The Lion King: Timon's Tale Book App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Feb, 23 2012
  • Version: 2.4
  • Size: 556.65 MB

Languages: NB, English, French, German, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

Minor fixes.

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4 Ratings
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• Based on the beloved #1 Classically Animated Movie of all time!
• Featuring brand-new and beautifully enhanced animation and interactivity!
• From the development team that brought you Disney Princess Dress-up and CARS 2 Read and Race!

“The Lion King” book app is a fully animated, interactive experience. This original title features specially rendered film animation, iconic Lion King music, character narration, and innovative touch, shake, and swipe technology.

Follow along as Timon, the freewheeling meerkat, retells the classic Disney story of young Simba’s unforgettable journey from cub to king. Readers are a part of the action, too! You’ll roar with King Mufasa, snatch grubs with Timon, draw with Rafiki, swing with Pumbaa, and much more!

• Disney Animation Studios adapted film animation
• “The Lion King” original musical instrumentals!
• Immersive storytelling interactivity
• Engaging special effects
• Multiple reading modes
• Coming soon—multiple language options!

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app

    by Brizely

    I am a teacher and my students love this book. I really recommend it.

  • Great interactive book!

    by Marksp86

    Good graphics and quality sound!! There is some good interactive parts too. My nephew who is 3 will love it!

  • Roar!

    by WhoWatchesTheWatchman?

    My kids love this movie and this app!

  • App not working

    by Margomattice84

    After the update on July 5th the app no longer works on my iPad.

  • Awesome

    by Hardworkingmomma

    My six year old and two year old LOVE IT. It keeps them engaged and get to interact along with the story. I also love that it high lights the words as Timon reads along.

  • Worth every penny!!!

    by Brandy2532

    This app is worth so much if you have a love of listening to or are learning one of the translated languages. I would recommend this app for children as well as anyone from the Disney generation.

  • Love it!

    by Jody0611

    So nicely done! And we love the inclusion of all the languages!

  • Best read along

    by Nala43

    Love the interaction, the narration and graphics. Recommend greatly.

  • Great fun

    by Glacius21

    Finally woes and its as good as I hoped six year old daughter loves to follow along with the story! Glad I bought this

  • The lion king. Timons tale

    by Kara14

    I love it! :0)

  • My fav movie is the lion king

    by SabioTech

    This is my favorite app from all of my apps. I'm 9 years old and I like this app. I'm to In love with the lion king. I'm going to tell you what I have from the lion king. I got all the new lion king toys, I have the glasses, the bag , the cap, all the movies, I've drawin drawing of the characters, and I might even get the snow globe and the shirt soon. PS: I bought all of my lion king toys.

  • Great book

    by Barn & wild fan

    My four year old likes this book a lot especially when he gets to roar and it plays back to him. he wishes it had games like so many other interactive books do. Also the second roar doesn't play back. Don't know if it is supposed to or not. Overall great job Disney.

  • v1.3 MUCH better than v1.2!

    by jdeng8888

    I only downloaded this application a week ago. I have the brand new iPhone 4 and the OS is up-to-date. After downloading v1.2, I was super disappointed. The application barely opened before crashing and the only way I could see ANY of the story was to continually go into the menu and select a different scene. However, even this didn't do more than load a new page before freezing up again. Tonight, after trying yet again (I just found it so difficult to believe that something this simple should have so much trouble working?), I went online to write a review warning people off. To my surprise, there was a new version available...v1.3. After a couple minutes, the application was upgraded and I immediately gave it a runs fantastic now! :-) I haven't made it the entire way through the story just yet, but the interactive aspects as well as the story progressing and being read aloud are all functioning perfectly now! My son, who got fairly frustrated when we first tried using it (he's 3.5 yrs old), is very happy that his story will read to him now!! Thank you for fixing the bugs in this application. It's a beautiful story and a worthwhile application as long as its working!

  • Disappointed on activities

    by B&K Super Mom

    I bought this under the impression there would be pictures to color in the app, as well as puzzles and music with lyrics for my kids like there are in the other Disney books I have bought for my kids iPad, such as all 3 Toy Story books. Please add these features to this Lion King book and to all your books if they aren't on them.

  • How do you get your money back from Stasi Apple

    by bruyant

    Apple puts this crap on their Store with no links for support or refunds?

  • App won't open

    by Jide Keshinro

    The App will not open since the update. I deleted an purchased a new one and still the same problem. Kindly help as this is my family's favourite app!

  • App Doesn't Open

    by Tholdren

    Have you ever paid for thin air? That's what I did last week when I bought this app. I feel like I've been robbed. I have 3 different iPads all with the same Apple ID and none of them will run this app.

