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The only Deaf Bible app brought to you by
SEE the Bible, READ the Bible, and SHARE the Bible like never before.

Experience the Bible like never before! The first translation of God’s Word in American Sign Language (ASL) is now available in an interactive, easy to use, Bible app, featuring skilled deaf signers in sharp, close-up, color video. Immerse yourself in a complete Bible experience – interacting in rich Bible content accessible in video and TEXT!

61 “JESUS” film segments in ASL! When a segment is available for a chapter in the Bible, tap the TV icon to see God’s Word come to life.

Sharing your faith is easy! Share any Bible verse with your family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or Email in just a tap.

MINISTRY, a ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), a 501c(3) non-profit ministry dedicated to reaching the world’s poor and illiterate with the Word of God in audio. All US donations are fully tax deductible.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent job!!!

    by Dictravel

    So far excellent job!! I have not seen all chapters yet, just scanned here and there to see if there was one signer or more than one. I was a little surprised to see a young lad signing the Bible story. Good job. I was glad he was involved. I also understand that there are some chapters are not signed. I hope they will in due time. I am still watching the videos. I would give you five stars. Keep up the good work!! Give all the glory to God for using you.

  • Love this App!

    by Gr8tr1

    Great app! The signer is very clear, great facial expression, and clear fingerspelling. The signer signs in ASL, so it will be a challenge for new signers but the text is there for reference and if the new signer reads the text before watching the signer, it will help. Love it!!!

  • Bible asl

    by Brat cherry

    I'm glad to understand try to careful about verses and chapter cool video much easier for me watch it thank you

  • Best Deaf Bible ever I have!!

    by AmorLala

    Good for deaf people understanding!

  • Excellent App

    by Da-lo

    I'm learning ASL as I'm rapidly losing my hearing. It is a wonderful tool for me.

  • Fantastic resource - thank you!

    by IFR_Pilot

    Ignore the criticism, the amount of work that went into creating this app, and the good quality of video production make this a very useful way to visualize the Bible and the Jesus Film.

  • Great App

    by Vfrunning

    No complaints - thank you for your commitment to spreading God's word!

  • Finally!!!

    by NanaTx7

    Finally an ASL Bible! Love this app!

  • Good but..

    by Shawnny Girl 77

    Not every verse is signed. For example Pil. 4:13 (my favorite verse) I would like to see it in ASL. When I attempted to watch it it wasn't available. The same for Acts 2:38. I would appreciate all the Bible. But I love the idea of this!!!((:

  • Christian

    by Michigan60

    Helpful for I understand clear for ASL.

  • Most Brilliant!

    by ShamonBrian

    I am so pleased this app is available. My friends parents are both Deaf, so I am sure they will be enjoying this app. God bless


    by KingdomCause

    Can't wait to share this app. #inspiring

  • Great updates!

    by LJ's Big Daddy

    I really enjoy having this app to share with anyone who uses American Sign Language. What an amazing outreach to the Deaf community. It demonstrates that God wants everyone to know of His love!

  • Incredible!

    by Romans1012

    What a treasure for so many to have access to; both the Deaf and Hearing world.

  • Amazing !

    by Scott4Bud

    I love this. Just showed it to a deaf young man at a football game. He loved it!!!!! Thank you for giving the Bible to all.....

  • Thank you!

    by LAKHunt

    Thank you for all you do to reach the Deaf world with the Word of God.

  • Great App that works very well!

    by Troijano

    Like the the fact you make the sign langauge available and hope to see more langauges added soon. Thanks for doing this work!

  • Great !

    by Choctawhawk

    It's helpful , it's help deaf to understand what the bible says , praise The Lord

  • Awesome app!

    by Thebazile67

    Great app for deaf, hh, or anyone who knows ASL to see the Bible. Finally!

  • Great app!

    by Yupimrich

    Great app! Thank you.

  • No sound at all

    by Kjv-a

    This will not help me learn to sign without sound. Also how will it help me with a deaf person? I need sound for that too.

  • Jersualaum

    by Rajon Nicholson

    This app didn't work on my iPad 2 it cut me off

  • Not best ASL bible

    by Hector Carrillo ASL app much better! More clear and expressions. I enjoy watch. All Greek scriptures translate full ASL. This app sign boring not understand

  • Just ok

    by g@b41e1

    Signing is boring.

  • Disappointed

    by Mali-em

    Most apps from work well. Of late none of them, including this app work well. I can't seem to even see the signing. It streams "audio" but is silent and no signing is present:(

  • Fair signing

    by Kalel Rojin

    Signing is at best "fair" signs are robotic and facial expressions do not match the message. One signer's facial expression looks like he is mad all the time, another signer's facial expression looks like he is happy all the time, another signer's facial expression is almost non-existent. Matthew chapter one is mostly scrolling text on the screen. I thought this was supposed to be a sign language bible??

