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***** Fantastic app
This is THE audiobook app I have been looking for, let's me download and save my data plan!

***** Really amazing app!!!
This app is perfect for traveling, cleaning the house and just enjoying a break from turning pages. Will always recommend.

***** What a collection!
I am very impressed by the sheer number of magnificent authors and books offered by this tiny app! Whether its Verne or Dickens, Dracula or Mr. Sawyer you're craving, look no further than right here! :-)

***** above quotes are recent 5 star reviews on the app store *****

Audiobooks by Classicly gives you 2,947 classic audiobooks, for free. 

No ifs and buts about it- we package up 2,947 audiobooks and make them available to download and listen to anytime, anywhere. No nickel and diming, no extra fees- you get the entire collection for less than a cup of coffee.

Audiobooks unlocks a world of public domain content, allowing you to acquire the great books of human history. Letters of leaders, the collected works of geniuses, the finest Victorian novels, the plays of Shakespeare, the philosophy of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, the autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt. It's all here, along with thousands of other audiobooks. And all, might we belabor the point, absolutely free.

While you won't find recent audiobooks, you will find a mindboggling amount of classic titles from throughout the ages.

These audiobooks, as read by the talented volunteers over at Librivox, have never been easier to get- just tap 'Listen' and we'll download the first chapter in seconds. Once downloaded, we'll always download enough chapters ahead that you're never without something to listen to. And, because we download the audiobook as you go, we'll never hog space like other audiobook apps.

Going on a road trip or airplane? Hit 'Download All' and we'll download every chapter in the audiobook. Need more space? We make deleting an audiobook as easy as a tap. Want to listen in the background? No worries! We have you covered.

2,947 of the greatest books in human history, available with the tap of your finger. Free.

If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to drop us a line at that's what we're here for!

* Audiobooks requires internet access to download audiobooks, but after you download them you can listen anywhere, even when you're not online.

Customer Reviews

  • Great for Listening with wifi or 3G

    by Pages User2356

    Just couldn't listen while out of the country but this app is great for listening to the classics!

  • Readers are greatly appreciated

    by Game byte

    As a person that has a hard time reading these audio book are of great use and joy. These books will undoubtedly be utilized and listened to with the upmost fondness for literature. Thank you so very much.

  • Not too bad

    by Easy efizzy

    Coz it is much easier to read 4rm ur phone than 2 go de library

  • Good books/Bad narrators

    by Tvar3456

    I'm glad these books are in audiobook format, but the narration leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Better than store apps

    by owndao

    Yes, it's somewhat annoying to see an ad once in a while but I would rather have that to keep the app up to date than a high price. I especially like the prioritized downloads. Would be nice if the app could jump both forward and backward by small increments. Reliable but no fancy stuff.

  • Awesome

    by LohewGvjtdhh

    Perfect for when I'm being rushed to finish books!

  • Wonderful

    by Aebbis

    I love this app! Makes sitting in traffic bearable! Wouldn't mind one person reading the entire novel though.

  • Audiobooks

    by dlandrie

    This is a fairly good program. There are a few narrators who are difficult to understand. As this is an entirely volunteer basis program, I accept that some people use it as a way to practice their spoken English. But there is a large selection to choose from. I find it useful when traveling in my car over a long distance.

  • Hi five

    by K.KIM


  • It's that Good....

    by Dustin Eitniear

    Listen to all of the greatest books of the times of our History. Bravo!

  • Good App to pass time during walk

    by Paul2221

    Good App to pass time during walk

  • Pleased

    by Simon191

    I'm new to this app, but thus far I like it

  • Decent

    by EPLessmann

    A little problem downloading future chapters

  • Just What I Needed!

    by Neobeatnichic

    Great selection and quality! Easy to stop and start.

  • Easy listening

    by Aletamize

    Thank you all for reading to me when I cannot read it for myself, for I have no time to read , because I am so strap for time. Thank you all.

  • Outstanding and great app

    by Melodezz

    Enjoying the books that is hard to find and having books on audio is always a great way to read books on a busy schedule

  • Great!

    by StoppedAt4

    I love this app

  • Fantastic app

    by Danimal200607

    This is the audiobook app I have been looking for, let's me download and save my data plan!

  • Very good app, it's worth having

    by Z1gu4rt

    Very useful app, some chapters have poor quality in some books but overall it's the quality is great and the app itself is very useful.

