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  • Updated: Aug, 04 2011
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Over the years, I have read tons of books on self improvement and on success strategies. This rare Classic "Think and Grow Rich" stands out amongst the mountains of books and materials which I have read, for 3 reasons:

1) If you study and listen to "Think and Grow Rich", you can literally master the success formula and attract all the money, happiness and joy into your life.

2) If you master "Think and Grow Rich", you can literally write your own self improvement book, one which is custom-made for YOU by You! You can save thousands from buying self improvement books or study materials month after month!

3) You can stop listening or reading about other people's "how-tos" formulas! You craft your OWN success formula - one which will work powerfully and swiftly for your-self!

Truth is, if you can truly understand the concepts and principles as taught in "Think and Grow Rich", you can literally understand and master every other self development and self help books on the planet!

Have you ever experienced buying a good self help book, spend some time reading it, get seriously motivated and excited by its contents for the next few days or weeks...and believe that you really 'get' it and understand it all, only to find that after months or years down the road, you are back to square one, and you ask yourself the question why you haven't put whatever you have learnt from that book into practice - consistently and effectively...

Or you could have attended some very motivational and exciting high priced seminar or course which aims to boost your self esteem and ego and you get excited for a while, only to find that you are back to square one again after a few months or even weeks!

If you have felt those ways before, you are not alone.

I have been in your shoes, and I know exactly how it's like.

Whenever we learnt some new skills or new concepts, we get so excited and motivated by whatever we have learnt, that we 'believe' that we have really "gotten" it. However, the opposite is often true.

It was not until I read, study and reflect upon the concepts and strategies as presented in "Think and Grow Rich" that I finally 'got' it!

If you seriously put your heart into studying, mastering and understanding "Think and Grow Rich", making every single knowledge within this book "your own", you do not have to listen to other self help experts or 'gurus' any more!

You CAN literally Be-come your own 'guru'! (and even write your own self-help book which filled with all the magical formulas and strategies which will WORK for you no matter where you are in the world!)

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Customer Reviews

  • looks good!

    by pokefielder

    i like the audio, and graphics! i do hope you follow the teachings of think and grow rich and keep improving and updating the app!

  • App has problems

    by elMojoDog

    I was so disappointed with this App. I tried to listen to the audio in the car, but it would cut out every twenty minutes, then there was no way to go back to the place where it cut off. It was practically dangerous and useless. My advice is to not only solve the problems with why it cuts out, but also, to allow the listener advance forward, or find the place where they stopped listening.

  • The chapters are misplaced.

    by C1in

    Chapter one was repeated on Chapter three, etc. The app needs some attention.

  • SCAM

    by Dilrat

    It's outa be punishable by death to charge .99 for absolutely nothing! But ads

  • Terrible waste of a dollar

    by CuriouslyStrong

    Don't buy this app. Shame on the app store for participating in such a lame scam.

  • Disappointing.

    by Huebras

    The audio portion of this app needs a lot of work. There is no way to pause or return to where you stopped listening once the app is closed causing you to have to start from the beginning each time. Also, the "wisdom" section is not very inspiring. It appears to be pictures of the programmers family with random words or choppy phrases attached. My 13 year old could have written a better program. I want my $0.99 back.

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