  • App crashing

    by Tizzy7829

    This app crashes while loading with my iPhone 5 and ios 7. It runs just fine with my iPad 2. Please fix this. Thanks!

  • :-?

    by Calvin Calandra

    James 1:22

  • Asl

    by Lulie1958

    I love it but pls add more It really help me a lot. Thanks.

  • Love it 10 Stars

    by Ceddy65

    Love it 10 Stars

  • Awesome

    by Cactus jack 68

    I love this bible and is a great tool to witness to the deaf. God bless you all!

  • Awesome!

    by Saglory

    I love it a lot!

  • Awesome!

    by countrymidway

    So much easy to understand and will help you have Jesus In your heart. Amen!

  • Interpreter

    by Corky 2

    Great resource for learning the bible in ASL and for interpreting. I enjoy being able to read the scriptures and to see the words come alive in ASL!

  • He understands

    by LDennis

    I have a friend whose 46 year old stepson, Keith, has experienced very low communication skills since a car wreck 20 years ago left him with brain damage. You see, Keith was born deaf and with cerebral palsy but, went to deaf school and was about to graduate with a job at the post office waiting for him and a girlfriend by his side. But then the wreck. Te car wreck put him in a coma with brain damage which left him in an infant state. The family had to reteach him everything from feeding himself to very limited sign language. Keith was no longer able to stand up by himself, dress himself or any of the daily functions one must have to have any independence. He was totally dependent upon his stepdad (and still is 20 years later) for all of his daily needs. Just a few months ago I entered their lives and started signing with Keith on his skill level and continued to increase his knowledge base with his native language, American Sign Language. He is remembering his first language and able to express himself more than he has in many years. Keep in mind, he still has brain damage which will always limit him somewhat. I'm giving you this background to come to this end. About a month ago I showed Keith God's word through this app and although he is strong believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, he now can see and understand His Word. I just wish you could see his expressions when he is watching the Word being signed and he is so amazed and you can tell he is greatly touched by what he is hearing. I will try to capture his expressions in video so all can see how amazing it is for a 46 year old, brain damaged, deaf man UNDERSTANDS the bible and hears God speaking to him through this ministry. I can hardly wait to show him the movie scenes!

  • Wonderful!

    by Callalace

    Thank you for adding more Old Testament books! I love that the printed Bible is accessible to each ASL Scripture video. Can't wait till the rest of the Old Testament books are added!

  • Really good !!!

    by Michael Jobe

    It so help learning better for other deaf people who can't read so they can read sign language on bible is. On there own language easy understand better and it good for then have bible all about is JESUS !!!

  • Wonderful ones

    by Sophia nikki

    I love it because it is very helpful for me to understand complete with video ASL explanation clear instead read a bible holy book apps without the video ASL. This app bible ASL is perfectly to read and watch the video ASL. I recommend everyone who is deaf and hard of hearing to install it. There is nothing problem with this app. Keep adding new bible books with ASL video on app.

  • Pah!

    by Stretch2oo1

    So great to be able to meditate on God's Word in ASL!

  • ASL

    by NotaBackseatChristian

    Good for my deaf family members. Just what they need. To see the word of God.

  • Juri

    by Deaf Believe Jesus

    This is best because its a lots ASL and make movie with ASL too!

  • This is great!

    by Groups gone

    I love this searchable app. It's a great resource.

  • Awesom

    by Whoishank

    Thank you for make bible good for deaf. I love asl bible, so iPad now truly productive now as is bible asl in my hands.

  • Love

    by Daylap

    I enjoy watching the Word of God be spoken. I'm not deaf but love and found this app this morning. I wish they had captions, too, so you could follow along with the written word.

  • Will not open...

    by Truth S33k3r

    Every time I attempt to open this app, it instantly closes :(

  • Great app

    by AngelinaDalton

    Great app helps me stay with it but has some glitches

  • Yeah! Scripture!

    by Ginaonthego

    This program is so helpful to me as a hearing person wanting to share scripture with my deaf friends!

  • Like it but...

    by Wow4Jesus

    I like the app, but there is not way to pause when watching. If I look up, I miss part then have a hard time finding where I left off. Need a pause.

  • Amazing

    by Karen Hickey

    This app is amazing! I am so glad I found this! What a blessing.

  • Keep it coming!

    by Sldsld

    Can't wait to see the completed work

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