  • Perfect for commuting in the car!

    by XgsopX

    Great app!


    by Kgrahamcracker

    I used to love this app but this one add popped up and I can't get it to go away! I've tried re-loading but it still doesn't go away. I will give this app a 5 star if the problem is fixed

  • Not good

    by Cstviper

    Too many ads and it doesn't download the entire book. I am out driving and cannot listen to more than a couple of chapters.

  • Glitchy

    by green girl 269

    I would love to give this app the full five stars but I can't. There is one add that doesn't load and so I can't get to the book and have tried restarting the app several times to no avail. I bought the paid version in the hopes that the ads would be fewer but no luck. This is a volunteer project get rid of the ads!!

  • Adiobooks

    by Quaid04

    It's a great app works very well

  • Great!!

    by Silverwolf86

    I love this app! Great for a long drive!

  • Really amazing app!!!

    by TFRF

    This app is perfect for traveling, cleaning the house and just enjoying a break from turning pages. Will always recommend. I couldn't give this app the five stars I wanted to based on my above description bc Librivox has chosen way too many chapters read by people with thick accents. I shouldn't have to google a chapter synopsis bc the reader could barely speak English.

  • It's great

    by Matthew Delgehausen

    It's great, if you like classics, which I do. Just watch out for the very poor readers.

  • Cool but pissn me off

    by Popnickspacejunk

    This is a cool app works well and lets you do other stuff while listening to books. The only problem is it keeps turning into a (visual) Samsung add and not letting me get out of it to listen or do anything with the program so I'm rating it since it asked me to when I restarted to see it if it appeases the spoken book god.

  • Love it

    by Dndk1111

    I love it works very well

  • Bible

    by Mario bauza

    I think that is excellent All the words are very clear It's like watching TV You get so caught up into it I love it good job

  • Irritating

    by aldfjkhadfla.jsdhf

    The app's page promised thousands of books but they're all old books. That's fine, but if you want to listen to a book that came out recently, get a different app.

  • Constant ads waste my data and time

    by K_Gander

    This has so many ads that are constantly popping up, it is such a waste of time. And it's not a quick ad that you can close out, it is a full video which takes a ton of cellular data. I like to listen to books while I'm on the road, but this app makes it difficult to download new books while out on the road.

  • All audio books

    by Audio book nut

    A great app,full of great reading learning,keep up the great work

  • Audio books

    by Rem2slow

    Really not that impressive. Downloads are choppy and incomplete. Selection needs a serious update. Functions are not user friendly

  • Really good stuff

    by Laugh City

    This I really good

  • Awesome

    by Astrogirl7654

    An awesome app!!!!! Really good books

  • Awesome collection for kids

    by Josh1i

    Awesome collection for kids

  • Not the book I need

    by Gorillaz player

    Can you guys get Edith Hamiltons mythology?

  • Great way to get through classics!

    by Jenny Chuang

    This was great for multitasking, and I finally got to start classic literature.

  • Good not great

    by kramali

    A somewhat limited selection. But overall works well n hate the commercials

  • Good

    by Farmer Rocky

    I am enjoying listening to the classics but I would agree with another reviewer one quality reader per book please. At times it is hard to adjust to the different readers. I have listened to many books on CD and have never had more than 2 readers and that was only in a book that different characters were read by 2 readers.

  • What a collection!

    by Madscientst1313

    I am very impressed by the sheer number of magnificent authors and books offered by this tiny app! Whether its Verne or Dickens, Dracula or Mr. Sawyer you're craving, look no further than right here!! :-)

  • Great

    by UGAgurl4ever

    Like it but could use better organization and variety

  • Boxyl8y

    by Boxyl8y

    I love these classic books but I don't like that they are a partial books. I have been trying to download the rest of 6 books for a week now :(

  • Excellent and robust

    by Cruzcancel

    I highly recommend this app a valuable tool to access the best classic books

  • Simple is great

    by Scooter413

    It's a real simple smooth app so far not sure how you can't like this app

  • Awful

    by Uncle Sam 06658

    Doesn't work. Crashes constantly. Haven't gotten to hear even a part of a book. Deleting and forgetting about the frustration of it.

  • Great Classics!

    by Airin66

    Tons of enjoyment for hours on end in the car, at work or rainy day. Highly recommend!

  • I like it!!

    by TuxVic

    Very good so far.

  • Great diction for hard of hearing

    by Tinkerword

    I really appreciate the majority of the selection of people who do the voice over reading. Most of them have clear diction and are understandable. There are a few however whose range of vocal ability Is limited. Overall I find this very valuable form of entertainment.

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