  • Piece of crud

    by Jestique68

    Doesn't work at all. Won't open, despite downloading it twice, checking and re-checking.

  • Lion king

    by Curtrpt

    App doesn't work now but wasn't all that great to begin with.

  • Disney's Lion King

    by Timon's tale

    This will not open after the July update. Had not had a problem until then.

  • Crashes won't open at all

    by Whiteturtle13

    Would be nice if this would work at some point.

  • New Update

    by DDSR1001

    App won't open since upgrade. I was really looking forward to this with my grandson. Please fix asap!

  • crashing after new update!

    by Sjgkelley

    Is anything being done about the issues with it crashing after the new update? Still can't even open the app and it used to run fantastically. Please fix soon!

  • Will not open

    by Chris McCallum

    Please fix as soon as possible and I'll change the rating. Spent $5 and it has not opened once.

  • Won't open

    by Iroc Z

    Same problem others are facing.

  • crashes

    by KK316

    Won't even open up, it just crashes.

  • Crashes!!!

    by iKaff

    I just downloaded the app & it keeps crashing every time I open it up!!! This needs to be addressed

  • New update

    by Wonder Land

    App won't open since the update. This was my sons favorite app, now he's disappointed he can't play

  • Crash

    by SLCarroll007

    Keeps crashing unable to install

  • Lion King

    by M62poi

    It's about time !!!!!!


    by seledoux

    This was one of the best apps I've purchased for my kids, until iOS6 ruined it. Does not read along or play sound anymore. PLEASE UPDATE, Disney!!!

  • iOS 6 issue

    by Ios6pdate

    Since iOS 6 update read along does not work.

  • Hate it

    by Fishmontgomery

    App does not work!! No one answers the phones for tech support! Very unhappy!

  • Sound

    by Kemar618

    Should have read other posts. Downloaded app and sound doesn't work. Problem needs to be fixed.

  • Disappointed

    by gggamy

    This app never worked from day one. All of my other Disney apps a great.

  • Great until ios6

    by Agent47_jk

    This was a great app and my son loved it until it stopped working after the iOS update. Update has been promised for weeks, but still nothing. If they restore the functionality, this is a great interactive story app!

  • Lion King

    by Lady KG

    Me too. My sound doesn't work. This was an expensive app. My granddaughter was disappointed. I should get a refund!

  • The sound does not work

    by Tkhmom

    This needs to be fixed - the Read to me functionality does not work! I would like my money back!

  • No sound, 5$ wasted

    by Reddyfreddy12345678

    This could be a great app but with no sound to read to my little girl, I just wasted 5$. Give me my money back!!!!!!!

  • Fix it!!

    by Swiminakilt

    Fix the problem with no sound or give us our money back!

  • Doesn't work

    by 6644378)

    Just bought it for my son and it doesn't read. Very disappointing. $5 wasted.

  • No read along

    by Ill simba

    Very disappointed. Please fix read along.

  • No read along!

    by Somebadnana

    This app stopped reading along with my grandson . Disappointed. Am giving 1 star..willngive 5 when app is fixed.

  • No sound

    by Andy197920

    No sound please fix soon very disappointed.

  • No reading

    by Michalski1221

    The read to me portion doesn't work. That was a huge part of why we purchased this app. Please fix ASAP. My son is very disappointed.

  • Star rating will go up when app is fixed

    by Trishasmom

    This app upset my daughter who could not understand why it wan't reading to her. In addition to it not reading the story outloud there is a lot of waiting while it decides what you should do next so it becomes very boring. This is very disappointing coming from Disney. :-(

  • Sound doesn't Work!

    by JJSFall

    My grandson loves this app but it constantly freezes and the audio doesn't work. Not worth purchasing unless fixed.

  • No working

    by menso69

    No audio! Horrible!

  • The Lion King:Timon's Tale v.1.4

    by TNH2Odog

    The "interactive story telling" doesn't work. There is no audio except for Timon saying the title at the beginning and the program recording and repeatiing the kid's roar.

  • It isn't the greatest......

    by Lissie6-0

    My girls love the lion king so when I heard about this app I downloaded it the day it came out...I was so disappointed. I started to write a horrible review but thought I would wait a while & see how my girls like it after a while. The verdict...disappointed. My girls never play it & now I wish I didn't even purchase it. I have most of the disney ineractive books & my girls love the puzzles & the coloring. Well there isn't any of that on this. And my 2 year old can usually figure things out pretty quickly when it comes to these disney games this one she has no clue what to do. They have both played this maybe twice & have never played it again. Which is disappointing because they absolutly love lion king.

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