products, you should upgrade this ebook as well.

  • What a treasure.

    by Crashdat

    errr, Great book and fantastic 3D effects. Very cool that you can interact with the images and the narration gets you right in with story.

  • Some bugs detract an otherwise enjoyable reading pleasure.

    by Stevew7653

    Graphics do not always go to background, blocking the text. Fix the bugs and this would be a great app.

  • Great way to really enjoy a book

    by appbookfan

    Robert Louis Stevenson's book really brought to life. What an amazing story. I could swear I'd read this book years ago, but if I did I completely forgot it. The way that this app brings the book to life makes it something I can not put down. I never thought there would be such an incredible difference between just reading a book and being able to also set it down and listen to it from time to time. Great job, looking forward to more apps like this.

  • The Story Brought to Life

    by Kjers53652$826"548

    This application really helped bring this classic story to life for me and my son. The pictures and interactive features help to explain the story action as awell as keep him engaged. This is really well done and I highly recommend it.

  • Great app- lots of extras

    by appfan1204

    The 3D illustrations are very cool, and really fun to "play" with while listening to the story. I love the narrator's voice, and the additional sound effects really add to the whole experience. This app really brings this classic story to life.

  • 'tis good me lad

    by TheNawman

    Ahrrr... Me likes the cut of er jib.

  • Awesome app for kids and adults alike...

    by mike.aday

    The first time that I read Treasure Island as a kid was a great experience, but I was already in my teens. This is a great way to let your younger kids experience a classic piece of literature. It really makes the story come alive, and even my 5 year old is now asking for this over other books every night. What a great example of a combination of great, timeless, content and an awesome presentation... Get this app today!

  • "The Experience" is very true!

    by Scott Morris

    While I like to become immersed in books and enjoy them thoroughly, this method takes a whole new meaning to it! The 3D graphics and visual immersion takes you to a whole new depth with it! I've read the book before, but have never quite "experienced" it in this manner! Truly a pleasure!

  • Treasure island ahoy

    by Won'tgetfooledagainson

    Stu , stu , stutters and won't go past chapter 11 . Just crashes everytime . Also the table of contents doesn't work . I guess it's my own fault as it's so new and had some 5 star reviews . :( Usually I wait until something has a lot of reviews before purchasing . You've been warned Nice ! Update , Well Joe from flying word got back to me (lightning fast I might add ) and is addressing the problem , that means alot ! So , so far 1 star for app , but 5 stars for customer service ! He said an update is on the way . I'll report back ************UPDATE of the update : Well the folks at flying word have fixed the problems that I was having and I have finished the story . Well , it was plain awesome , I never realised just how much the sound effects added - for instance , when they were describing a certain part of the island you could hear wind and trees swaying in the wind and insects . And the little tap , tap before the narration starts when a new chapter is begining . Doors creaking , glasses tinkling , singing and then the pitch perfect narration :) The pace of the narration was right on and Glen Goa's voice is just perfect for this classic yarn ! I downloaded the free audiobook of TI when I was having problems with this one and the narritive was way to slow and I didn't like the delivery . Really made me appreciate flyingwords version The interactive animations and artwork were very cool and helped bring the story to life , I'd like to experience all my books like this . Plus I really couldn't be more happy with the customer service - they really took care of things :) and spent a lot of time trying to figure out the problems . Plus Joe is just a helluva nice guy :) Anyways they turned me from being angry and dissapointed into a huge fan . And I got to experience an excellent product and excellent customer service. What more could you ask for ?

  • Awesome!

    by rmonson

    This is a great book and the audio is fantastic. The art work is pretty cool and its displayed nicely. What I really like is that I was able to listen to it in the car while driving home from work and then pick it up and start reading the text (at night in bed) at the exact spot I left off on the audio. It's pretty versitle.

  • Great interactive experience!

    by Audiobookfan2

    I started reading the treasure island classic after a long time. It is so much more fun being able to interact and immerse yourself in the experience with this app. Wish i had this while i was growing up. Things such as hearing the door creak make you feel as though you are part of the story. The graphics could have been more colorful but overall this is a Great app to experience the story of treasure island.

  • Worth $4

    by An album cover

    I'm enjoying this. Well made and very entertaining.

  • An immersive experience for a classic

    by psneville

    This is a very enjoyable treatment of the classic text with an audio reading, music, and animation created around the core novel itself. The work is laid out nicely, and the extras enhance the story, never get in the way, to create an immersive experience for the classic. Well done!

  • Pretty good

    by Sheila Prososki

    The app itself is very cool, great use of 3d images and overall look and feel. It is pretty buggy though. If you flip to fast images get stuck. It crashed a couple times on me and some of the actual graphics are pretty rough. I think it could have been GREAT with a lot more testing.

  • Pretty cool

    by dblevins

    Last night, my wife & I started reading Treasure Island, The Experience.  We finished chapter one & two and completely love it & cannot wait to continue reading it tonight. Thank you for putting in the market such a remarkable product, we love it. It's a great mix between traditional book, audio book, popup book and diarama.

  • Treasure Island

    by sbgem

    Warning ! Child title and subject but adult content ! Not the disney Pirates of the Caribbean experience!

  • Treasure Island, The Experience

    by MaHaynes

    Absolutely NOT worth $8.00. Does not work well, skips AND there is nothing to it , no bells or whistles no interaction, Just buy the 99 cent audio book

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