My Little Lover 2 Book App Review (iOS, $3.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: e-Bookland Inc
  • Updated: Jun, 05 2010
  • Version: 1.0
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Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: e-Bookland Inc



"My Little Lover" No.2 cosists of 72 episodes of a 4 panel comic strip. Written in English and Japanese. Hanako loves Taro so much that she sometimes wants to make sure his love to her and sometimes tries to be against him. Both answer to each other lovely, intuitively and uniquely that is a bit different from ordinal conversation. The drawings are very simple but express the scenes very actively. There is few conversation exchanges in each episode but it informs exactly what he or she intends to say.
Author, Toshiko Muto, is an author, artist as well as a cartoonist. She has participated in creating Epcot center in WaltDisney World Resort, in illustrating for Hallmark and awarded by Cuban Government as one of "Honable Cartoonist".for her superb expression in her comics. She also joined to make a children's book "Having A Friend Is" by Dean Walley as illustrator.
“My Little Lover"は、恋人同士のタローとハナコのエピソードを描いた4コマ漫画です。1960年、70年代,週刊女性自身に「小サナ恋人」のタイトルで8年間も連載されました。これほど長く連載されたのはハナコの細やかな気遣いが愛らしく、余韻が残るからでしょう。


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