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The FREE Bible app now localized in Latin! Faith Comes By Hearing in partnership with the Vatican Press recorded the Latin Edition of the New Testament, the Neo-Vulgate, for use in Catholic seminaries, parishes, and personal individual study around the world. Included in the Latin version are various Psalms and Scripture readings in Gregorian chant.
The Neo-Vulgate is currently the typical Latin edition published by the Catholic Church for use in the Roman Rite. As the first vernacular version of the Bible, it is only fitting that it be among the languages in which Faith Comes by Hearing makes the Holy Scriptures available in audio using the rendering of the translator, St. Jerome.

St. Jerome’s work
Born Eusebius Hieronymous Sophronius, Saint Jerome was a prolific writer and a powerful voice in the Christian community. He lived from 342 B.C to 420 B.C. and devoted his life to accurately translating the Holy Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin.
The writings of Jerome express a scholarship unsurpassed in the early church and helped to create the cultural tradition of the Middle Ages. Jerome revised his works several times to gain the best translations of the times, still existing and in use today.

Message from Pope Benedict XVI
“. . . I ask that future priests, from their time in the seminary, receive the preparation needed to understand and to celebrate Mass in Latin, and also to use Latin texts and execute Gregorian chant. . . .” (Pope Benedict XVI, Sacramentum Caritatis, 2007)

Liturgical Significance
“The Roman Church has special obligations towards Latin, the splendid language of ancient Rome, and she must manifest them whenever the occasion presents itself.”
- Pope John Paul II, Dominicae Cenae, 1980

“The use of Latin language. . . is to be preserved in the Latin rites.”
- Vatican II, Sacrosanctum Concilium [Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy], no. 36

“Care must be taken to ensure that the faithful may also be able to say or sing together in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass which pertain to them.”
- Sacrosanctum Concilium, no. 54

“I believe this is a worthwhile project. With the renewed interest in Latin in the Church these days, a recording of the spoken Scriptures does have a place. An ancillary benefit would be the availability of another opportunity for students of Latin to hear a new recording of spoken Latin.”
– James F. Pauer , President, Latin Liturgy Association

“From an academic point of view, I can assert that there is considerable scholarly interest in the Latin Vulgate because it is the substratum for the prayers of the Roman liturgy and offers the spiritual milieu for it. To hear, as well as to read, the Holy Scriptures in Latin – the first language into which the original Hebrew and Greek were translated – would be a wonderful source for reinforcement of biblically grounded faith as well as cultural enrichment.”
– Rev. Thomas M. Kocik, Editor, Antiphon: A Journal for Liturgical Renewal

Also featured in this app is The JESUS Film Project! READ the Bible, LISTEN to the Bible, and SEE the Bible as never before with anyone in the world.

Customer Reviews

  • New Vulgate, not classic Jerome translation

    by Beniamin Maius

    Great app, and I love having the audio available. This is the 20th century Nova Vulgata translation, not the classic version translated by St. Jerome. I like the NV, but some don't.

  • Mirabile!

    by CminorMaxG

    Biblium vulgare diu quæsivi. Nunc inveni! Quamquam in "Latinitate" docerer...

  • Good value. Appreciate different actor for each speaker in addition to a narrator.

    by SpArpn

    Use this app daily to work on my Latin.

  • Utilis

    by ApolloXANA

    Unbelievably handy to have the full Vulgate with you on your mobile device completely for free. Text editions can cost around $90, so this is a great value. Not to mention all the extra features, like the search engine, videos, and audio readings/gregorian chant. The notifications and all menu options are in Latin, though, so make sure you know what you're doing before you accidentally delete something.

  • Optimus est

    by Pater Fryar

    Valde placuit mihi aplicatio iste.

  • Excellent app

    by Eques Tenebrarum

    Would be nice if Old Testament would be available with audio, but still is a nice app.

  • Bonum est!!!

    by Nickydel15

    Ego diligo quid app. Sum felix. Debeo dicere ad amicus meus. Bona fortuna! Si intelegis id tu potes legere.

  • Excelente

    by andresilvass

    Muito boa a iniciativa.

  • Great App!!!

    by Ratz08

    The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I would like to hear at least some of the Old Testament in Latin. Overall this is a great app and has helped my Latin improve a lot. Definitely recommend this to anyone interested in the bible or in Latin.

  • Thanks

    by Miamiensis vir

    This is really amazing for everyone who wants to read the Bible in Latin and to listen to it at the same time. It surely will accelerate the come-back of Latin as a written and spoken language!

  • Thank you!

    by Father Ted Martin

    What a wonderful gift this app is! Any chance the Old Testament Vulgate will be added? Thanks again!

  • Peace to my soul!

    by Romans1012

    I love the chanting on this audio Bible. This app could helpt to revive this beautiful language.

  • Wonderful app to have...

    by Paul Dittus

    A true blessing to have this app available! Thanks!

  • Great app!

    by Joh@1630

    The videos are amazing!!!

  • Great

    by Brian Vanaski

    The audio is amazing in this free Latin Bible app.

  • Simply beautiful

    by Mjackson57

    The wonderful chanting at the beginning of each chapter made me feel as if I was in a monastery. It quieted my soul.

  • What a blessing!

    by إيليا

    Great work! What a blessing to have the Bible in latin!

  • ammaD

    by amma debbie

    I'm so excited about this app. FCBH has done a wonderful work on all their apps. I've heard bits and pieces and this like the others is very well done. Thank you for your faithfullness . Amma

  • Very cool.

    by pastlife

    It's amazing the number of ways in which a person can interact with Scripture through these apps. Great ministry!

  • Thank YOU!

    by Scott4Bud

    What a wonderful addition to the family of Apps.

  • Fantastic

    by Jeremiah twenty one eleven

    This is great

  • Awesome!

    by Jaquettelle

    This is wonderful! It's a blessing to have a localized Latin app!! I'm sure I speak for many when I say this is needed and sincerely appreciated! Thank you for making this available! God Bless You!

  • Beautiful!!!

    by Brittainia

    This is great! Brings peace to my heart to hear the word in this beautiful language. AMEN! To God be the glory

  • Awesome!

    by KingdomCause

    I could listen to this all the time. The chants before each book remind me of Zelda. LOVE IT! PTL!

  • Inspiring!

    by mbradford

    This app is so well done. I love it.

  • Wow! The Bible in Latin!

    by LAKHunt

    How awesome is this! You can hear the Word of God - the Neo Vulgata spoken in Latin! And there are wonderful Gregorian chants at the beginning of each New Testament book - Beautiful!

  • Amazing!

    by LJ's Big Daddy

    You all are amazing! Reaching out to all with the Word of God in so many languages and apps. May God bless your work for the Kingdom! Merry Christmas!

  • Superbly done!

    by preachertech

    This is beautiful app with an excellent Latin recording. Perfect for serious study of God's word.

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