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Languages: English, French, German, Chinese

Seller: Michael Chua

- Fixed minor bugs
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Discover the cutest breeds of dogs. But before you start learning about the personalities and traits of the many dog breeds, here are some points you should consider when deciding which dog is perfect for you: Ease of training, intelligence, shedding, size, agility, etc. For each dog, we have included a photo and objective rating on each point from our panel of judges.

With these points in mind, browse through the dog breed profiles and discover which dog will be a perfect match for you.

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Lindsey N T

    Good app, good info. Please add American Pit Bull Terrier. If you do I will change my review to 5 stars and recommend this app to everyone I know that's interested in dogs (a lot of people) The American Pit Bull Terrier is my favorite breed!

  • love this

    by animal555

    I’m an animal lover, and I use this app to know other dogs breed. I love that the info is compact, like a reference. I don’t like the list, it scrolls a bit fast

  • Cutest dog

    by iceage202

    The Chow Chow is soooo cute. I'm gonna get one!

  • Worst ap ever

    by Gorky 2

    Complete waste of time and money! I wish I would have read the reviews. Do not buy this ap!!!!

  • Thumbs down

    by Jazelleeee

    Terrible! Waste of money. Doesn't even work!

  • Terrible App

    by Aroww

    VERY DISAPPOINTED!! Thank god both breeds I was interested in started with letters before "E" because there's no other listed passed... I went to show it to a friend and realized my mistake

  • RIP OFF-zero stars!!

    by Hollilegan

    They only included a few breeds of dogs. Everyone please send email to company and lets get our $$ back.

  • Buyer

    by Falcon X-Ray

    Don't buy this app! It only shows a few breeds and thus is a complete rip-off!

  • These guys are a bunch of thieves

    by Takenmy$$

    Total rip off. These guys are stealing. Boot this company from the app store!!

  • TOTAL Ripoff!!! Breeds A-E only and no resolution!

    by Shredbop

    How much work would it be to add the rest of the breeds in an update? Fat Divers is a collection of thieves.

  • Why do the breeds stop at E???

    by Katherine Dashiell

    Don't buy this....Such a rip off

  • Not enough breeds

    by Dpk630

    Is there a way i can get my freaking dollar back?!?

  • What?!

    by KathleenC1215

    This app only has dogs a-e!!! Why?!?!?!?!?!?! I'd rate it like 5 stars if it included other dogs! THIS IS A RIP OFF!!!!

  • Ok

    by Brian15103

    You only have A-E Breeds.

  • Confused

    by bnm,

    I bought the app but it only has A-E name breeds. Am I missing something? If the rest show up Ill go with 5 stars.

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