Black Bear, Loon & Walleye a Fable from the Northwoods Book App Review (iOS, $3.99)


Languages: English

Seller: FlyingWord, Inc.

Restores the ability to move pages that inadvertently got left off last version.

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Just the thought alone made their wish come true...

Immerse yourself in this rich, modern-day fable as Black Bear, Loon and Walleye take a wild adventure that teaches them timeless lessons. Watch, read, listen and interact with the creatures as their desire to switch their coats is granted, and the three friends learn to appreciate each others gifts, but most of all to value their own. A delightful experience for all generations and a reminder of the importance of trying new things, knowing yourself and having faith that we all fulfill our unique purposes in life.

A modern experience in the tradition of oral storytelling, the tale comes to life through the interactive animation, dramatic narration and enchanting music. Children can read and sing along, whether at home or sitting around a crackling fire beneath a starlit sky.

Customer Reviews

  • Fun and interactive!

    by MagicalUnicorn678

    I love everything about this app! The story is one of my favorites, it is so much fun to manipulate and interact with the characters, and I love the song at the end. I actually hugged my iPad after the first time I made it through the story! Thanks FlyingWord!

  • Great message! Hidden Gem

    by loveappbooks

    This book really captured both of my sons (age 7 and 10) with the story and the song at the end. As a parent I love the message - kids should know that it's always good to try new things but you should also really value your own gifts and talents. One thing I love is that it's "ok" to try new things too.

  • All around very high quality

    by marchumann

    Very high quality art, very high quality voice acting, very high quality music recording. All around, this has really good production value. Great story and great message. I would agree that the age 4+ is probably a good call. I had trouble keeping the nieces and nephews that were any younger focused once they found out you can touch and play with the story. The kids had a lot of fun with it! Looking forward to future releases.

  • Grandma who loves this book

    by GrandmaAndGrandpa

    Great book for the grandkids.

  • Perfect!!!

    by Drosing

    This was a great book with a wonderful message!! Thank you Sara Button, P.A. Lewis and Flying Word Inc. For a fantastic App!! Keep them coming!!

  • Adorable

    by Steban42

    I bought this to read to my kids and I'm so glad I did. First of all, they are mesmerized by the graphics and things they can interact with in the book. Second, it led to a wonderful discussion about what unique things they like about themselves and each other. As a parent, you can't ask for more. I highly recommend this book to anyone!!

  • WOW

    by HHEjan

    This book is incredible! Great graphics combined with a meaningful storyline! Way to go Flying Word!! I will be sure to share with friends. A great book for a young student I am tutoring.

  • Well done!

    by Zacku235

    Great book, especially for kids. I hope to try it out with my nieces soon. Great job by the flying word staff!

  • Love it!

    by appfan1204

    Love the story, love the illustrations, love it all!

  • Great message about life

    by Nickmania 23

    This is a perfect story that emphasizes how unique and important we are as individuals. We sometimes forget how lucky we are and do not value our own personal strengths. The story has a powerful message: be thankful for who you are, everyone has their own special talents, and never underestimate the power of relationships! Great story.

  • Black Bear, Loon, &Walleye

    by Thomad40

    Simply wonderful. My children love this.

  • Black Bear Loon and Walleye

    by Mommygayle

    "know yourself well...and value your gifts". What more needs to be said really? What a heartwarming story of acceptance of others and loving oneself! Thank you Sara Button... You are AMAZING!

  • Loved It!

    by rmonson

    I really enjoyed the story and so did my kids. The art work is beautiful and the voices are fun. Best of all it has a very positive message!

  • Black Bear Loon and Walleye

    by APD-1

    Great message and the kids love the illustrations and music. Very well done!

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