Amazing creatures Book App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: Dam Chen
  • Updated: Mar, 03 2010
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 33.84 MB

Languages: Chinese, English

Seller: Dam Chen

Revised some bugs.

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Planet on which all life flourishes and prospers, and of which we can be proud. Animals in the world around us have a lot of variation.Amazing Creatures give you a broad range of interesting animals around our world.The World’s Most Beautiful and colorful Animals,Most Freakiest and Weirdest Animals ,Most Poisonous Animalsand Most smallest and Largest Animals around our Life. Explore the animals world together.Grateful to all life which live with us on these planet.We hope You enjoy Our App.

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★ The automatic bookmark function allows for an automatic bookmark entry on the current page if the application is interrupted. You may choose “Restart” or “Continue” the next time you start reading.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Kelly Cremeans

    Nice interface and very informative!

  • Nice

    by Monkey

    Like it

  • :/

    by Person commenting

    Inaccurate grammar! Also, you insulted my favorite animal: the proboscis monkey. The males have large noses, but the female's have normal sized noses and are not weird or freaky! Also u need to add more animals. Not worth the $$$!

  • Incorrect descriptions

    by PDX Linda

    Looking at the largest animals, the same description was listed for the crocodile, giraffe, and ostrich. Otherwise, pretty good.

  • Great app

    by Whatgoodisit

    This is a great app that my children and I love. There are quite a few grammar errors, but I won't take stars off for that but would like to see fixed. Would also be nice to see larger picture when holding device in portrait mode. Picture and info in landscape, larger picture in portrait.

  • 很好的故事

    by 丫丫的妈妈


  • Really amazing!

    by jackii999

    Amazing_creatures!Amazing app!

  • Great App

    by stormspirit

    My kids love this app! I don't think they've seen the same animal twice. Can't wait for updates adding more creatures!

  • The Best !!!!!!

    by CrotonGoldDust

    A Beautiful work of art I haven't seen anything like this before five star all the way. Thank you please don't forget to upgrade!

  • Is it the truth creatures?

    by cecileat

    Most of the animals in this app i've ever know... Is it that really truth?!Interesting app

  • Shocked me

    by ovlia

    This app is so cool....I've got to say ,you shocked me.

  • Really love it......

    by animalloer

    I like the shrimp with star.Such a beautiful thing......coooool...I've ever see it before....Please add more interesting creatures.

  • A great app!

    by henryhathway

    Very impressive creatures.I show to my friends,they liked it.

  • Crazy!

    by frankielatala

    Such a crazy app.But i like it .Good value!

  • Cool app

    by donmaskata

    I've got to say ,It's all good ,and really interesting.BOO.

  • Different thing i got it

    by pennypeigle

    This is totally different thing i've ever seen.I like to share this with my friends.

  • Cool

    by Bolenfamily

    Weird creatures!I appreciate,i love more.

  • Amazing

    by sasasara

    Amazing animals!I like to know other creatures on this earth.Funny!

  • update for 3G

    by Ian Krest

    I realize many are not using older iPhones, but if a company sells an app as compatible with the 3G, it should stay compatible in subsequent updates.

  • What the...

    by 1nv4d3r

    It lasted on the phone for about 5 min... Graphics crappy, type blurry and the interface,., well there is no interface. Sorry developers but who authorised the program through at appstore???

  • Inaccurate

    by Tcpirish

    The main pic of weird animals says it is a naked mole rat and that is absolutely false. They are underground creatures and have very TINY nonfunctional eyes. This app is also loaded with typos, mis-spellings and all around wrong information. Don't waste your $.

  • No Chinese!

    by Andor7517

    The description indicates this book is in English & Chinese. It appears to only be in English. I would not have purchased it had it been advertised as an english only book. I need bilingual books for my kids. I will request a refund.

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