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In 1095 the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I appealed to the Christian states of western Europe for help against the Turks who had swept across the Empire after the disastrous Byzantine defeat at Manzikert in 1071.

This book is about the First Crusade that followed, and saw several armies of ‘armed pilgrims’ march across Europe to the Holy Land. They were unleashed on a divided and fragmented Islamic world and won a series of apparently miraculous victories, capturing the Holy City of Jerusalem itself.

The success of the First Crusade was never to be repeated, however, and triggered two centuries of bitter warfare, the repercussions of which are still felt today.

Featuring many annotated maps and illustrations, this book provides a details the command strategies, tactics and battle experiences of the opposing forces throughout the crucial stages of the campaign.

The free iPhone edition brings you selected preview pages - these are highlighted as you flip through the book. Within the application you can purchase full access to the complete book.

• Pinch or double-tap pages to zoom.
• Swipe or tap the page edges to flip to next/previous page.
• Use the animated thumbnail view to flick through the pages.
• Search the entire book.
• Tap any page links to web sites, email addresses, phone numbers or maps.
• Tap contents-page links to jump to a particular chapter.
• Sync the book to your device for offline reading (requires wi-fi).
• Network connection required otherwise.

We recommend first running the app within a wi-fi area so it can sync the pages to your phone - after that you can use it anywhere.

Customer Reviews

  • Good Book & Great Vale

    by Harvey Sietsema

    Osprey publishes military history and this is a good sample of their thorough work. The 1st Crusade is well covered with maps, quality pictures and a good complete coverage of the topic. Great value at 1/3 of the book price,

  • Not really free, is it?

    by Bloukit

    Another example of a failed attempt to leverage the iPad. Seeing three free pages and then having to fork out for $6 for the rest makes the reader ANGRY, not anxious to buy. Give away the whole book and I might buy volume two and three. And by the way put the bit about the free pages at the top, no one reads that far down the description of a free app to get to the 'not really free' part. Great execution, poor implementation. I'm checking back in six months' time for the really free version.

  • This is not a book. It is a sampler.

    by jim_in_dc

    This publication is not the complete book that I expected. It consists of two-or-so pages of text, several sample maps and illustrations, and a statement that you must purchase the complete book so see additional pages. The description in the iTunes App Store should indicate that this is a sample, not a book. From the provided text, the complete book will read like a text book -- which is to say very dry. The sample materials provided were to a high standard. The one star rating is for the misleading entry in the App Store.


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