Tangled: Storybook Deluxe Book App Review (iOS, $3.99)

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  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Feb, 23 2012
  • Version: 1.3
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Languages: English

Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

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***Disney’s “Tangled” Re-Imagined in an Interactive App!
***Read Along and Explore the Magical World of Rapunzel!
***Enjoy Original Art from the Film, Mini-Games, and More!

Rapunzel has never left her tower in the woods. One day, a thief named Flynn discovers her and the unlikely pair sets off on an action-packed journey across the kingdom. From mischievous thugs to dazzling festivals, Rapunzel quickly learns there is much more to life outside the tower!


· Vibrant animated scenes with Interactive Tap-and-Play Surprises!

· Multiple reading modes—Follow Along, Read and Explore, Record Your Own Voice!

· Character Voices, Music and Art from the film.

· Coloring and Puzzle Pages.

· Quick Thinking “Floating Lanterns” Swipe-and-Play Game!

Experience the magical story of Disney’s “Tangled” in this highly interactive animated Storybook Deluxe App!

Customer Reviews

  • ios7 audio not working

    by EDStory

    Please fix audio issue in books in iOS7. Otherwise these books are great.

  • Disappointing

    by TimberWolf96

    My two year old daughter (25 months) loves the movie but we are disappointed with the app. Each page has a static image. When the narration completes, more of the picture is revealed. I guess it is okay of you want a device to read to your child because you are too lazy. The lantern game and puzzles are likewise un-appealing to her. The coloring pages are decent. A far more interesting storybook is Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow. Each page is animated and there are numerous interactive elements. It is presented in "3D" with a perspective that changes when the iPad is tilted.

  • Something is wrong with sound

    by MikefromOcon

    Multiple layers of songs all playing at once with narration over the top. Please fix!

  • Well done!

    by Tom Servo 76

    Another great storybook app from Disney. My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves it and its easy enough for her to navigate and do the puzzles and play the floating lanterns game. It's a big hit on our family iPad!

  • Tangled

    by Wilsonlearns

    we love it ! I love the interaction when you read and the animated scenes coming to life. The music is great and the sound is great.

  • Pretty App

    by Tarush 7

    Lovely app. Great graphics. Immersive. Worth the price.

  • Beautiful app, but tends to crash

    by Tredart

    The images are lovely and the sound works fine for us. But the app tends to crash, even after I make sure other programs aren't running the background. I've tried other options to improve function but crashing is a big problem. Disappointing. I hope they fix this soon.

  • Tangled

    by Crzy Grandma

    This app would be much better if there was an option to turn off the music other than turning down the volume on my iPad.

  • Blaring music over story

    by Mel1909

    Okay, but a bit overpriced for what it is, and the main problem is that the whole game has the same short loop of background music blaring, to the point that the story book part is almost unusable (can't hear words or other sounds clearly). I looked to turn it off but didn't see a way. Would not buy again,

  • Audio is great

    by hiltonc

    Fantastic app! My girls are delighted. The audio works great. Suggestion for the other reviewers: check your volume and mute!!!

  • Well done!

    by Foraskim1

    My 2.5 year old is really enjoying the puzzles and scribbling on the coloring pages. The excellent graphics and sound keep her entertained all the way through the story. For the price, however, there should be more than 6 puzzles and more than 6 coloring pages. Hopefully, new pages will be added in updates as my daughter can go through all the puzzles in less than ten minutes. Otherwise, a well done app. Just needs a little more content for the price.

  • Makes my kid read more

    by Turk Family

    Love the parts from the movie, art is amazing. One of my kids favorite characters... One point to improve: You need be careful about leaving the recording off if you want to hear the default narration - need clear instructions about that Keep more coming...

  • Love it ... Except the background sound

    by Zmee520

    We really love this app, but the background music is so loud and there is no way to dampen it. Please help!

  • Charming Fairy Tale app

    by CUannie

    So so cute, loved the little clips, really fun for Tangled fans or parents looking for a fun read-aloud at bedtime. Mostly loved seeing little Pascal drop into each page! Nice touch. And the lantern game is pretty addictive.

  • Five Star Princess

    by KatherineEmslie

    The interactive games and a magical storyline of this app make it perfect for princesses of all ages. I haven't even seen the Tangled movie and still found this app to be one of the best book apps out there!


    by EJasmin13

    My daughter is only 2 and love this App. She love the listen along with story. EJ

  • A Must Have for Tangled and Disney Princess Fans EVERYWHERE!

    by Thunderdomes_yo

    Just a great Disney product, tons of fun!

