Image Comics Book App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: comiXology
  • Updated: Aug, 26 2010
  • Version: 3.3
  • Size: 32.26 MB

Languages: English

Seller: comiXology

*NEW! Show Two Pages (iPad only): This option allows you to view two-page spreads in landscape mode.

*NEW! Fit to Width: Enable this option and the page you're reading will fill the available screen width of your device.

*NEW! 'CONTINUE…' Save your place… so you can pick up where you left off, on any device!

* Share While Reading: Share your favorite comics while reading (as well as other in-app sharing enhancements)!

*Enhanced Purchases tab

*Full Screen Cover previews

*Bug fixes

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5 Ratings
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1748 Ratings


Download and read the best creator owned comics on the planet! Image Comics comes to iOS courtesy of comiXology, with the famous Guided View™ Technology. Compatible with Comics by comiXology and the website. Buy here, read anywhere!

Customer Reviews

  • Update!

    by --->**TiMbErWoLf**<---

    I love Image Comics, they're the first ever comic franchise I've read in high school, and I mean it as in my first comic ever! My first issue was a Spawn issue in print, before I stumbled upon this app, and my first completed series was The Astounding Wolf-Man series, thanks to this app! I hope you guys update this app like you did for the ComiXology, Marvel and DC apps.

  • Finally, Someone lets you a comic you purchased!

    by phinzfan72

    I accidentally stumbled on an article that said Image was going to allow people who buy a comic from them (on the website) to download the comic and read it on their various devices. This is what digital comic subscribers have been looking for. I hate buying at comic I do not own. I am going to support Image hoping that other comic companies follow suit. Check their website for more info and then support them. I hate the comixology model.


    by DarthAnodonus

    Great app but why isn't Spawn on here?!?

  • Neat app

    by I ain't gonna lie to ya

    Great app I miss spawn though

  • Spawn

    by Walt90

    Where are the original Spawn Comics??

  • 5

    by Skateboardingtheinfohighway

    It's more than just A-okay!

  • Give me spawn!!!!

    by Retro-Rob

    Really cool app. Go image! But really, where the heck is the original spawn series???

  • Great app!

    by Old Man Logan

    Not sure what the bad reviews are about. The app is AT LEAST as good as the Marvel app. And what is even better is that, unlike the Marvel app, the digital versions COST LESS than the print versions. Marvel would do well to take note and follow their lead. As a Walking Dead fan, I could not be more pleased with this app and will be getting all of my Walking Dead comics through this app from now on! If you are into Walking Dead or other Image Comics, this app gets my highest recommendation!

  • Zane Akatsuki

    by Young Blood 8

    There's a lot of raw mags here, but where the HELL is the SPAWN all they have is the adventures of spawn and it's such a watered down version of the original. Where's the good old spawn?

  • Alerts needed

    by Merrari

    I like this app: the panel transitions + transition choices extended to users are quite nice. However, adding alerts to let users know when a new issue of our choice has become available for purchase would be clutch (and a plus over brick and mortar comic book stores)--but alas... If that feature's added, this app would be a 5-star app.

  • Good app

    by WeRLasers

    Very good app especially now that it supports iPhone 5

  • Still happy

    by jimbonic

    No Spawn but many other titles. I'm very happy about the NEW Youngblood!!!!!!

  • No Clown

    by Twitch 777

    Seems awesome, but I'd love to download the spawn series. Even if it's only the current issues.

  • Boss

    by someone_else_again

    Now I can read witchblade and other cool comics

  • Great app!!

    by keeegan

    I don't know why so many people complaint about it .... For me this app needs a weekly list of print new releases .... Maybe some interviews ..... I would pay for it!

  • Everything's fine continue shopping

    by Kephalos

    Don't listen to these whiners. Works fine for me.

  • Needs a popup

    by Jacob0719

    There are a lot of people complaining about the fact they can't download comics with the app. SOLUTION!!!! Go into settings and sign up for an account! This is really bad they don't make an application popup that tells people they need to sign up first. Bad app design, but GREAT app.

  • paying for comics?

    by allegretto2500

    can you pay for comics with an itunes cash card?

  • Where's Spawn?

    by 20-Piece

    How can you have an image app with no Spawn in it? I saw Sam and Twitch, but no Spawn? Spawn was one of the founding fathers of image comics and he's not in there?! That was the only reason I downloaded this app! Anywho, this app is cool, but this app needs to have a crap ton of SPAWN flavor up in here!

  • Getting there

    by Ricktastic1323

    Well finally they added something with spawn in it. Which is the series Hell Spawn. But it still need more spawn comics. Like the original and the spin offs. Image comics should understand if if wasn't for spawn there company wouldn't have successful like marvel and dc.

  • Pointless clone of ComiXology app

    by sethrates

    I was hoping this would let me view comics purchased on the Image Comics website. In fact, it only lets you view the small set of Image Comics that can be viewed through comiXology, so there is zero value added if you already have the ComiXology app. I would be fine with that if the description made it clear, but as it is this wasted my time for no reason.

  • Can't log in

    by johnmcree

    I can't log in and I can't retrieve my password. I used my iPad to see if I could connect online and their digital comics page doesn't render. Obviously buggy and broken.

  • Cannot connect error

    by scottevill71

    "cannot connect" - advises me to connect to wifi but I'm already on wifi and it's working. Deleted and redownloaded app - same deal.

