Comics4Kids Book App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: comiXology
  • Updated: Apr, 06 2011
  • Version: 3.3.1
  • Size: 26 MB

Languages: English

Seller: comiXology

Some UI Tweaks and bug fixes

** Changes in 3.3 **

New landscape reading options, hot off the press:

* Show Two Pages (iPad only): Two pages at one time? Is this madness? Yes, digital madness.

* Fit to Width: Turn it on, turn it sideways, decide if it's cool. We think it is.

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7 Ratings
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Its never been easier to share your love of comics with your kids via comiXology’s newly upgraded Comics4Kids iOS app featuring “parent-friendly sync” among other major upgrades. Parents that have an existing account on comiXology - the revolutionary digital comics platform - will find that only their kid friendly content syncs when they log in to the Comics4Kids app.

Comics4Kids features books for purchase as well as free downloads. In addition to “parent-friendly sync”, the new 3.3 version of the Comics4Kids app features better discoverability, CMX-HD capability and an amazing arrary of kid friendly content like Adventure Time, Archie, Garfield, Nancy Drew, Smurfs, Peanuts, Sabrina, Sonic, The Simpsons Comics, Young Justice, and many, many more.

Major publishers represented include such luminaries as:

• ABRAMS ComicArts
• Archaia
• Archie
• Bongo
• BOOM! Studios
• Cartoon Books
• DC
• Dynamite
• Image Comics
• MonkeyBrain
• Oni Press
• Papercutz
• Red 5
• Studio 407
• Teshkeel
• Th3rd World Studios
• Titan
• Top Shelf
• Zenescope

Customer Reviews


    by TGizzLE

    I LOVE collecting and reading on the Comixology app on my iPad, and having this version that presents the same collection but only titles appropriate for my kids on their iPads is BRILLIANT. Thanks so much!

  • Awesome

    by Princess dancer Maria

    It's good to read on

  • Ok

    by Ninja turtle guy

    It took forever to load.But normally it takes one second

  • It's okay but..

    by bejigante

    Where is the WALL-E comic from Boom Kids????????????????????

  • Cool

    by Bad1111111111111111


  • Ok

    by Goool1

    I wouldn't mind paying 99 cents. But some are too pricy.

  • Of course comics cost money

    by DirtyGary

    They always have. This app is free, the comics aren't. They have free sample comics to show you how the app works and to allow you to shop for things you might like by sampling them. It's a great reader and the content is good.

  • Looking for bluewater

    by Isnobel

    Forgot about the summer vacations and addicted to this one nice app on store.

  • enjoyable

    by poeticsym

    not very expensive and easy to read on the screen

  • Like

    by Felipe Paiva - [PiPo]

    Muito bom tem peanuts.

  • Great!

    by Something or another but not u

    Although it doesn't carry some of the more popular comics it's still good. U can get Archie and a whole bunch of others and they're cheaper then the older version of this. If u want older comics on the other hand try the comics app.

  • ;( dont touch install!!!!

    by Tc martin

    Unless u can pay for comics or just want a preview go get comics+kids you get a large selection of free comics. So go get comics+kids!!

  • They delete your comics!

    by tmarks11

    Think you bought it? Think again, you are only renting the comics, and two months later, when they yank the comic from your store, you won't be able to view it any more. What is more, you frequently have to reload you purchasers, as the app randomly deletes your comics. Frustrating when you have to keep helping your kids get the comics back you bought for them. What is more,this app is completely separated from the other comixology app, and purchases don't transfer.

  • Stinky

    by Atomfan#1intheworld

    It really is boring. At least be more specific in the comic. In the smurfs it was really cut short. Make it more action-packed. Longer.

  • Dissapointed ):

    by Dgju

    I didnt like how there wasnt any calvin and hobbes by wattson or mutts by mcdonnell. I was so exited and when i didnt see any thing i was very unhappy. This last app was my only hope to being able to read those on my ipod but no. Oh well. I guess i have to stick with real books.

  • Anoying

    by lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp

    It's not free like it says, it's not working well anymore, AND ITS NOT FREE. It's just a way to cheat me out of my money. DON'T BUY IT IF YOU ALREADY HAVENT.

  • It's neither free nor educational!!

    by sunshinemore

    I downloaded this after Apple put it on it's list of recommended summer learning apps. What a rip-off!! There is a short list of ten or so free comic stories; not a single one would download on my iPhone 4! I reset it and retried multiple times with no luck. *Everything else* is just a short preview and you have to pay for each comic individually to read them! A rip-off!!! I deleted it....

  • To small and not free

    by lollipop29078

    The letters are way to small and half of the frikken comics cost money. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!! Also I only got five comics from it. And there not even funny. Just please don't get this app!

  • Comics4kids

    by Messiisbeast

    The letters r too small!!!

  • Dumb

    by Ionnan

    Not free. Text too small to read. Cheaper to buy comics from a real frikkin comic store.

  • money waster

    by Angry Birds Expert

    it wastes a bunch of your money

  • It isnt free

    by ejackyo

    Just a few pages are free.They make you buy the rest.

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