  • Nice App

    by Easy-8

    Bought this for my little Tangled fan. She likes to listen along with the story and the video pages are a nice surprise. Haven't even explored the coloring pages yet!

  • No sound

    by Kim_Ell

    Terribly disappointing. Have purchased a few disney digital books and the sound does not work for any of them. Waste of money. Don't buy. Disney needs to fix the sound bug for the app to be of any use.

  • Sound does not work

    by Kt1209

    Is this issue ever going to be fixed? I see many other parents past reviews stating the sound does not work. The sound worked for a day or two then crapped out. If the sound worked it would be an excellent app!

  • No sound on iPad

    by Brother Henk

    My 5 year old likes it. The sound does not work on my iPad. But the sound works on my iPhone. This is a common problem with Disney apps.

  • Tangled deluxe storybook

    by Jaynevk

    The background music is so loud in this app that my daughter cannot hear the narration. If this can be fixed, the app would be great.

  • Better apps elsewhere

    by Disneymom22

    Overpriced. The pictures are pretty and the scene of Flynn and Maximum made my son laugh and laugh. However, the Beauty and the Beast app, for same price and less memory is far superior with actual musical scenes from the movie, background music that enhances the script even if narration is off and true interactive elements. This has hardly any animated scenes, and if you want to read it there is no sound in background. Disappointing, especially for price and storage space it consumes.

  • WAY over priced for what it is

    by New Daddy

    I have a soon to be 3 year old girl for whom I've bought several apps and got free ones. The FREE Toy Story app is as good as this, or better. The games is a lame lantern thing and then coloring book pages and puzzels. The story aspect of the app is nothing special and deffinetly not worth 7 dollars! I splurged in hopes this magical app, which it had to be at that price, would keep her attention for a bit during a road trip. It didn't. She loves the movie too. She much prefers the Toy Story apps, again free. Don't waste your money. This app is worth $3 at the most.

  • Not worth the money, sad to say

    by wkv

    I was wondering if we could return this app or get a refund since it not that great at all! I wasn't happy and satisfied for my daughter. I was expecting something more. The FREE Mickey Mouse club road rally was a better app and it's free! Not worth rating but I had to...

  • Accident

    by Skatred131

    Bought by accident :/

  • Fix sound!

    by Kid loves tangled

    Sound doesn't work...and no, my sound was not on mute. Please fix!

  • It is okay

    by ChristusG

    It is okay

  • Tangled

    by Bookalot

    $.99 maybe. $7.00 was a waste. I have better interactive books that were $1.99 or less. Save your money on this one or wait for the price to come down.

  • Piece of crap

    by Shotgun Killer

    The audio does not work on a regular basis. Not good for kids. Do not buy.

  • NO SOUND!!!

    by Stephanie Cowee

    I bought this for my girls for our road trip so they could listen as it's being read. The Ipad app has NO sound, never did, I have tried everything to fix it and nothing. However, it works perfectly on my Iphone.......what are we supposed to do when we paid for this??????? I want a refund or fix to be mad! $7 adds up fast when you buy apps and then they don't work!!!

  • Rip off!

    by No narration

    Paid $7 now less than week later there is no sound

  • Tangled

    by brian48

    It is so disappointing to find there is no narration!

  • Sound doesn't work.

    by Bryan321

    So pretty much defeats the purpose of the app.

  • Crashed on day 2

    by Pare1511

    This was my first expensive app I purchased and it crashed! I can't get it to open on my IPOD. My child is not happy and neither am I! It really is designed as a reader. Voices and lines striaght from the movie. There is only one game, a few pages of coloring and some puzzles.

  • This app has potential, but I'm not overly impressed

    by My2gir1s

    Love the idea of all the puzzles and stories My daughter and I went through the story portion on my iPad and the music overpowers the voice over. You can hardly hear her over the music. Also, we were hoping for a more interactive story experience as well for 7 bucks. Who cares about coloring part, it's really about interactive stories. At a bare minimum turn down the music in a software update.

  • Not Disney's best digital book

    by AdaCC

    I was extremely disappointed in the user interface of this book in comparison to Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, Toy Story 3 and Princess and the Frog. I love the menu options and structure in those books, and Tangled is NOTHING like them. It has a nice selection of puzzles and one game. There is NO music videos from the movie, which is my biggest disappointment! Moving between pages and seeing the artwork that goes with them is not ideal for a wide range of ages. My two-year old can operate the other Disney books, but not this one. It is just too sensitive. Disney, please update this app with something more like your other digital books!

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