  • Too expensive

    by ComicFreak1981

    the app is beautiful and works well, however at 9.99 per comic I would rather have the real thing.

  • What happened?

    by jdshoe07

    This app used to be my go to app to read The Walking Dead. Now it force closes every time I try to open a comic. Maybe the developer should look into this. Until then I'm keeping my rating at 1 star. It was easily a 5 star app until this past week

  • The reason

    by MrGutts

    The main reason people probably don't like is they don't listen to fans and they put this old crap out and call it new, when it really came out 10 years ago. The publisher is struggling and needs a kick in the butt, they are doing the same crap as DarkHorse, putting old stuff out. What they don't understand is people with pads want comics that are new and fresh that are going to stay for the long haul! This is the whole listening part comes in, they need public interaction. Maybe they need to hire someone just for that, someone who will interact with the fans and take their concerns back to the higher ups to help improve what they are doing.

  • Spawn

    by longlivekingnick

    Im giving this two stars bc there is a lot of content, but ultimately people get this app for Spawn. Not having Spawn is the equivalent of DC holding off on Superman, or Marvel holding off on Spiderman. Todd McFarland built image comics, and be did it with spawn. Give the people what they want.

  • Spawn

    by Scyanide

    Would love all Spawn in digital format!

  • Tired of re-downloading the same thing...

    by Shadowskill11

    Why is it at this app let's you download comics that fully load and the moment you exit the app it makes you re-download the entire thing? It does this despite the option to "check" comics so they aren't deleted. This is extremely annoying and forces you to be tethered to the Internet at all times in order to read your comics.

  • Poor interface

    by JFTL99

    Visual layout and color is jarring. Controls and interface are clunky, unresponsive and too many menus; which is surprising because this app is almost identical to other comic readers/purchasing apps. Comixology is much better.

  • No Spawn?

    by M4D

    Why no Spawn?

  • Spawn!!!!

    by JimmyBlumpkin

    WE WANT SPAWN!!!!!! Nuff said!

  • Non-Functional App

    by Michael Silva

    I would love to read The Walking Dead series but unfortunately the app is completely useless. I am using an iPad 2 over AT&T 3G and cannot get any comics to display or even list when using the browse store function. Thankfully it was free but I guess I will have to wait until next season to get my Walking Dead fix.

  • Broken

    by Rickgrimes2.1

    App does not work on IPad 2, please fix this.

  • Um it's not working

    by Pathlessterrig

    Maybe hire some people to fix that? Heck, get some volunteers to do it for free. Nothing is downloading!

  • Won't work

    by Bloodsage

    Tried using this app but it just doesn't work. This is on an ipad2

  • Buggy.

    by Chrisdodgen

    I don't have much else to say. I can browse the store but cant download or read anything. It just keeps getting stuck. Not my internet connection either, since clearly I'm posting this..heh.

  • Doesn't work

    by Milez Koolbreez

    Doesn't work. Try to download and get the read button for a sec then back to arrow. If I double click it will go to a loading screen and never load. Have same problem with walking dead app. Please update for iPad 2

  • Very bad app

    by Keno O

    There are a great issues but it's very bad app to publish it. I'm trying to download one issue since an hour ago!

  • App is fine... Where the heck is Spawn????!!

    by spec24

    The app is nice. No big deal. But this is Image... Where the heck is Spawn? That's the only reason I haven't uninstalled it.. I'm waiting for Spawn. Come on Image!

  • Not worth it yet

    by ScottyTB

    This app should be in the newsstand section along with all other comic books. Maybe have an annual pass price to auto download your favorite comics. Till then this is worthless. IMO

  • I ain't got no money

    by Gunther 777 geo

    It should be for free.

  • why does it keep crashing????????????

    by GO COWBOYS 2011

    This is a nice app, but the first time I paid for a comic using this app it crashes. right after the confirm payment window the app crashed. It has not worked since. It tries to load and then abruptly closes. When I try to load it, then tilt it on it's side, the cover art gallery shows up and then the app crashes again a few seconds later. Is there an update that fixes this problem??? Very disappointing

  • version 1.3.1 cant read my stuff :0(

    by SOLUZEN

    it started ok , i got some free stuff , I loved it so I purchased the Angelus series 6 volumes... and I can't read any!!! It shoots me right out of the app!!! I'm Kinda pissed off since I paid $1.99 per volume and I got 6!!!!!

  • Doesn't work correctly on the ipad2

    by MarcusWN

    I can't open any of the comics, after clicking on 'read'. It's ashame this a serious bug that needs to be fixed.

  • Where's Spawn

    by davids0425

    The app is cool, but ur missing the greatest image antihero

  • No spawn?

    by Jameson Merkow

    Spawn was my main reason for getting this app. Not sure why this iconic series was left out.

  • Log in

    by camery182

    If you have an iPad 2, log in first. It will let you download afterwards.

  • Spawn, where?

    by Jinsoku

    Ok like some other people I only downloaded this for some spawn fix! Where is it? They don't even have to be free! :(

  • Fix Please!

    by J_Pratt

    Everything was going fine and then all of a sudden nothing works! This WAS five star until this mess. Please help...

  • It's ok

    by Blue dragon1284

    Some of the letters are hard to read and it seems I can't zoom in

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