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Layout compatible with iOS 7.

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Join thousands of people in a plan for reading one chapter of the Bible per day. This application will take you on a journey of discovery through the holy pages, strengthening your daily communion through text and videos. The much-talked-about and anticipated revival has begun—don’t miss out.

Participate through Twitter, sharing your thoughts about the readings using the hashtag #rpsp. Download it and share in this experience.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Sir Haitian

    One of the best apps created

  • Great App

    by Hikool077

    Good job.. Very simple and easy.. Worth it..

  • Great app! One chapter per day!

    by Babyface4life2000

    If you are looking for more than a verse today, and your looking for it in KJV you found the right app! You can also share on fb or twitter verses you highlight. I would recommend this app to anyone who would like to read the word. Man cannot live by bread alone.

  • Great App

    by Aquatek Window Cleaning

    I enjoy using this app to read through the Bible by a chapter per day. It would be even better if it had the ability to share on Facebook.

  • Very good

    by FW122613

    The App is very good, but it would be great if after reading the daily scriptures the App would allow you to access the comments.

  • Very much needed!!!!

    by Paul Johnson

    This app is very influential and even has a reminder to read the word!!!!

  • Simply beautiful !!!!

    by Poolguy sd

    Simply beautiful !!!! Wish more people had this app. Even if they're not Adventist .

  • Words fail to express

    by Asnake Shimels

    Abundant blessing for this excellent ministry! God bless.

  • Really Helpful app!!!

    by Mda8765

    This app is so cool. There is a reminder then goes off if you haven't read your daily chapter. I really enjoy using this app. Highly recommend!!!

  • Terrific!

    by RT Solo

    Perfect app. Do wish it included NKJV as well as KJV, but I love it nonetheless. I also love seeing a live counter of how many people have read the daily chapter that day! Wonderful sense of community :-D

  • Aplicación muy buena. Edificante

    by Oilim3

    Se las recomiendo.

  • Very Helpful App

    by Jah02152

    I am a very busy person and this app has helped to remind me to stop and meditatively and prayerfully read Scripture each day.

  • Beautiful and useful!

    by Jose Rodriguez

    The Word of God, in three languages with Tweeter integrated and a reminder to read every day :)

  • Best App ever!

    by Hiperbole

    Only app I use every day. I enjoy and benefit a lot from this app. Thank you for this.

  • Bible

    by Tony Forsyth

    This is a great Bible And Easy to understand and learn from I recommend for everything Tony

  • Simple & Effective

    by Dale Staffel

    No app motivates me to read the Bible like this simple and to the point app.

  • Great App

    by Seth S. Gy

    Great app! I hope it saved unread chapters till they are read.

  • Estudo da palavra de Deus

    by Drilutti

    Excelente projeto, estudar a palavra de Deus, cada dia um capitulo, agora mais fácil ainda com o App #rpsp. Que Deus abençõe todos os envolvidos!

  • RBHW Daily Bible Reading App

    by Hot Rod 67

    I really like the RBHW Bible App; however, it would be better if they added the ability to access the RBHW blog from within the app. It's great to be able to read the daily Bible chapters but being able to access the blog content as well would enhance the app's functionality and appeal.

  • Muy bueno es una bendición

    by Israelm28

    La bendición más grande para tu vida es leer la Biblia todos los días hazlo un hábito. Verás como te llegan bendiciones y bendiciones.

  • Besta app

    by Sarahpf

    Muito bom aplicativo. A pessoa que desenvolveu foi inspirada por Deus. Obrigada pela praticidade.

  • Sencilla, elegante y estable.

    by eos.climb

    Me gusta mucho, la oportunidad de leer la Biblia cada día con este aplicación. Es sencilla y estable. Gracias por hacerla!

  • Excelente !!

    by Kirulein

    Espectacular !! Me ayuda todas las mañanas a recordar el capítulo a leer.

  • Thank you

    by Godwin Bruinders

    I like this app. Now I don't have any excuse to not read my bible. Thank you.

  • Excellent Way to read the Word

    by 144000 - Sealed

    "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path" (Psalm 119:105)

  • Excellent Way to Read My Bible

    by Sheila Edens-Brown

    I love this app! Excellent way to do my Bible reading. I love how it ask have I read my Bible today?

  • Buena aplicación

    by Babbypr

    Gracias... La recomiendo.

  • Believer

    by carmen walters

    This app is uplifting. Thy word have I hid in my heart TNT I might not sin against thee.

  • Mrs.

    by Ghnp77

    I love this app. It is wonderful.

  • Good

    by Kirwa74

    Nice Bible reading program, helps me keep up with my yearly reading.

  • Read it

    by avtech17


  • Awesome idea and app

    by PanainNY

    I thank God for He is merciful and always looking a way to help us get connected with Him and His word. Reading a chapter through this app. is revitalized and make my day. It makes me meditate and pay attention to the details like I never read it before.

  • Great just great


    Great feel like one chapter s day is not enough

  • Excelente aplicativo

    by Sammyejhere

    No corre corre da vida muitas vezes deixamos as coisas do alto por ultimo lugar. Esse aplicativo com lembrete nos ajuda a sempre estar ligado com as coisas do alto, buscando o poder do Santo Espirito.

  • Great motivator!!!

    by M2mom

    This app has helped me get even closer in my relationship with God! A steady gentle reminder to keep moving forward and spend a bit of extra time with the Word!

  • Online commentary should be included!

    by Sidney.d88

    I love the app a lot the only thing that is missing is the commentary that the online version has, it would be even better if you could integrate that. Thank you in advance!

  • Great Idea!!

    by MPAHindman

    Love reading along with fellow brothers and sisters all around the world. Optional reminder time is great.

  • Maravilhoso

    by Elderjbrito

    Simples, e perfeito! Cada dia um capítulo! Participe desse reavivamento em conjunto!

  • Lembrete

    by Jesus voltará 777

    Ajuda na comunhão diária....

  • Revived by His word

    by Cris2365

    I love it! I praise God for this. I can read where ever I am.

  • RBHW App

    by Nicolinus

    I love that they have Revived By His Word in an app form. It's something I've been wishing would happen because my Internet doesn't always work, brut if I had the app, I don't have to worry about Internet issues. As I was getting myself aquatinted with this app, I discovered that there is no do daily blog that is provided like the online website does. Also, the only English Bible is the KJV, which can be very difficult to read for most people. The website offers a list of versions that can be read from, which I really like. I think this is a good start, but there need to be more features provided. If those we added, this would be the best app ever!

  • A daily companion

    by Mo Sena

    Great app with easy to use controls and in 3 different languages

  • Excelente!

    by RafaStehling

    O app é excelente e uma benção!

  • Great!!

    by John Feezer

    This is wonderful.

  • Excelente !

    by Vanessa.Monica

    Muito bom o aplicativo. Sugiro colocar opção para compartilhar no facebook!

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