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fixed loss of downloaded books on app upgrade
update for new book layouts
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fixed initial loading issue in some situations
UI enhancements
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★★ Download Free Books to your Blackfish Library! ★★
★★ Award winning, high-quality books. Maintain all of your Books in one location and find new and compelling stories for your kids ★★

Blackfish Children’s Books is a children’s book library, where you can access all of your books in one convenient location. It is the exclusive home to a growing library of free books as well.

Free titles available include:
★ Click N Count: A fun and interactive counting book for younger children. Find items on each page, and as you touch them listen and watch the counting.
★ 3D A to Z: A fun alphabet book with three dimensional images that spin and move.
★ I’m Scared: A Customizable book where you choose your friend to go on an adventure with. In the end, you’ll find that the originally scary creature wasn’t so scary after all.
★ Christmas Click N Count: Click and Count your way through the Holidays.
★ The Forest Kingdom: (Coming Soon) A Customizable book where you choose your friend from dozens of characters to go on an adventure in a magical forest within the Forest Kingdom.

Access other books directly in Blackfish such as Twas The Night Before Christmas, Sunbelievable, Ruby Lee The Bee of Possibility, and Yesterday We Had A Hurricane.

Blackfish Features:
★ High Quality Books. All of our books have beautiful illustration and interactive touchable objects on every page. Kids love to touch and watch what the interactive objects do. Try and find all of the objects throughout the story, and at the end, the book tells you what you still need to find.
★ 1 Purchase gets you both iPad and iPhone/iPod versions.
★ Many of our books are customizable. Choose from dozens of character possibilities to tailor the story. Any character that is chosen adjusts the images and text throughout the entire story. Customize the character/friend itself as well. Further customize the books to you or your child's preferences. Enter information such as your child's and the story friend's name, gender, age, favorite food, etc.
★ Music throughout the book to help set the mood.
★ In many of our books, choose from different story types. You can often change the reading level for the story to range from 1 to 10 years old.
★ Many of our books have narration, with highlighted text.
★ Record your own narration.
★ Easy to use navigation, customization, and page turning effects

About Customizabooks:
Customizabooks is a pioneer of customizable books and games. Our technology creates interactive electronic books and games with broad customization features to give readers a personalized, interactive experience unavailable elsewhere in the market. Our patent pending technology allows readers to create or customize a wide variety of characters which can then be part of our books and games. Whether it is through the ability to choose their favorite companion character or simply the option to insert their own name into the text, we believe that reading becomes more enjoyable when the reader is invested and immersed, and our products are designed with this principle in mind.

Customizabooks is continually expanding both its books and games library and its set of characters to go with those books and games.

Please visit Customizabooks online for more information:

Customer Reviews

  • Great books!

    by Sandydee1995

    We love customizable books! My kids love the illustrations and to tap and see what's going to happen next. It's also nice to customize it for different ages so my older son can read the book and my younger son can listen to the book. Our favorite in the collection so far is I'm scared they love picking different characters. The music and illustrations are beautiful as well. Great job we can't wait for more!

  • A breath of fresh air!

    by AOm0318

    So nice to have an app that offers kid's wholesome and interesting books!! Finally :)

  • A great concept!

    by AngryBirdsDM

    Love this concept of a children's book app library!


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