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Immortalised by Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, the battle of Philippi was the final meeting between the forces of Mark Antony and Octavian against the armies of Caesar’s assassins Brutus and Longinus.

In this book Si Sheppard takes a detailed look at the campaign that was waged around the Macedonian city of Philippi. In the bloody and close combat, legionary fought legionary amid great slaughter, until Brutus’ forces were defeated. Brutus fled and committed suicide the following day. The Republican cause crushed, Rome now rested in the hands of the Second Triumvirate.

Packed with photographs, breathtaking battlescene artwork and detailed maps illustrating the course of the battles on land and on sea, this is the history of the campaign which sounded the final death knell for the Republican movement.

The free iPhone edition brings you selected preview pages - these are highlighted as you flip through the book. Within the application you can purchase full access to the complete book.

• Pinch or double-tap pages to zoom.
• Swipe or tap the page edges to flip to next/previous page.
• Use the animated thumbnail view to flick through the pages.
• Search the entire book.
• Tap any page links to web sites, email addresses, phone numbers or maps.
• Tap contents-page links to jump to a particular chapter.
• Sync the book to your device for offline reading (requires wi-fi).
• Network connection required otherwise.

We recommend first running the app within a wi-fi area so it can sync the pages to your phone - after that you can use it anywhere.

Customer Reviews

  • Waste of time

    by CMR713

    I saw this app and thought it would be a good resource for my students until I got two pages in and could only look at part of a map and part of a page. To get more access, it would cost another six dollars. It was a waste of time.

  • Not good

    by Azato

    I was excited to see this publication in eformat....but it fails miserably. Long load times for pages. Doesn't really support landscape well. Seems that porting this to the iPad was on a whim and not well thought through. Even if this was the full book for free, I would still be deleting it from my iPad.


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