Bone Comics! Book App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: comiXology
  • Updated: Jul, 14 2011
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 13.56 MB

Languages: English

Seller: comiXology

iPhone - Fixed crash when registering for a new account.

iPhone - Fixed "Preview" button to correctly link to the comic previews.

iPhone - Added loading images for featured bricks.

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114 Ratings
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123 Ratings


After being run out of Boneville, the three Bone cousins, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone are separated and lost in a vast uncharted desert. One by one, they find their way into a deep forested valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures. It will be the longest - but funniest - year of their lives.

Winner of 11 Harvey Awards and 10 Eisner Awared including Best Cartoonist and Best Humor Publication, as well as being named Best Comic Book by the National Cartoonist Society, BONE has also won multiple international awards in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Finland and Norway.

'One of the ten greatest graphic novels of all time'
--Time Magazine

'Book of the Year'
-- The Comics Journal

'This Sprawling, mythic comic is spectacular'
-- Spin Magazine

'Charming, character-driven fantasy with an elegant design and masterful story-telling in the tradition of Walt Kelly, Charles Schulz and Carl Barks'
--Publisher's Weekly

Customer Reviews

  • Great!

    by Gshjrsghuoi

    I loved reading the series I'm sure I'll love this app!

  • Great App

    by zeralius

    Great app! I particulary enjoy this version more than print because of the "panel by panel" option. This option makes it easier to follow along and much more enjoyable experience reading to my five and three year old. And I don't mind paying for the quality that is BONE.

  • Good but bad:I

    by Ben Pettis

    I like it but it's just you can get them cheaper at other places:(:(:(

  • Boner

    by BoneHole69

    This app gave me a huge boner

  • Hi to people

    by The one who bears the star

    I like the bone series but it cost SOME money here on this app and hi to the people

  • Bone

    by Lefty the Pirate

    "U have to bye it" indeed. Surely this is some sort of oversight on the part of the app creator. What other reason could there be to charge people to read comics? How could you do this to us? Why aren't these free like they SHOULD be? Why, the book that has ALL these comics costs $99 at a bookstore. By my calculations, that should make a digital copy on my iPad worth $0. This is outrageous. What is this, some kind of multiple-decade-spanning, award-winning, epic story with color artwork or something? And how DARE you make the app FREE and then have in-app purchases? I can't possibly be expected to infer such or read the store page. I am absolutely incensed. If you are going to CHARGE us hard-working iDevice owners for comics that should by all rights be FREE, then you should just charge us $110 for the app and include the issues, don't just inconsiderately allow us to buy one at a time according to our income levels/reading rates/etc. This is a sad world we inherit.

  • Bone the book

    by The bone master

    This book is really great I finished the whole series read it like now :$

  • YAY

    by It is pretty awesome

    YES!!!!! Bone is the BEST books ever!!!!!!!!! If you haven't read them, YOU NEED TO FAST!!!!! Haha! The greatest graphic novel of all time!!!! Thorn is personally my favorite character. She's brave, and unique. Not afraid of anything. Discover the incredible comic book saga that has had over millions of fans world wide, including me!!!! :D

  • Fantastic App!

    by waywatcher

    Fantastic app and interface! An enjoyable way to experience the Bone comic series! POSITIVES: + ONE STAR for originality! + ONE STAR for quality of presentation! + ONE STAR for quick communication from the developers when I had questions! + ONE STAR because of ease in switching between portrait, landscape, and individual panels when viewing! + ONE STAR simply because it is a comic I love and enjoy (even more on my iPad)! Thank you! This is a great app with enjoyable content! I am very happy and satisfied, and am enjoying the Bone series in this new format! Kudos to the developers!!

  • Happy

    by PrudenteJY

    I'm very happy that they came out with this app. I love bone! I'm disappointed that they cost 1.99 per issue though, unlike the others apps were the issues were only 99cents. The format here is way better though. One thing that they should add is a section just for the comics you already bought, so you don't have to find them within the comics you haven't downloaded yet.

  • Dead man's bridge

    by I love toontown

    Well idk just uploading it cuz I love bone books!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Darth Maverick

    Great story, love the comixolgy format!!

  • Bad

    by usuzu

    Very disappointing

  • I hate it

    by ECanada28

    I would give it no stars but you have to give it stars and so I picked one anyway I think that it is dumb that you have to pay and I try to creat an account and it said it can not connect to the server try again later and I tryed 20 times

  • Buy really

    by Eminem123456789

    Why buy then get it f.r.e.e that's spells free

  • Bone

    by Shane1011

    U have to bye it

  • Not smart

    by Dot wot

    BUY!!!? Ha no way! why is it "FREE" at first then you get on and then theres books for 7.99????? This is ridiculous

  • BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!

    by neutron98

    I can't believe you have to buy them!!!

  • Sign in issues

    by Angel Rez

    Gave it 2 stars because I love Bone! Not able to sign in after registering? Hopefully will get fixed. =(

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