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Rebeca Moreno wrote Ayahuzaca Diaries in 2000 after working in the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico and took place in the musical preparation of Regina. The papers, which relate an experience shamanistic on Mexico, were published online until 2004, when the musical season ended. Subsequently, these journals were reprinted by several journalists in various major publications in Mexico and in various books Rebeca positioning as the most powerful witch in Mexico. Is she a witch or not? Read the newspapers will take us to the answer. These are the newspapers in its original version.

"A new witch hunt begins to gain ground. This time the weapon is no longer the hot iron, but irony and repression. All those who developed a gift (usually discovered by chance), dare to speak of their ability, are largely viewed with suspicion or seen their fathers, husbands and wives forbid say something about it ... ...
And for fear of being branded as charlatans, they end up strangled by its own gifts. None of these people are happy. All await the day when they can be taken seriously. Everybody expects a scientific answer to his own powers (and in my opinion, this is not the way). Many hide their potential and end suffering, because if left, could help the world.
Basically, I think they also expect the "official pardon" for being so different. Separating the chaff from wheat, without letting ourselves be discouraged by the enormous amount of quackery, I think we should ask ourselves what we are capable? And calmly, go in search of our immense potential "

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  • Unreadable translation

    by Botli

    This is a short work. It shouldn't be hard to get someone to translate the original text into readable English. This version reads as if it had been run through some computerized translation device.


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